Chukwuma Uchechi – Profile


Name: Chukwuma UchechiChukwuma’s pics.
Country: Nigeria
Birthday: August 25
Education: Degree
Occupation: Student
Gender: Female

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world where every human being, knows their fundamental right and has the freedom of expression and living. A world with an enabling environment that will encourage every human to unleash their God giving potentials. A world of economic and human capital growth and development full of peace, love, unity and stability.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world is facing a lot of problems but to me these are some of them.

Mind set and knowledge abilities of world leaders

Environmental and ecological issues: includes issues of deforestation, ecological destruction, resource depletion and atmospheric changes like global warming. Value displacement; The lack of human capital; Social, economical and political spheres of human activities. Coming one world order i.e. the ongoing integration of all humanity into a single cohesive whole.

Infant and maternal mortality; Health, exercise and nutrition related issues. Infrastructural growth and development

Technology has made the world a global village and many people are using it to harm their fellow human and Terrorism.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

In other to find ways to solve the above listed human problems we need to find the root causes because knowing the cause is the most important step in solving any problem. The foundation on which a solution to an existing problem is laid determines if the expected result will be achieve and the reoccurrence of the same problem. Having said these, I believe the following will be of great help to tackling the above listed problems: Competent leadership; Education; Value re-orientation; Living a healthy life; Respect for human rights; Policy makers should be trained and experienced in leadership; Providing an enabling environment for people to unleash their potentials.


I am self-motivated learner and teenage counselor with unquenchable thirst for beneficial knowledge and never daunted by new challenges. Am eager to venture into project that will challenge, provide new knowledge and experience. This has helped me greatly in my communication and interpersonal skills. I enjoy Coordinating & Organizing, taking care of people, working with children, spreading happiness, Travelling, reading and motivating people towards self development and Improvement.

Short Term Goals

To get all the needed training and education that will equip me in the area of leadership and human protection, to be a multi-disciplinary profession where I can be able to proffer solution to many area of human survival.

To organizes many more training and seminar for the family especially the Girl child and teenagers.

To start up my own NGO: Girl Child Protection (GCP)

To be an Ambassador against all the cultural practices, those are detrimental to human survival and existence.

Long Term Goal

To be an experience and professional world leader where I will have the opportunity to make strategic polices that will impact positively on human beings. Especially in the area of Leadership, human rights, teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

Programs Planned and Executed

Planned & executed a project on Leadership that took Teenagers from Nigeria to Ghana from Aug 12th to 19th 2012 on a self discovery tour with professional speakers from all around the world. They were taught on self esteem, self protection, exercise and nutrition relationship mastery, leadership is service not looting etc. The testimonies of their parents on their life and conduct since after the program has given me hope that with information and training the world can be redeemed.

Planned & executed a leadership program that took The Association of permanent Secretaries wives of Akwa-Ibom state to Ghana for Leadership training from 29th to 2nd Sep 2012.

Organized the Goal power Summit that took place at Lagos Oriental Hotel on 25th of January 2013.The summit was aimed at teaching them on how to plan their year and achieve all round growth and development in all area of their life.

Organized a valentine couple Program from Feb 15th to 17th 2013.

During my University and national youth’s service I had opportunity to serve in the following capacity:

Vice President Millennium Development Goals (MDG) National Youth Service Corps Lagos Chapter 2011

Acting President :Faculty of Social Science Student Association University of Nigeria Nsukka 2008

Vice President Abia State Student Association University of Nigeria Nsukka 2008

Editor-in-Chief Rotaract Club UNN chapter 2007

Public relation officer department of Psychology University of Nigeria Nsukka 2005

And many other positions both in Church and my community.

I have read quite a lot of books and watched many movies too but the bible has been the most remarkable and also these, Commander in Chief, A Woman of Substance, 48 Laws of Power, All Daniel steel books, Nora Robert, Ripley’s: Believe it or Not, Top Ten of Everything, Principle centered leadership and a lot on leadership, Fire Proof, the Firm and the Chamber among others.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull