Asiimwe Agatha Kafooko – Profile


Name: Asiimwe Agatha kafooko (Uganda)
Birthday: 08/26/1971
Education: Bachelor of Commerce – Makerere University Kampala
Occupation: musician and radio presenter
Gender: female
First language: English
Other languages spoken: my mother language Runyankole and luganda

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

If we could all co exist with love and respect for each other and know that deep down we are all human beings who hurt like the other would, their would be no gender problems, no racism and in general no sectarianism based on religion tribe and the rest. it works for every one if we respect each other and avoid domineering behaviors and attitudes and avoid greed and selfishness that end up sparking off conflicts most of the time.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world today is bombarded with a lot of complex issues selfishness which later yield environmental degradation, injustices and then wars. We also have limited resources and increased child birth rates consequently no employment then increased crime rates. In this state of affairs the weak are marginalized and the story only gets worse because even the weak need their basic needs met. So we start getting the different retaliations in families, in the grass root communities and in countries at large and before you know it the whole world is engrossed in a struggle that may or will cost thousands of lives.

In brief its the degenerating environment, poor governance in our leadership structures, the low employment rates, increased birth rates, lack of resources, increased crime rates and increased wars and their after effects, family disintegrations, health problems(here in Africa AIDS is a huge problem, even cancers are now on the increase) all these make up the pressing problems of the world today.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The best approach to solving such a complex situation, is to break it up and have small programs tackling each at its level. Some are to be tackled at the family level, for example empowering a woman here in Africa could stop some of the family breakups. Strengthening peoples ethical and moral backgrounds, by having them go to school and have an active faith life that holds them accountable to their actions.

A lot of global sensitization should continue about the dangers of degrading the environment and to teach the masses on how to preserve what is left even as they go about their business. Governments have to serve their people whole heartedly as long as we have corrupt leaders, selfish leaders a lot will not be done to improve the world however much we make the noise so again its up to us to make choices of true selfless leaders should elections come by. Empowering people at their different levels so that they can all find fulfillment. Programs targeting to help the youth should be in place in every community others targeting the women, others for the children, the elderly, the working class, the business group, when these individual groups are empowered the world will be a better place. Their should be a massive campaign to sensitize people on their health affecting issues like the diets we adopt, birth control advantages and methods, disease avoidances.


My name is Agatha Asiimwe known better as Agatha Kafooko here in our community as a local musician and radio presenter. I stay in Mbarara a small town in Uganda. I am happily married with four kids my last child is now 8yrs. My husband Fred Asiimwe is a business man.

I hold a degree in commerce majoring in human resource, I love to be creative with food i enjoy catering and cookery, did a few courses too in these areas. On T.V. I watch food network, style network, inspiration tv, daystar tv TBN, Oprah Winfrey show and some music On radio I present the gospel show that runs every Sunday mornings and the country music show. They are both-very popular shows as it is and this is why I seek to do more for our people that come to me as their role model. Currently when I am not at the station I have enrolled for a counseling course, its a certificate i would love to pursue so as to help me better my skills in handling people.

I am passionate about reading self improving books and motivation books (I have a collection of cookery books, Joyce Meyer’s books, and similar magazines and the likes of gifted hands-Ben Carson I was a prefect in all the years of my secondary school and ultimately became head girl at one point that is at maryhill high school in Mbarara. I am also a first borne in a family of six.

I could also say i am a woman activist because of the inner calling I have to better the lives of the women that are living under abusive conditions in their marriages. I know I can better their lives should I work with them to help them see clearly that they are worth more than what most of them have been made to believe and together me and them we could slowly design programs to empower them and consequently strengthen their marriages. This is my dream.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull