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Name: Afolabi Olabisi Esther
Country: Nigeria
Date of Birth: June 06, 1995
Education: LLB,Bl
Occupation: Lawyer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is a world where everyone is included, despite one\’s color, background, religion, sex, race, culture, social inclinations or other differences especially as it relates to education and human capacity development. Everyone should have equal access to the enjoyment of fundamental rights. \r\n\r\n

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
I see lack of Quality education as the most pressing problem facing the world. This is because Education whether formal or informal informs a person\’s exposure, aptitude, creativity, attitude, value and by consequence, his actions. Therefore, where there is a deficiency in a what a society gives to its people as education ,every other thing fails ,because the people who are supposed to work these other ideas for growth lack the empowerment that effective education gives. Presently, there are still over 10 Million children out of school in Nigeria only and the percentage which are in school are not getting education effectively, they are not transformed and therefore cannot make meaningful contributions to the society.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
This problem can be solved by the prioritization of Quality Education by community heads, political heads and other leaders at every level. The future, growth and the culture of a society can determined by the manner in which children are treated especially concerning the quality of Education they are exposed to. Furthermore, if a society awes Education as important; it will show in budgeting and resources allocation towards it. Societies should invest in people through human capital development and youth empowerment as they are the highest form of resources. A society has, its the people that make up the society.

I am Olabisi Afolabi is a Social Development Lawyer, Teacher Education Activist, Child protection Enthusiast, Corporate Governance Enthusiast and a Development knowledge Facilitator with the Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy Program (SAP). I earned a Bachelor of Law degree with a second class upper division from Lagos State university, Nigeria ,where the Journey of leadership and activism started, as I organized youth based conferences even as a student, some which include a symposium tagged “The dynamism of the legal profession” targeted at undergraduate law students in order to open disabuse their minds from stereotype legal practice and make them see the legal profession as a point from which change and influence can be expanded and a public lecture on Corporate Governance and the need for its effectiveness. I convened these conferences under the umbrella of Lincoln’s inn (student chambers) which I was the head. I held many other leadership positions and inspired and motivated other students around her through her industry and entrepreneurial spirit. I proceeded to the Nigeria law school, Enugu, Nigeria, where I earned my BL, which qualifies me to practice as a Barrister and. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. I continued my leadership and served as Vice President of the Christian Law student fellowship of Nigeria, Nigerian Law School Chapter, Enugu. As a social development Lawyer, she has chosen Education, children rights and Corporate Governance as core areas of influence and is committed to giving directions and creating solutions in those areas. I worked as a program assistant at Taiwo Akinlami Academy, a social development and legal enlightenment Academy focused on creating child protection solutions and participated in organizing program such as a Conference targeted at children, teenagers and young adult s on how to play their role in their safety in commemoration of the 2017’s World Children’s Day. S.A.F.E Boot camp for primary and Secondary Care givers. As a result of her passion for Quality and inclusive Education. In October 2018 I founded EDUVIS Initiative, a social Enterprise aimed creating solutions and promoting effectiveness and dynamism in the Education sector through identifying the cardinal pillars responsible for Effectiveness in our Education system in my country and undertaking projects that will strengthen these parties. I also led the Convener of the Corps Teachers Training Nigeria; a free training programs for Untrained Corps Teachers who are deployed to schools during the compulsory One year National Youth Service Scheme and thereby contributing to a large quota of Knowledge and Education available to learners in Nigeria; The first training conference which sat over 300 teachers held at Warri Nigeria. During the One year Compulsory National Youth Service Scheme, she joined he Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy program as a Development Knowledge Facilitator and Has engaged actively in spreading the news on the importance of Quality education in accordance to goal 4 of the SDGs especially among secondary schools students with focus on right career choices. I was an unrepentant volunteer and in 2018, volunteered with organizations and participated in the successful actualization of events that aligns with Sustainable Development and human capital development. They include: independently organized Tedx event (TEDX OGUNU), Warri, Delta State Nigeria\r\nDefine my future students conference\r\nS.A.F.E 4 ME Conference for children, teenagers and young adults in commutation of World\’s Children\’s day. In my free time, I enjoy reading, music and writing.

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