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Name: Daniel Machuki
Email: danielmachuki78@gmail.com
Country: Kenya
Birthday: April 15, 1986
Education: College
Occupation: Businessman

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
The world that work for everyone is a world that all people respect one another, not because of what they have but just natural respect to humanity, it is a world whereby everyone is a brothers or sisters keeper, we belong to one origin and that’s Gods creation, we have a lot of similarities irrespective of color completion, our blood is red, and if place in a container no one will differentiate a black man’s blood or a white man’s blood we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and should treat one another equally.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Most pressing problem in the world is environmental changes that as been caused with us, by cutting trees, causing climate change if we see what happened currently when it rained most of the countries experienced flooding, soil erosion and causing death and distraction of properties. this happened because of the way we have destroyed the environment, no trees to act like wind breakers, the soil as been left bare by cutting trees and easy to sweep the soil away, we have build houses on water ways this leads to the rain to wash away the houses build on water way.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
We need to start teaching our community and the world the importance of planting trees, and avoiding cutting trees without replacing them, if you cut one tree you are advised to plant three, and even if the trees are yours you need to get permit to cut the tree, environmentalist can access the area before allowing you to cut a tree, also when building houses we need proper planning by professionals to access the area, and advise before building, most of the people block drainage areas after corrupting the officers who are supposed to do the work and when calamity struck we start blaming each other, and no action is taken the process continues time and again.

My name is Daniel Machuki from Kisii county, in am a father of 4 two girls and 2 boys. I am a businessman selling motor vehicle spare parts, I am also an electrician, I gained this skills through my Uncle who was good to me and took time to empower me with those skills, this made me to have more passion or all electrical stuffs and I had to start an electrical shop. when I was growing I had a dream of being a boss of myself wanted to be independent and do my work, so that I can work for my own, before I started my business I was employed and I didn’t like the way the owner was treating us, shouting, and abusing us this made me to start my business and I am happy because I can support a lot of people and I have empowered many young people in my shop. I am glad that my dreams are coming true and I really feel good about it. Through my job I am able to support my family, my children are in the best schools and I have started a business for my wife, we support one another to raise our family and also support our extended families where we can.

I could like to participate in this program because leadership is universal and it is a tool needed to everyone, be it in formal or informal sector, in family life we need leadership skills to know how to lead our family, guide our children and the community at large

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