Angello Musinguzi – Profile


Angello Musinguzi
Kigali, Rwanda
Birthday: 22/9/1972
Education: Graduate degree in commerce
Occupation: Tax manager at KPMG Rwanda


I am currently tax manager at KPMG Rwanda. I am a Certified Public Accountant and a tax expert. Prior to Joining KPMG Rwanda in June 2010, I served as a Chief Internal Auditor (CIA) Bank Populaire du Rwanda S.A. and prior to that, I worked with as a Senior Manager, Tax/Legal, KPS Associates, a local tax and audit firm in Rwanda. Previously, I held management positions with the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) where I worked for almost 10 years. It is from RRA where I met Mr. Kabera Charles, we became friends and is the one who directed me to this program. I have a remarkable experience in, tax and financial management issues. I worked as a Customs Controller at Kigali International Airport and later as a head of Customs Valuation and post clearance audit in Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA).

I have a good knowledge of the operations of RRA and tax laws and was instrumental in the development of VAT law in Rwanda in 2001 and was also a member of RRA modernisation project and liaison manager for all RRA income taxes and customs audit.

While working with RRA, I represented RRA as a Revenue and Customs Expert on African Union (AU), COMESA (Common Market for East & Southern Africa), East African Community (EAC), Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) between European Union (EU) and African Caribbean Pacific Countries (ACP-Countries), World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Customs Organisation (WCO) and a member of East African Revenue Authorities Technical Committee (EARATC) and a Chairman of its Enforcement and Compliance Sub-committee 2006-2007. I served as a member of Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) restructuring and modernisation committee and a trainer in the same institution.

In addition, I participated in the establishment of RRA training institute at Butare and went to Irish Revenue in Dublin for bench mark study to establish the institute. As a customs database manager in RRA, I researched on values of imports and went to Egypt, Dubai, Kenya and Uganda to establish the proper values and liaise with sister revenue authorities to combat tax evasion in the region.

I participated in many RRA tax audits and tax compliance checks and has assisted taxpayers pay legitimate taxes. He ia a certified Public Accountant with ACCA and is a member of ICPAR.

I holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Accounting and another in Social Sciences and I am finalising my Master degree in Finance and Banking from Kampala International University.

I am also a lecturer ant the National University of Rwanda where I teach tax and audit to the Master of Science in accounting students.

I am aged 40 years, happily married and I have three children, all of them in their lower primary school. My wife is currently a middle manager in one of the leading insurance companies in Rwanda and i would like to inspire her to offer this course.

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