Akobo Samuel Kurotamunoye – Profile

Akobo Samuel Kurotamunoye
Abuja, Nigeria
Email: akobotam2000@yahoo.com
Birthday:3rd March,1970
Education: Bachelor of Education( French),M.A. Foreign Language and Literature
Occupation: Civil Servant

What is Your Vision of A World That Works For Everyone?
A world that works for everyone is an egalitarian world, where people are given equal opportunities and privileges to explore their society. a world where peace reigns supreme. A world where love dominates the heart of all a sundry and people are willing to help one another. a world where the strong help the weaker ones to rise up instead of looking for a way to suppress them. A world where everyone has something to take care of himself and his household and not the other way round. a world where suffering is reduced to the minimum.

What do you see as the most pressing problems in the world today?
The most pressing problems facing the world today is poverty and disease. Poverty because in most of the third world countries many people live below one dollar per day. People are forced to live in slumps because they cannot afford comfortable accommodation. There are cases whereby a family of five or six live just in one room all because of poverty. thus, poverty is ravaging the third world countries. This in turn has given rise to disease. Many people are sick, suffering from all kinds of sicknesses and can’t help themselves. The issue of disease in the third world country is so predominant because it is one of the effects of poverty.

How do you think these can best be solved?
If leaders of the nations of these third world countries dedicate the resources, channel the resources of the country to appropriate quarters where there are needs, then it will help in improving the living condition of the people. African leaders and leaders as a whole should also assist the masses on how to be self reliant. Programs should be put in place on how to educate the masses on empowerment. And then provisions should be made to empower the masses after training them. This could be done in partnership or donor agents or by the government alone.

I am a young man with great dreams to make the world a happy place for all around me. I will work to eliminate poverty, suffering, hardship, violence and above all, oppression. I wish to be the voice of the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and eyes to as many who have eyes but cannot see beyond their noises. I love travelling because by so doing i explore the world around me. i love to meet new people everyday and to know what is happening in the global village. I want to make a positive impact in the lives of so many languishing in penury and poverty. I love to seat calmly and think about the world around me. I do not stop to ask myself why things happen the way they do? I am from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and our people have suffered deprivation and lack despite the huge natural resources God has deposited in that region. This is why i keep asking myself questions i have not been able to answer. I am eager and anxious to know why people can be so humble when they do not occupy leadership position but the moment they are at the top they see others as their slaves. I love watching movies on crime and police because of the intrigues i find in them. such movies make me to ponder on why people take to crime as a way of meeting their needs or expressing their grievances to social injustice. And the pains the police has to undergo in other to detect the criminals. It makes me ponder on the consequences on taking the law into one’s hands. Though i have not participated in any tangible project, i wish to execute community based project; helping indigent communities to achieve some of the most pressing needs of such communities, e.g providing portable water. I wish to make good use of this training to make me actualize my dreams of helping the poor around me and making the world a habitable place by speaking to the conscience of our youths so that they will drop violence for dialog.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull