Bikundo Onyari – Graduate Profile

Bikundo Onyari
Nairobi, Kenya

I have been involved in development work for the last eight years and have had first hand experience in training and raising awareness to both youth and adults. I have been more involved in developing learning materials and trainings young people. I have also designed entrepreneurship projects and coached upcoming youth entrepreneurs. I am a self taught social entrepreneur and apart from working on development issues I run a training firm known as aNDE Kenya.

I have a passion for working with young people since they possess untapped potential that can be used to grow a nation. I feel purposeful working with people to realise and nurture their abilities. My expertise has been more hands on and practical as opposed to theory and this has grounded my knowledge in the needs of clients.

I have been a life long student of life and got an opportunity in 2002 to study with the International Institute of Global Leadership (IIGL). I graduated in 2009 after intensive study and support from the faculty of IIGL where I established myself as an astute leader.

Specialties: Training & Coaching, Curriculum Development and Leadership Development
Attributes: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Currently I am working on my first book that is intended to serve as a tool to further grow people. This is a project that I am keen to wrap up as a graduate of IIGL. I see my training company as a platform where men and women come to nurture their talents and give back to others.

I am also in development work during my part time as a way of giving back to communities through a national initiative known as the Face of Kenya. The imitative seeks to promote national resilience and peace amongst the Kenyan people through community trainings and ownership.

I have a son I adores so much and I look forward to marry in next coming years.
At the moment I am based in Nairobi, Kenya where I operates from.


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