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David John OladejoImage of David John
Ibadan, Nigeria
Email: johnishtartkomz@yahoo.com
Birthday: January 6, 1983
Education: Professional Diploma in Theatre Arts, Certificate course in Peace Journalism, Certificate course in Graphic Design
Occupation: Theatre Programme / Manager

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
It is my wish to build a world where every men and women are equal before the law, a world where there’s total justice, a world where ideal steps are been taken in solving conflicts instead of the use of force. And, a world where citizens will have the rights to question their leaders without any threat of assassination.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Most pressing problems facing the world today are as follows:

Poverty is one of the problems facing the world today. And this has led to out break of crimes, diseases and war due to the neglectic attitude of the affected country leaders to design ideal policy which will stand to favour the entire men, women and youths who are not leaders. For example, in my country there is what they called ghost workers: This are thousands of none existing workers whose salaries are being collected by some political leaders in power, when we have millions of unemployed University graduates.

Injustice is the second most pressing problem in the world. In my country, the level of injustice is very high. For example a man was sentence to death by hanging because he stole #2,500 while a man that stole billions of Naira is in his house enjoying himself.
Terrorism is the third most deadly pressing problems facing the world today. In my country Nigeria, terrorist has killed thousands of people and at the same time destroyed properties that worths millions of dollars, because of political and religious differences as they claimed.

How do you feel these problems can be solved?
Poverty as a problem can be solved through the use of ideal schemes that stands to create jobs for the unemployed youths, feed the unemployable youths and when the total reduction of food price is done in general. And the ability of the citizens to barb out all leaders in power who are not responsible through mass mobilization will help bring an end to poverty.

Injustice as problem can be solved when each citizens of a country are all equal before the law without any immunity for any man or woman and when all legal practitioners in the world comes together to shun bribery and corruption within the legal circle.

Terrorism as a deadly pressing problem can be one way tackle when the governments of each country in the world learn to attend to conflicts at its cradle stage, by discovering the early warning signs of conflicts. And when they learn to end conflicts in a win- win method without the use of only force, but with use of psychological findings that stands to detect the archaic conflicts that may lead to crises which may later metamorphose into terrorism.

I am a cool headed man, loving, caring, peaceful, joyful, intelligent, focus, introvert and extrovert, God is my role model and not a man.

I believe in possibilities and the ability to discover things that are yet to be discovered by human beings.My interest is in the area of solving social problems such as Ignorance, hunger, poverty, injustice, which has led to the collapse of homes, society, states and nations.

I owned an N.G.O.(Worldwide Integrity Theatre Troupe, Nigeria), which was established to solve social problems through seminars, social drama and psychodrama. I am a registered member of National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioner (NANTAP) and a registered member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

Currently, I have read books that talk about humans’ success.
Such books are: The Law of Success by Napoleaon Hill, 10 Laws of Leadership by Bill Newman, Pearls of Wisdom, The Mafia Manager, The Art of War, The Autobiography of Martin Luther King. Jr., How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegies, Power,

I am the last child of my parents. My father is a retired military man. He served under the Nigerian Army while my mother is a trader. My parents’ marriage is over forty years and they are really enjoying their relationship in Christ Jesus. My parents are Sunday school teachers in Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria. I have two brothers and three sisters.

I have voluntarily participated in a programme organized by the Advancement Centre, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria to shun election violence before, during and after the 2011 elections in Nigeria and in a programme meant to combat Cultism in University of Ibadan as an actor in Cultism and Anti-Social Behaviours prevention.

I have worked in a cosmetic store as head of sales, sales manager in a trading store, as member of the management team of an organization (Golden Vibrant Profile), an organization established by a graduate of the University of Ibadan to present awards to the best University of Ibadan graduates.

I make five friends in a day and for each of them I stand to help discover their talents and at the same time teach them how to develop their various talents. I discover their talents after fifteen to twenty minutes discussions with them. Then, I do round up our discussions with a question that says: What can you do on your own?

My experience in life was tragic, but I am happy that the suffering I went to through did not last and it is no more.

I have overcome them all through determination. I have worked in the car park as a bus conductor and a load carrier and I have also pass nights in filing stations, under bridges and inside abandoned parked vehicles. While I was going through this training of life, I was focused and determined because I know what I want and where I am heading to.

Presently, I have spent thousands of Naira on proposal writing, but none of the submitted proposal has received any approval and each of the proposals was meant to solve social problems. Such as,Ignorance, hunger, poverty, injustice, terrorism, cultism.

The car park experience was unique! I and my sister also hawked iced water, so that the family can get enough money to get those things that we need for our schooling while we were in secondary schools.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull