Benjamin D. Yeagar – Profile

Name: Benjamin D. Yeagar
Country: Liberia
Birthday: November 1, 1980
Education: Bachelor Degree
Occupation: Teacher

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of the World that works is for everyone is a World where everyone has equal opportunities so they can fully use their potential. I want a world where women, children and men would be given the space for them to exercise their God given potential. A world where people will have equal opportunities for education, governance, and realization of their dreams.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

What I see as the most pressing problems facing our world as following:
Corruption, I see this as one of the greatest challenges we are face with, the most powerful people in business, politics, religions are consumed by this problem.
Lack of educational opportunities for all. The World is has failed to realized the MDGs since it was agreed upon at the UN. There more people world that can neither read nor write.
Hunger. I see hunger as an acute problem because World leaders focus most of their resources on militarization that production of food.
The Prevalent of disease in developing nation. While better health opportunities are available for people in developed countries, developing nations are far lagging behind when it comes health care provision.
Segregation, the world is divided on many fronts because of what religions, region, economic status, political differences, race and culture.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

My solutions to these problems as are following:
Leaders should be held accountable to the people whom they lead so they can set an example for the next generation of leaders.
In the area of education, I hope political, religious and business leaders can invest hugely in education and make sure everyone has equal opportunities when it comes to education.
My solution for the problems of hunger is for World leaders to invest more in mechanize farming and help poorer Nations that lack the resources and manpower so we can drastically reduced hunger in the World.
In the area of segregation, I believe that everyone should see one another as brothers and sisters and that message should amplify by political, religious and business. We should seek to treat and respect everyone with respect and dignity.


I am Benjamin D.Yeagar, I have many experiences working across three West African Countries which are Ghana, Nigeria and my beloved Country Liberia and among these, I have worked as social worker in Ghana and missionary to rural population in the Central Region. In Nigeria, where I attended Bible College I had the privilege of organizing Bible studies for the local which I worked with. In Liberia, I have worked with both local and international organizations such as YouthVision where I served as administrator and trainer. Currently in Liberia, I am the chief training for one local NGO called Renewed Energy Serving Humanity (RESH) where we trained people into Psychosocial Counseling. I personally teach courses in Conflict Management and Resolution and Community mobilization. In Addition to my work as trainer, I am also involved with Leadership development training where I trained people into personal development, peace building, goal setting, casting vision, youth development and Church growth.
I am also an ardent supporter of quality education for all people especially for my Country Liberia that has had a devastating 14 years civil.

I am currently working on a USD $50,000 School funding project for the building of a state- of -the – art primary School in my country that will provide quality education for especially Children and women. My personal interests are to see a world where everyone maximizes his/her potential, develop men and women where they can better use their abilities effectively. I have travelled across six African Countries and those travels have helped to shift my view of the world and the way I treat other people.

On an average I read at least one book every month however I sometime accelerate that by reading three books at sometimes and most these books are into leadership development. My favorites books are from the late Christian Authors Dr Myles Munroe and the best I have read is “The Power and Purpose of Character in Leadership”
I love intelligence movies where my mind can be stretched and to see things from difference perspective. I also like documentaries such as National Geography, etc.
I have had training with leadership Organizations such as Global Leadership Forum and International Leadership Institute, and I have spoken on leadership conferences in many countries especially among youth at Church level. I have many years of leadership training and experiences. I am married to Nigerian and she is a Chemical Engineer by training and we have a son. I am family man and I believe the family should be protected in every sense of the Word so that society will survive. We have been married for the past 4 years and we enjoyed helping people to develop their potential.

I also like writing and currently I am writing my first book that would be titled “Eagle’s Mentality” where I am discussing the mentality of leaders and how they behave.
I am hoping that the world would be a better place where everyone can use their potential and make the World a better place to live.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Keys to Success
Success through a Positive Mental Attitude