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Name: Adekoya Rasak B.
Country: Nigeria.
Website: Birthday: 29th January, 1990.
Education: University of Ibadan. B.A in English in view]. Lagos State Polytechnic. [National Diploma In Accountancy].
Occupation: Inclusive Leadership coach, author, broadcaster and business brand strategist.

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

The beauty of life does not depend on how happy I am but how I can optimally impact on the people around me, my environment and the society at large. If we all see the world from the perspective of transforming life’s, inequity, corruption and indiscipline will reduce drastically. And the standard of living in the world will be suitable to all.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world is faced with varieties of challenges that require optimum attention. But to attain the transformation of most initiative, leadership is the first challenge that needs to be reawakened. It is not just in the political arena, its deficiency is also a monster in the private sector. A change in leadership can redirect the educational problem we are currently undergoing. This is within my world view. I mean some African countries in context. it is essential for us to start restructuring using indigenous models like the way Asian tigers did. Skills have a priority from secondary institution. Lastly, the rate of immigrant from Africa to Europe and from Asia to other part of the world is on the increasing rate. Even though it is political and leadership related, but there is need for public speakers and religious leaders to make a clarion call for one love to reunite people of diversify nation.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Leadership can mostly be solved if most secondary school students who have the tendency to be the immediate leaders could be taught what leadership is all about imbibe the spirit of leadership in them. Not to rule in a political institution only, but to learn how to lead whether in the midst of there group, or in an organization. I strongly opine that tertiary students should not only be taught entrepreneurship, they should also learn how to be a leading brand that can promote international trade either within their continent or outside their continent. Furthermore, the Asian tiger, China has applied a model of encouraging young students to start producing little products that could be sold both within and outside china. Hitherto, African countries are yet to design such educational curriculum that will encourage young vibrant ones to go into production. And that is why; we only depend on the western world to do all. In view of this, as much as we also want foreign direct investment, there is need to increase our technical know out in doing most of this things. In conclusion, I believe educated minds have the tendency not to perpetuate evils like what we have in terms or insurgency. And if it eventually happens, a country with good leadership potentials will quickly find an everlasting solution to it as a result of immense intellects they have produced.


I am Rasak Adekoya. I am a young progressive Nigerian but physically blind [visually impaired]. I am a Public Speaker, Brand Strategist, Assistive Technology Expert and an Inclusive Leadership Coach. I am driven by the desire to help young people find their purpose, raise thoughtful leaders and help to build a strong brand for individuals, corporations and organizations. I am passionate to seeing individuals rise above the doldrums of poverty to peaks of personal development and by extension to other facets of their lives. I am a Strategic Thinker who has spent his time on providing dynamic solutions to new and emerging markets for entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, my participation in policy formulation has earned me opportunity to get involved in several nations building project.

Professionally, I am a skilled communicator as a broadcaster and a shrewd business strategist with vast experience in Business Development and Human Resource. Besides this, my academic pursuit is endless. Till now, I am currently undergoing training with three different reputable professional institutions. Presently, I sit on the leadership board and serves as consultant to few organization. Deeply committed to the enlistment and transformation of people, volunteer for both local & international non-profit organizations included but not limited to Nigeria Society for the Blind, Nigeria Farmcraft School for the blind, Initiative for Disability Empowerment and Support (I.D.E.A.S.), Al Mubaraq Foundation International, manifest Dream Project just to mention few.

Popularly called Asiwaju, a paradoxical title compared to my young age, Rasak’s aspiration for significance has led him to champion several young minds and adults to be productive and effective in their activities. widely read and author of over fifteen e-books, I recently released my first publish book (Paperback) title, brand your blindness with over five thousand copies sold between the first one month of publication.

Within the past three years that I lose my sight, I have been able to change perception about the blind to the public. I am not only an advocate for disability issues; rather, I have reasonably convinced many through my proven ability and the result I got from them. Blindness has never stopped me from solving problems and inhibiting challenges that will stand as obstacle for people in the future. I have only channel my energy in alignment to what I am capable of doing that will spot me among the exceptionalities. I know success has a voice. And I speak the voice; add value and value will be added back to you. Solve others problem and your problem will be solved.

As the CEO of 360 connect communication & technology enterprise, I facilitate online training session, the potential leadership class, for individuals and team using BBM, Facebook & WhatsApp. Also, the potential leadership class has been extended to senior secondary school students and there teachers as a means of inculcating the spirit of leadership into them before they leave school. The leadership curriculum designed towards this mission is on-going as a project in three different schools right now.

All of these have been accomplished through my daily broadcast messages, blog, books, podcast, and public speaking, training and coaching classes.

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