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Akomolafe David Oluwole
Ibadan, Nigeria
Birthday: 11TH March, 1980
Occupation Teacher

What do you see as most pressing problems facing the world ?

Injustice, racism, and corruption I see as the most pressing problems of humanity today. Injustice is really on the increase reflected on how judgments are perverted in favour of high-profile figures in most societies while the others suffer unjustly owing to low social profile{socio-economic background} and ethnicity. Racism is another most pressing problems facing the world today. It is mostly prominent among white race who have ignorantly placed premium on themselves and seeing non-white race as being invalid and lacking significance. The world should come together irrespective of races or background to pursue a common cause. Racism today is in maddening proportion and hatred, suicide and significantly destroyed human potentials. Corruption practices have really wrecks a serious problem today. Nigeria as a case study, is stuck with a great economic downturn based on the recently massive reports of misappropriation of government by chorus of business moguls and other important figures in the government. They were alleged to have fraud the country with viable evidences.

How do you feel this problems could best be solved?

The world government in every way should instill in people law-abiding antics and sufficient orientations that inspire images of a grand patriot in people’s psyches.
Furthermore, a sense of justice reflecting in the form of transparency, fairness and accountability should emanate from the family, parent will have to take the responsibility of ingraining certain set of moral compass, principles in their children right from impressionable age before they reach the age of consent. At that time, parents should not occasion for an extreme permissiveness when nurturing their children. Remember an adage that says “Charity begins at home.“ A healthy family in spirit, mind and body breeds a healthy society and world at large.

My names are Akomolafe David Oluwole. I came from a polygamous family as First son and first born of my mother. I was born in Dundee, Scotland march 11th 1980; but I live in Nigeria all along. I studied Industrial Labour Relations at Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU), Ogun State, Nigeria and graduated with second class lower division. I’m presently teaching and also an apprentice under a computer engineer. The Thrill I have for traveling goes beyond my wildest imagination, perhaps because I lost my British passport and other related traveling documents I could be asked of a at embassy for me to travel back to my beloved country (Scotland). Sincerely, I have a flare for traveling. Moreover, I go so unwittingly nervous when it comes to taking decisions Regarding my life, career, even my relationship. I’m a bit spiritually minded and too given to the dictates of my conscience. I also just want to be free and unreserved my personality. If I was born in America maybe i will have been stereotyped as one of the Water-gate kids or latchkey kids. I am also given to anger, touchy to the extent of Flying of the handle at the least provocation couples with low self esteem. Well, am a regular kind of guy, not once celebrated before, in fact, average person. I also love watching movies if I have the time so much so that I’m Overwhelmingly receptive to words uttered in the process especially images that stirs up memories of being in Scotland. Without apology, am so much buried in books, open minded to acquire more knowledge from different field of studies just to widen my mental horizon. Books like “The Enemy Called Average” by John Mason, “Speed of Thought” by Bill Gate, “Business The Ultimate Resource.” By Chorus of seasoned management thinkers. Brian tracy’s books also catches my hysteria.etc I am a Christian by religion but strong inclination for spiritual growth and development. Ain’t too vast in scriptures and still developing an attitude of prayer. Much of my years were spent with my mother. I was nine years old when my mum took us away from our father. She has all been there for us till we all graduated from university. If there is anything my mum is worried about, it is my lost british documents because every effort exerted so that I could travel back to Scotland proved abortive.
Additionally, I hold extra-mural class teaching economics, earning a very humble income equivalent to $3 a week. I just try to engage myself . I have been opportuned enough to be involved in organizing a seminar where I did play a role of public relation for the seminar and nit went successful. My health is in question at present which got started more than a decade ago. It is a serious chest pain owing to awkward moment of morbid interest in ecstacies. I think that’s all I could give you for now about me. I am not really happy and I am scared about my life. Above all, I will not want to bulge an inch over my decision of going back to scotland

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