Abiola Omodele Daramola Profile


Name: Abiola Omodele Daramola
Country: Kenya
Email: omodele.daramola@gmail.com
Birthday: October 30
Education: MBA in Strategic Management
Occupation: Management Consultant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

It is one whereby we do not see ourselves as superior to others, or better than others, it is when we do not reject diversity but embrace it, it is when we allow the differences in culture, race, color and belief to work in our favor.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

First of all we have the problem of Leadership, the leaders are too authoritative, we also have the problem of mismanagement, in terms of funds, natural resources and human resources, also poverty is dominant in major parts of the world today, the ratio between the rich and the poor is not at per, underdevelopment, illiteracy, high crime rates, high level of terrorism which is largely affecting the peace of the people.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Our Leaders need to be well informed, they need to see themselves as others, they need to carry people along, they need to embrace other people’s ideas. They need to be able to manage resources well, be it human, natural and material resources, they need to be transparent and give account of every of their dealings. Bad conduct needs to be addresses and necessary actions taken, the less privileged need to be taken care of, by providing free access to education, hospital and the likes, people with low income needs to be empowered. The issue of terrorism needs to be addressed quickly by ensuring that those caught in the act face the music.


An astute and tenacious manager who prioritizes efficiency and performance as core business values in any given environment, with multiple years of experience in business development and program management. Over the years, I have become enthusiastic and passionate about what I do from micro-level business development, product innovation to a growing interest in macro-level economic growth and development issues in developing countries. I am able to adapt easily in a new environment and very creative in nature. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have a great eye for detail and enjoy overcoming challenges and a genuine interest in Global Leadership, as businesses, people and the world in general is global and to succeed in the world of today, one cannot continue to remain a local champion, hence, the need for self-development to fit into the changing world. I look forward to going back to school to learn French as a second language as I have always desired to speak the language fluently.

I am a firm believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and enjoy attending Christian seminars and volunteering wherever I am needed. I also love to travel, and so far I have been privileged to visit Dubai, Mauritius, United Kingdom, India and the United States. I currently reside in Nairobi Kenya with my family and we have been here for over nine years. I must admit it’s totally different from my native country Nigeria as this is the East of Africa and I am from the West, but sincerely I do not have any regret living in Kenya, the weather is something no one will want to trade with. I am currently learning how to play Lawn Tennis, which has been my dream since I was a child but the environment I grew up in did not really encourage such things. I enjoy listening to gospel music as well as watching family related movies as a form of relaxation

I have a passion for business and I have been opportune to be involved in it since I was in high School and still in it, it’s something I enjoy doing as I have discovered that doing what you enjoy doing brings out the best in you resulting in the best outcome. My dream is to have my own Cloth line that will be known in every part of the world and to be sincere I am already working on it and I am so optimistic that my dream is about to come true.

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