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Name: Akinyele Olamide
Country: Nigeria
Email: akinyeleolamide101@gmail.com
Birthday: June 7, 1989
Education: B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Engineering

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision of a world that works for everyone is an environment where lives are valued spurred on by peace and harmony. A world where intellectual capacity development of human minds is held in high esteem, selflessness on the part of the leaders is the name of the game, individuals are taking responsibility to pursue a good cause for socio-economy impact and fair advantage platform is made available for people to maximize their potentials in living their dreams. Furthermore, a world where value is given to nature, beautification and aesthetic.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problems facing the world today are Poverty, Corruption, Lawlessness, Natural disaster, Authoritarianism, Terrorism, Epidemic diseases such as malaria, polio, HIV/AIDS, cholera, tuberculosis and so on. An impoverished society will give rise to all manners of disorderliness, ranging from corruption, terrorism, lawlessness to all kinds of pandemic diseases. Natural disasters can be induced by human activities or natural occurrence (widely called an act of God). Authoritarianism in form of a dynasty rule is a serious issue in the world today. This has given room for oppression and stagnation in predominant countries.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

These problems can be solved by the following suggested measures:

Developing of the human mind is vital for poverty eradication. The world is in globalization era where countries and multinationals are forced to re-allocate resources. There should be paradigm shift from resources assisted by nature to human resources (human mind). This can only be achieved by intellectual capacity development – investing in education and research.

Strict measures should be embarked on to minimize the release of poisonous substances that deplete the ozone layer to prevent global warming. Also, adequate monitoring and evacuation should be conducted in disaster prone environments.

Security should be strengthened up in terror zones. Nations should join efforts together to fight terrorism.

A society where law and order is highly esteemed, corruption will be minimal. Every individual should take responsibility by obeying the rule of law. Autonomous power should be given to crime institutions to fight corruption.

International body such as United Nation (UN) should encourage true federalism and promote democratic rule in nations

Awareness programs should constantly be at the top gear as regard the adverse effect of some diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, polio, cholera, flu and so on. International and local health bodies should constantly give aids to affected people and community to combat these diseases.


My name is Akinyele Olamide, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from The Federal University of Technology, Akure. I am born into a family of six(6) in which I am the last child. Education and charity foundation are of keen interest to me, which has made me to encircle my vision around these two key areas. My vision is to establish a citadel of learning that would create an enablement for young minds to maximize their potentials beyond academic curriculum. Also, I envisioned to set-up a charity foundation to reach out to the destitute and people facing health challenges.

Furthermore, the charity foundation would make available scholarship and grants for young talents who want to explore education beyond the shores of Africa. A resource library to be named Self-Discovery library would be established by this foundation across the continent of Africa. The Self-Discovery library would make available verse information needed to enable youths to discover their potentials, harness them, envision, set life goals and make a significant difference in their world.

I enjoy traveling a lot because I see it as a form of learning and means of appreciating nature. I have been privileged to explore some places within the shores of Nigeria (such as Niger State, Cross-River State) and outside the shores of Nigeria (such as Cotonou and Togo). I really had some unforgettable and exciting moment when I visited all these places. Nature offered me the opportunity to appreciate it.

Leadership, financial, self-improvement and history books are books I always show interest in studying. Some of the leadership books I have studied are Bringing out the best in people, John. F. Kennedy on leadership and Story of Singapore from third world to first world. The financial books include Rich dad conspiracy of the truth and retire young retire rich. The self-improvement books include 15 invaluable laws of growth, today matters, live your dreams, overcoming crises, maximizing your potentials, sometimes we win sometimes we learn, power of focus, power of vision and so on. The history books include Israel Start-up nation and there was a country (the story of biafra). I enjoy watching educating movies such as documentary and tech movies. Some of the educating movies I have watched are Men Who Built America, Who Discover America, like stars in the sun, industrial revolution history, Albert Einstein atomic energy theory and so on.

I was able to embark on some community development projects when I obeyed the clarion call to serve the country – that is a serving corps member in Niger State. The projects I was privileged to execute are renovation of an abandoned convenience and construction of a gang way for easy access to the convenience at the NYSC zonal office for the local council staffers and corps members use , provision of water storage tank for municipal use at the local council and construction of a volley ball court for the secondary school I was teaching. Also, I was able to reach out to destitute people in my community by donating relief materials – such as mosquito nets, school sandals, books and cartons of chalk. I occupied some leadership roles in my secondary school and university days. In my secondary school, I was a class captain from grade 3 to 4 and health prefect from grade 4 to 6. I was made an assistant academic coordinator of the students’ fellowship I attended for a period of one year and coordinated some group projects in my university days.

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