Edwin Moses Opiyo – Profile

Edwin Moses Opiyo
Email: mepiyo2002@yahoo.com
Birthday: November 28th, 1982
Education: Graduate
Occupation: Development Work

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
It is that world where there is competent, focused and selfless leadership. Where people are concerned about the welfare of one another and where selfishness is frowned upon. It is a world where there is respect for one another and love. This world considered to be one family under God.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problems that face the world is that of egocentricism, whereby individuals, families or states think only of themselves and seclude others from development, freedom, happiness and other important needs of the human spirit. Due to this we have myriad problems coming up for instance abject poverty, environmental degradation, war, disease and currently terrorism.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The first and best way to solve these problems is by paving the road of selfishness with unselfishness. This can be done by revolutionizing the hearts and minds of young people on the need of the common and greater good so that as they grow up, this will be their major priority as they assume roles of leadership. The solution lies more in changing the attitudes of the young people and their minds and heart to embrace love, unity and prosperity for everyone.

I am Edwin Moses Opiyo and I have grown up in a family of six and my mum struggled to see us through primary and secondary Education, she hoped to see us through higher education but due to financial constraints, she could not. Her struggles and her courage and hope in us gave me courage to work hard in all that I did and later to better the standard of living of my family. This made me to better my grades in secondary school, which enabled me to get enrolled in a public University off course, which came with a government loan that enabled me to pursue university education.

The struggles of my mother inspire my higher affinity for the marginalized communities, people who are so impoverished and for whom education is a luxury. From my resume’ and my church and social participation much of what I did and still do is targeted and still targets the marginalized especially in their education, I stated that I have worked in the slums of Nairobi and North Eastern which are hardship areas especially in areas of education. Today I still feel I have not done enough for my family and for the marginalized and it is due to lack of capacity, it is with this that I intend to participate in this program so that I can expand my capacity and I would want to be able to highlight the plight of the marginalized, formulate a developmental plan for them through their participation and off course through my expertise after this studies to concretise the plan through proper implementation through mass media.

During the last general election in Kenya I noted with a lot of concern that the most affected during the Post Election violence were men and women from the marginalized communities (Slums and pastoral Communities). It because of mis-information, stereotypes, ignorance, poverty and politicians taking advantage of them. It is with this that my interest of study emanated, to inspire young people to be vessels of change in this country, Africa and the world at large.. Through this I dream and want to enhance communication among and between different communities of Kenya and especially the marginalized and develop a new strategy of leadership and development geared towards their social, political and economic well-being instead of incessant violence among them. I would wish to use communication as tool of development to eradicate ethnicity, poverty, and hunger and off course to re-conscience the marginalized on the political system of this country and through this I will be able to enhance the capacity to development of these communities. Through this we will also be able to realize peaceful co-existence between different Kenyan communities. I dream through this to help end cattle rustling in the North Eastern Part of Kenya.

With this program, I would be able to realize my primary dream; to better the living standard of young people in Kenya,, the marginalized communities, better relations among different ethnic communities in Kenya and off course work towards unity and development of the African society and this will only be realized through my studies which can be made possible through this program.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull