Abigail Boafo – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh
Assessment by Abigail Boafo (Norway)

1. What is the main idea the author is trying to convey in this book?

The writer is trying to say that the mind controls who we are, and what we become in the future. Our thinking be it negatively or positively determines our happiness, sorrows and success in life. The mind is the central controlling board of the body, therefore the body acts based on the instruction of the mind.

2. What are the seven ideas that are personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it is so important to you.Use personal examples from your own life.

i, Thoughts and Characters.
Whatever a man thinks in his mind grows into his character and behaviour in life. You are exactly a photocopy of your thoughts. You don’t just become an alcoholic or a thief just because you are in a kind of situation but you become that because it is something that you have being thinking of as a solution to your problem so when the opportunity came you swinged into action. I used to think that i was a very short person that i got addicted to high heels so much. I got that addition because i thought the only solution to my height was to wear high heels. But i was totally wrong, i felt short because it is what i have thought in my mind and i felt less confident and comfortable without heels .The result to my thoughts was spending a fortune of my life savings on killer heels that i couldn’t afford and even to the extent of borrowing money to buy shoes, in short i became a shoe addict because of my thoughts. Learning to accept yourself and feeling confident in your thoughts will manifest out into being comfortable and confident about who you are.

ii. The Effects Of Thoughts Of Circumstances
Man is where he is not by chance or destiny, but because he wanted to be there. What you grow in your mind your harvest it physically or in reality. I used to have the idea that you have to be born into a rich family to become successful and rich in life but i was wrong, now i learnt that peoples success and wealth in life are as a result of hard work, dedication and sacrifice towards their works. Yes a few people are born into wealthy families but they had to work hard to maintain the wealth and increase it. If you think that riches automatically grows then it is a lie u need to plant more riches in the form of hard work to generate more riches.

iii. The Effect On Heath And Body
Disease and heath are rooted in thoughts, sickly thoughts expresses it self in sickly bodies and sink in decays whilst healthy thoughts generates into youthfulness and beauty. I used getting jealous of my sister that at any professional success she makes it makes me sick. Anytime she ask me for an advice concerning a brilliant idea she has i find a way of condemning her instead of advising her and secretly try to put those ideas into motion which fails big time. I loose the finances and resources i invested into it and that was the effect of my sickly thoughts. Instead i should have supported her and given her all the necessary ideas i could have and wished the best for her. My Heath thoughts would have made me an aspiration to her and celebrated her success.

iv. Thoughts And Purpose.
You cant just sit and start thinking without having anything particular in mind, Thinking must be accompanied by purpose, aims and goals. You need to make your aim the central point of your thoughts. I have learnt that there isn’t a limit to any dreams, aspirations and goals in life but rather put in your maximum best and plant the ideas into your thoughts that i shall climb that ladder to success no matter the weather and surely you shall get there.

v. The Thought Factor In Achievements.
In order to achieve your aims and goals in life you must learn not to be selfish and self centred, but be willing to sacrifice greatly to get there. I had the aspiration to be a powerful and motivational speaker but i was never ready and willing to let go of the worldly pleasures or sacrifice my time into things and ideas that will lead me into my future. Having the gift and ability to do something special in life isn’t the only factor but being able to sacrifice most of your favourite things that doesn’t encourage you to be who you want to be but rather draws you away from it. I have learnt through this book that nothing greatly comes out of no or little sacrifice.

vi. Visions And Ideas
In life you should have visions and aspirations. You should have a role model and someone who you will look up to in life in the area of expertise to inspire you. Whatever gives you the boost and motivation to climb up be it music, dance, tour, seminars, pursue them and out of them will grow useful and delightful conditions. I started listening to one of the most powerful speakers of my generation who inspire me a lot and trust me there were so many ideas and knowledge that seemed new to me though i have been listening to him for a while. But when i started listening to him on frequent bases i started to pick those ideas that i missed earlier on.

vii. Serenity
Calmness is one of the most powerful jewels of the mind. Having learnt how to calm your mind you gain self control which is strength and calmness gives you power in all situations. If you cant be calm in your mind you can never ever be in control of what you are doing at a point in time.

3. How was this ideas or lessons ,help you in a practical way,both in your personal life and helping you create a better world? If so how?

Until i read this book ,i didn’t know that where i am and what i have become is as a result of my thoughts.I have learnt not to blame others for my mistakes and misfortunes but rather learn from my mistakes and with careful thoughts and planning aim for the best.If i learnt to accept citriszim as an advice and not ignore or not pick offence but rather learnt and listen carefully then i wouldn’t make the mistakes that i need that affected some people negatively in this world.Any decisions we make in this world affect someone somewhere in a negative or positive way so think twice before making a decision.

4. Quotes. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so please quote them and comment as to why they are important to you.

“Do not be inpatient in delays but wait as one who understands, when rises of the Gods are ready to obey.“

We don’t normally get what we pray for but our wishes and prayers are answered when it comes into harmonised with our thoughts and actions. Impatience brings about harsh decisions which results in disasters. Which i somehow disagrees with because the word of God says ask and it shall be given unto you which most people turn to interprets wrongly you cant always pray to God asking him to give you a good and well paying job when you in person fails to put oneself in order that will attract a good job. When you upgrade your skills and present a cv that is attractive what will make you not get your dream job. Sometimes waiting can be forever because if you don’t help yourself God cant help you either.

5. Is there anything in the book that you don’t understand or unclear about,or are there ideas which you disagree with, if so why?

No there wasn’t.

6. Did the book contain any exercises ?If so have you already completed it and did you find them helpful?

No there wasn’t any exercises to be completed.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that wasn’t covered in the previous question? If so please comment.

Failure is one of the pathways to greatness and fear is the number one killer of destiny. If one cant learn to do away with fear then am afraid that success shouldn’t be one of his dreams, no dreams comes not sleeping whether sound or troubled so if you are afraid to sleep how can you dream.

Please rate the following questions on scales from 1 to 10.Ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was the book? 10
B. How helpful was it for you to read? 10
C. How easy was it for you to read? 10
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall ratings? 10



Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Assessment By Abigail Boafo (Norway)

1. What is the main idea that the writer is trying to convey in the book?

After reading the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull i have come to relieze that what ever be your dreams it is possible if you are determined to make it come true. When we were children we used to have a game we play saying whatever we want to become in future. Some say when i grow up i will be a doctor, others say they will be a lawyer and so forth. Can you imagine the smiles and happiness on our lips and faces when we say what we want to become in future.

90% of us haven’t become what we wanted to be in future but the opposite of that because we along the way dropped our dreams because of the challenges regarding our dreams. We dropped our dreams and followed other peoples easy dreams .No matter what dream you have in life pursue it with all you got and surely you will succeed amidst all difficulties. Although it might not be an easy ,continue it ,Jonathan Livingston Seagull didn’t look at the food that was only available in summer but was determined to eat food all season round.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it is important to you?

i, Dont be discouraged .
Discouragment in life is a disease, if you hit the road of failure dont feel let down or disappointed but rather promise yourself that you will succeed the next time. It isnt about how many failures you have encountered in life but how successful you become in the end matters. the is a saying that it isnt about the speed at which you start the race but the speed you end with is all that matters. After reading this book i sat thinking how couldnt help wondering what happens in a race. The runners start the race some with full speed and end with the same speed ,but dont become winners .Others start with medium speed and double up in the middle ,still dont emerge winners, other start slowly watching how the other runners are doing and picking up and eventually become winners in some case and others not. But at the end of the day the all finished the race, i came up with this understanding that no matter how much resources you have to make your dream come true put it into use and dont be discouraged by the fact the others with the same dream as yours have more resources that you therefore you cant make you come trues with the limited resources.

ii, Never accept a situation or circumstances as a result of your failure.
A year ago i was in Ghana and was involved in many projects, and one project that has been dear to my heart to pursue greatly was sex education realise that most people knew about HIV and Aids but less about Hepatitis which is also a no 1 killer virus. I took it upon my self although it wasn’t in our program outline to organise a campaign against that virus. I had limited fund, since everything was to sponsored solely by my self as i didn’t get anyone to sponsor me. Eventually i succeeded in creating the awareness and with the free testing and education they got to know their status and how to deal and maintain their heath if there was a reason to. I didn’t let the lack of finances limit my dreams to sharing knowledge about this deadly virus. At the end of the day i looked at the smiles on the lips and their faces because of the knowledge they acquire that day i smiled and said to my self that it was worth the sacrifice for my holiday comfort.

iii, Breaking the tradition and customs of the society.
We are bonded by some norms of this universe which, in a way affected us negatively or positively. Traditions, religions and customs which work negatively against our dreams and ambitions shouldn’t be kept but broken. Society can say that it is impossible, tradition will say it is a taboo ,but if it is a negative barrier to your success break that wall of tradition and customs irregardless of the pain, disgrace, hatred and discomfort you may go through. Someone has to the sacrifice for the others to follow.

iv. Mingle with people of same visions.
There is a saying that goes that “birds of the same feathers flock together” do away with friend and people who have no visions and aims in life .Separate yourself from friends who wont motivate and encourage you but rather discourage saying it is impossible always find yourself amidst people who have positive ideas, aims and visions that will inspire you to go higher in life.

v. Pay deaf ear to negative voices.
I am pursuing my dreams today because i have payed deaf ears to those saying that i cant make it. My past wasn’t one of the best testimonies so when i had the calling to impact people,s lives spiritual and socially i found my self wondering how i was going to break through it. the worldly pleasures was my friend, stupidity was my best friend and fear is my right hand friend. How was i to talk to people concerning that when it was actually my best pals then i realised that if i didn’t have my past no one would have seen how great my future is now. When i see the faces of people who knew me before all i say is that if i have being able to change and live a positive, fulfilling and impacting other peoples life then they can do better, i didn’t let their songs of negativity about my past discourage me but rather my past made my dreams easier to achieve.

vi. Giving back to the society.
How can you be a hero when you don’t have anyone looking up to you. Jonathan Livingston Seagull had the urge to go back home and help the others who were struggling to fly to the highest level that made him the biggest role model ever by helping others to break their fear. I find inner peace in giving back to the society and that is the biggest impact you can ever leave behind.

vii. Our future depends on our present.
We choose our next world form what we learn from this one. If i choose to live in denial and fear in this world my next world which is my future will remain the same . In life we lay foundations for the future and if our foundation is weak how can our future withstand any uncertainties that will come our way. Let lay a stronger foundation so that when the tsunamis of life begin to blow in future we can somehow be able to withstand it.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, why?

All the above mentioned will help me in a great way that i have dreams and some of them beyond my achievement, as i thought before but now i know that the isnt a limit to a dream or aspirations, all you need is the burning desire to let this come true. I have learnt that i need not think about what i am loosing today in connection to what i will harvest in the future. Nobody can make your dreams come through so when you dream, dream it big, because it will surely come true by your own self effort. I have the desire to make the youth learn the importance of life and how fulfilling to live in peace ,harmony and sickness free world.

4. Quotes; – are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you?

” Never accept a situation or circumstances as a result of who you are”
I was watching a video clip on utube of a man who had no hands, and was a lecturer in the university. I cant sit but wonder how this man with no hands was able to break all the barriers to get that far that even one in his situation has gotten to. Only one answer came to my mind determination

This man was determined not to let his disability shadow his dreams but rather break or make the path for other people with disabilities to follow. He learnt to use his feet for everything and he is never dependant on anyway but himself.
I learnt that what ever situation you find yourself try and make something positive out of if.

This man in the midst of all this still found time to praise his God and another thing came to my mind was even if this man in his situation is thanking his God then how much more me who has all a man needs then i should never let his praise leave my lips and appreciate life and impact someone s life. If the armless man w is who we will call a role model and an inspiration to all.

5. Is there any thing in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are their ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

“sometimes you need to take risky, dangerous, violate laws to get to your perfection”
I personally think life it self is a risk and will like to do whatsoever it takes to bring my success but not a risk that will endanger my life will have to be avoided because if you die something life threatens happens to you then it wasn’t worth it when you cant enjoy or take your honours and be an instructor of your success to the up and coming.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If, so did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

No there were no exercises to be completed.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in previous questions? If so, please comment


Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give? 9



Keys to Success
Assessment by Abigail Boafo Norway.

1. What is the main idea the author is conveying in this book.

The author’s ideas in this book was that success is attainable but there are principles that you need to follow to get there.Which he has classified into 17 principles to make it easier for us to apply and be successful. Success isn’t by luck or inheritance but as a result of hardworking and determination. There is nothing unachievable on this earth but with positive thinking, careful planning ,usage of applied faith and you can surely achieve it.

2.What are the seven ideas that are personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each other as to why it is so important to you .Use personal examples from your own life.

i, Definition Of Purpose.
Progress towards success cant be possible unless you know your aim in life .Before you set off you should know (where you going, how you going to get there ,with what you need to enable you have a successful journey) then and only then can you make a move to arrive successful. Can you imagine a moving car without a driver behind the steering wheel, it will be disastrous, so is life without a purpose or aim is. You can do a bit of everything which i call it TRY YOUR LUCK sometimes you try all sorts of business because people say it is the latest money making one but trust me you will fail at it when everyone is making money out of it, what you are lacking is the definite purpose and aim to make it successful. Sit down think carefully, plan and know what you want out of this life, if you are uncertain as to what you want to be instead of wasting time on every latest business, and school that all people are going ,consult a carer specialist to help you know what you ability can do and is best at.Seek advance training in that Field.Life without a definite purpose is a worthless.

ii, Thinking Accurately.
The power of success is in our minds, only when we learn to organise the knowledge we already have and turn them into necessary power for attaining our goals. All are desires ,plans, purposes and ,achievements are created by the thoughts in our minds. I always bear in mind that i have the ability to succeed only when i direct my mind and thoughts towards it.Whatever i think today becomes what i become tomorrow. Therefore i need to think very well and investigate any facts or ideas, i get before applying it to my life. Find the motives behind theses ideas those who have tried it and worked for them,and the ability of my success depends on the strength and quality of my controlled thoughts. I have come to think that in life there are two people that you will come across. Those who will help you multiply in ideas and wisdom and those who will subtract from the ideas and wisdom you already have so think carefully before you allow any person into your life.Get to know what their motives in life are.There is a saying that Birds of the same feathers flock together,you don’t want to be associated with destiny and ideas killers but rather with the bearers of the success flags.Forgiveness is also another step i think towards success.If your mind and heart is full of revenge,pains and sorrow what space will there be for thinking accurately towards our visions,we need to forgive each other as Christ forgave our sins ,let go of all pains in our heart and be kind to those who hate us.If we make forgiveness a part of our daily healing process towards defeat,we will live in peace in this world ,and come together with one vision of making the world a better place for all.The choices we make now not only affect us negatively or positively now but also affects our generations and generations to come,the future of our children depends on the decisions we make now.Have you sat down to check how many changes you have made in your life,business,studies and so fourth in the last couple of years.You need not to be stuck with one idea or vision,when you fail at a project don’t be afraid to make changes in your ideas.If you think the people around are reluctant to positive change then you need to distance yourself because they will be a standing block to your change to a better future.Never,never under estimate the ability of anyone,everyone has a potential but just need somebody or an encouragement to bring it out,i remember seeing one of the dumpiest classmate of my behind a desk in a bank with a badge of a bank manager and across the desk was a Price of the best winning personal banker of the year for two times,this was the guy who was never able to answer a question correctly in class and was always held the last position in class so what happened,someone discovered the potential in him and gave him a push into his bright future.Please don’t hesitate to give someone the encouragement when they need it,never cease to tell someone who is down and thinks his carer has ended because he failed,hand his hand tell him all is well,and he has a better chance of succeeding better now but all depends on him getting up wiping himself of defeat and re tracing his steps to correct what he did wrong and re doing it again with all he has got in him.Everybody needs somebody.

iii, earning From Adversity Of Defeat
Never will i accept failure at an idea as a defeat no no.When i fail at an idea or project i don’t spend time crying over the failure as the saying goes,Crying over spoilt milk but rather see it as a challenge to succeed to the next attempt.The motivation i get when i picture myself being successful at something am setting out to do and enjoying the rewards coming out of that gives me the energy and stringent not to remain crying over the failures but rather get on my feet and retrace my steps back correct whatever mistakes i did and apply investigated fact to it and make it a success.Most successful men and women had failed in their life’s but they didn’t let that failure block their way to success.Life isn’t about who climbs the success ladder first but it is how long you stay successful and a rod model that matters We control our success and failures through our thoughts and minds..Bear in mind that without failures success wont be sweet and challenging.Whatever you mind can conceive, believe that you will achieve it.Closing the doors of fear and worries allows you to open the doors of hope and fear.Every misfortune we encounter in life comes along with its blessings and lessons to learn.

iv, Budgeting Your Time And Money.
As we know most of the business and institutions that have closed down are as a results of bankruptcy and wasted time.As a saying goes Time is Money,the two go together,one cant function without the other,both must be managed well to ensure the smooth running of a co-operation or business. Learning how to manage your time is very important. The is an exercise in the book which i found very helpful separating your needs from your wants in order not to spend too much time on things that aren’t needed now but in the future. Time and Time waits for no man. Please don’t keep postponing times that are important before it becomes late.Keeping budgets are so important and essential in life that everyone must learn to do.I actually did an exercise in the book and i found that it worked to my surprise.My normal two weeks budgets was 200 for groceries and other essentials. After reading this book i decided to give the budgeting into use, i wrote everything i needed to get before going to the shops.I shopped strictly according to my listings and avoided buying stuff on sale which i didn’t need. To my surprise i used 90 instead of the 200 i normally use and Had saved 110 which lasted for exactly the two weeks and even had left overs. I was amazed and i got me thinking if i was to continue with this positive saving in a year i will have enough money to help set up the GIRL CHILD EDUCATION FUND which am waiting for sponsors by my own self. Habits are very important in budgeting your time and money which are one of the basic keys to success. Bear in mind there is nothing as sweet as a financial freedom.

v. Applied Faith.
Visions without faith is baseless, in whatever you do if you don’t have the faith in them you will back out of it at the smallest challenge that come your way.You need not only have faith but you need to apply them as well. We need to eliminate our minds of negative thoughts of poverty ,fear ,ill heath, financial security, and so forth through the application of faith. and plant in the positive thoughts of good things.In whatever we do we did to believe in it ,and believe in God that through him and in him all things are possible. If we believe and trust the God is able to provide you with all your needs,with your efforts he will supplement it for you.You just don’t accept whatever life offers you without challenging it, you need to be self determining and believe that whatever decisions you take will bring you a positive reward. As the book stated “fear is the no one killer of destiny “the affirmation of our desires to God through prayers everyday is important. Sometimes if you see that your faith is dying awaken it through meditation and prayers .Believing that there is light at the end of every tunnel is enough encouragement in keeping my faith.

vi, Going The Extra Mile
Everything we do in this world has a reward if not now in the future. If you do positive things expect to receive positive rewards vice verse with negative things. Don’t expect payment for every services you render sometimes a simple thank you and God bless you is enough.,i personally believe that the blessing of GOD is the biggest gift anyone could give me because it is the blessings of GOD that makes one a victor. God can bless one in various ways examples of wisdom, good heath ,success in your business and so forth. Be prepared to push yourself above the limit, be polite and gentle towards people. Give a helping hand why possible and trust me there shall be a reward someday. This is a life experience of my mum. she was used accepting anyone who was homeless into our home. People used to call her everyone’s mum, she used to run errands that she wasn’t even suppose to for people she was even older than ,then i was a teenager and it annoyed me so much that i could bear it and asked her this question one day, Why are you doing this ,why are you accepting all these people into our home which we can barley fit in, why are you feeding all these people when we can barley feed us why i cried out why? And her answer to me was am doing all these because of you people and i also believe in sharing the little blessings that we have i just laughed at her at that time. I happened to travel to England sometime passed ,i went out and i lost ed my purse ,there was noway i could walk home since i was tens of kilometres away ,and no bus driver was willing to accept ,pleas i lost my purse as my bus fare, non of the Britons were willingly to listen to please can you help me with some few pounds to pay for my bus fare since they classified anyone who ask for help as a scammed, and there and behold at the bus stop a man called me name ,i looked on not remembering him and he told me he used to stay with my mum when i was young, i told him my story and not only did he get me more than i needed but also made my stay in England a very memorable one. The law of compensation for my mum had found me, i have many a times found people helping me in difficult situations because of my mum going the extra mile. We always have to give something our opponents wouldn’t want to give and we will be writing our insurance out of disastrous situations. When someone tells me God bless you for a little favour i did for them not costing anything instead of money i really appreciate it .

vii, Maintains Of Sound Heath

Our bodies and minds are one, one cant perform without the other. What affects the mind affects the body, the mind is the central controlling tower it sends signals to the body and the body intends accepts it. The body needs food to survive and perform but not all foods are good for the body, we must try and eat Healthy and exercise regular because if the body breaks down due to bad food the mind can’t function well because there will be no body to execute its orders.

3. How are this ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your personal and helping you create a better world. how?

Sometimes when i find myself defeated or failed at an idea or project i go to my knees and pray to God to strength me so that the storm of defeat and failure wont sweep me away.I eliminate the spirit of fear from failing again .I believe personally that i was born a victor and successful but the rest of this prophecy lies in the power of thoughts and determination to make it come to pass. When i sit and day dream imagining the fruits of my labour in future how sweet it would be it encourages me to strive harder and harder to make my dreams come to past. I have an at-hem which i sing anytime i find myself sinking down into the pool of failure “Never Never Give Up In Life”. The future of some children and women depends on me ,when i give up i have not only let myself down but they as well, hey need my survival to make their dreams to come true as well, and that motivates me a lot to keep going. We can all contribute in a little way to make unfortunate women and children have a better future. There is much bless in giving than receiving ,help put smiles on the faces of children by donating the little time and money to a recognise charity around you.

4,Quotes ,are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention?If so please quote them and comment as to why it is so important to you.
“If you would plant for days ,plant flowers.
If you would plant for years ,plant trees.
If you would plant for eternity, plant ideas!”
I love these quote a lot why would i my time and energy into things like gossips ,back biting, jealousy, hatred that wont bring back any results but bitterness and sorrows. Why would i invest my time and money into fashion and the world that keep changing every second.
Why not invest my time, energy, and money into acquiring wisdom and knowledge to better myself and bring enlightenment and smiles to the world as a whole.

5,Is there anything in the book that you don’t understand or unclear about, or is there ideas which you disagree with ,if so why?


6. Did the book contain any exercises? If yes have you completed them and did you find them helpful?

Yes it contained some exercise and i did them and found them very very helpful in fact it changed my life at the spot.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was covered in the previous question? If so please comment.



A. How interesting was the book? 9
B. How helpful was it for you to read? 10
C. How easy was it for you to read? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall ratings? 9



Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Assessment By Abigal Boafo

1.What is the main idea the author is trying convey in this book

The author was conveying the fact that we are what we think, and do. Success can`t be achieved unless we eliminate the cobwebs from our minds .The urge to do good ,bad, negative positive things are natural and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can`t resist it .But you can control them when you channel your sub-conscious mind to a positive action.

Reading this book can help you to truly, honestly, willingly, and thinking will help you achieve your goals. Success can be achieved easily when i apply the principles learnt in this book in my day to day activities. Me and only me can help myself reach my success ladder, only when i give or open myself up for advise and suggestions from experienced and successful people.

2. What are the seven ideas that are personally most important to you and why. List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each as to why it is so important to you.use personal examples from your life.

The seven ideas stated in the book that i personally find important are as follows.


Yes everyone in this universe weather rich or poor, healthy or sick, young or old. Big or small all have problems as far as they live on this planet earth. It is natural to have a problem and we can solve this problems through our positive mental attitude and careful thinking before acting.

Behind every success story are challenges, struggles, disappointment and sometimes lost of faith, but got to their achievements because they sat down, thought over their past mistakes leading to their failures ,retraced their steps corrected their mistakes, did research about their ideas and applied tested and successful ideas and backed with faith and positive attitude and today they are successful.

We are poor not because God or our families member and friends want us to be ,but because we refuse to search for the light ,explore our secerts. To be challenged, corrected and to learn from our mistakes and allowed our positive mental attitude to overcome our negatives ones.

The greatest gift that mankind ever had was his brains which i must say everyone was born with, that means God wanted us to be rich and enjoy life to its fullest by using and exploring the money making machine [OUR BRAINS] to be comfortable. Behind our problem in life is the solution,but you can only find that solution if you search beyond what the eyes can see.


Doing things that we are not suppose to do ,or not do the things that are supposed to be done,is one of the reasons why we fail at things. Doing things at the wrong time or doing them too late can affect us greatly in life. We all can in our little ways change the world for the better, doing things as little as not dumping litter on the streets ,picking litters lying around and placing them in their rightful places can change our planets for the better.

We are what our habits makes us.

I like and used to postpone things to be done right away to later, and when later comes i say i do it tomorrow, and it will be never done or too late to do it. I lost my husband because ,there were issues that needed to be addressed, discussed and solved but I kept saying we will talk later when we all in the good mood, and the good mood never came ,and was too late to be solved.

Anything that needs to be done, now must be done before it becomes tomorrow or yesterday I could have done it. I found the exercise in the book writting yourself a letter very helpful.I wrote down the things i personally want to achieve, and pretended as if it has being completed and to my outer most surprise, I felt every satisfied and fulfilled in life.

I realized how relieved I will be, if I actually accomplished that vision vowed to myself that i will put in my maximum effort to actually achieve those goals .

To tell you the truth I have seen little results in my efforts, so if I put in my all and all then bingo am on my straight way to success. The burden one acquires when he or she decides to learn is upon the one who actually wants to learn. I memorized this statement from the book and i say it each morning and evening and it is very helpful and keeps me on track when am going out of line.



Motivating myself with my positive mental attitude at my own will and desire, .redirecting my thoughts and controlling my emotions ,draws me closer to my aims and destiny. My hope for a better ,trouble and stress free,future encourages me to obtain my desires and visions .

I learnt that encouraging my friends and families around me motivates me to be of an example to them, therefore i need to live up to my words. Giving them words of encouragement made me to realize that i had something in me that i didnt know i had. Doing the things that know how to do naturally and best makes life easier and simpler for me.

Sit down write the things you are gifted with and seek advanced training and advise and i promise you failure will never be your portion.

I had an encounter with a friend this couple of weeks. He works for a firm and according to him, his employers didn’t and never seem to appreciate his efforts and reward, him although they acknowledge that he is the hardest working employee amongst all of them.

Now he has resulted in putting in less energy at work and didn’t have pleasure in doing anything positive at work and decided to dupe his employer and leave the job.

After he had told me of his plans i remembered a chapter i read in the book and decided to set to work by changing his negative mind to a positive one.

It wasn`t an easy task, but the more difficult it became, the more reasons i gave him to be honest and faithful to his employer, because one day the laws of the universe shall reward him bountiful. The emotional fulfillment I had clearing this friends mind of negative cobwebs is not described. Today my friend keep thanking me for motivating him in doing the right thing because his employers have rewarded him more than he bargained for ,they have actually agreed to sponsor him to further his education with full pay which is 100 times more than what he wanted to dupe them for. He feels so happy and satisfied in doing his job now, I felt happy and emotional satisfied in motivating someone in doing the right thing. I had many ideas which i wanted to implement, but the fear of failure was always taking the lead ahead of me.

Now i know that without failure success doesn’t exist ,they come hand in hand some people with careful planning succeed at the first attempt but others not.

Don`t be discouraged, we are all not equal, keep trying till you succeed.

Never Never give up in life about anything.


If you are truthful and honest to yourself in regardness of who are, age, occupation, education, rich or poor you can attract wealth.

We should believe in a good book to attract success for us if only we put into pratice the principles taught and stated in the book.

We should always set down standards and goals that are far above our reaching and be determined to reach that goal. Deadlines setting towards our goals are very important because it will make us to see that there is a time limit to our missions and must be achieved within that time frame.

Taking time to think about an idea or vision before implementing them isn’t a waste of time but rather helps us to do away with mistake and achieve our goals without failures.

Who I am today wasn’t a courage of a step taken, but rather when I took the first step confidently the other steps came naturally and today am really proud I took the step of faith.

I have learned that sacrificing the present for the future is very important, investing now against the future, is a sure way of attracting wealth.

There was a caution in the book that I vowed to myself that “Now i spend my time having my money make money for me, while I do what I want to do”.

Learning how to save in everyone’s life is very important if you want to be successful or aim higher in the future.

Saving a penny aside everyday is a sure capital for your future investment or project.

Seek for expert advice regarding any idea and grab opportunities as they present themselves, and stop blaming our health tools, families, friends, banks, and many others for our mistakes and failures.

Money makes money, therefore if you don’t have the physical money use the God given gift of money that is your brains and back it with a positive mental attitude, which attracts more money that you can ever imagine.


If we human beings on this earth do the right thing so will our worlds be perfect and right. When we engage our positive mental attitudes into use the problems in this world will turn to bow before us. We all special people in our own special ways and without each of us the world won`t be whole, so many process and struggles took place to successfully produce us. Every person has an in built victory and failures it is up to us to demolish the failures in us and allow the victories to grow out of us. Life never leave us stranded with a problem and not provide a solution or the way out of that problem.

Life never presents you a problem that it thinks is above your ability to solve, life is a stage of studies and it involves using your brains and using the positive side of your mental attitude. Each stage in life has it own problems, counting our blessings everyday is so important, each morning when we wake up, and feel heathy and go about your normal routine, then it is a good reason to be thankful to God because not everyone was able to wake up, today, some did but with a lot of pains and traumas but if you are alive ,healthy and strong ,then you need to be thankful.

Channel your energy into someone who is weak. With your positive mental attitude .let them know they have every reason to be thankful and happy in life.

It is natural to desire comfort and happiness but we need to encourage ourselves to work harder, be modest, and make humility take a better part of us.

People who work harder, are honest, and reliable are often noticed, finding good employment, earns respect and surely following this course is better than resorting to manipulation of others for personal gains or competing with others for this position doesn’t help the world for its better.

Apologizing to your fellow man does not mean you are wrong and the other is right, it means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

Some people come into our lives as a blessing, others come into our lives to become our teachers. Learn the lessons you are being taught and learnt to live in harmony with each other.


Is it wrong to be ambitious? The answer is no, there is nothing wrong with fame, fortune, and power, the bible says in Genesis 12:2 that “I will make a great nation out of you and I shall bless you and I will make your a name great,” says the lord to Abraham.

Ambition should not be pursued to the detriment of others, our own attitude be it positive or negative is the only thing which we have total control over alone.

It is very important to engage in thinking studying, learning and planning our time towards our chosen fields and occupations.

Choosing or doing the jobs which we love and know how to do best makes us satisfied.

Even our jobs isn’t one of our favorites , and isn’t making us happy, find every reason to find satisfaction in it, because at the end of the day the pay check from that job puts food on the table,pay for your bills and buys you all the luxury and pleasures you desire.

So why don’t your invest your energy into your job ,every morning when I wake up in the morning I shout to myself am, alive, healthy, happy and terrific and i have a job to wake up to. Aiming higher in our job fields and trying harder till we hit our targets should be our main desires.

Knowing that our jobs are leading somewhere and seeing beyond just working for the pay checks gives us satisfaction.

Developing inspirational satisfaction when you feel that your job isn`t worth the prize, by reading books, going to seminars, listing to motivational speakers will boost your energy levels up, and make you feel the urge to improve and perfect not only yourself but the world around you.


Spiritual dissatisfaction motivates us from sinners to saints, failures to success, poverty to riches, defeat to victory and misery to happiness. Learning to see beyond what the eyes can see is to mentally think and ask ourselves why, or when something understandable happens.

Look closely and around and the answer is right beside us, in the house, a book, car or something our eyes can`t imagine.

Getting things done and seeing other peoples’ abilities, capabilities and view points and encourage them will make us see the light in us.

3. How was this ideas or lesson help you in a practical way both in your personal life and helping you create a better world? If so how?

Yes the lesson have helped me to see that i am a really special person in this world ,and many process took place to make me, and if God didn`t have a reason or purpose for my life I wouldn`t be here.

I am here not because I want to be but rather for a purpose to impart life, help people make changes, motivate them, and help the world become a better place to live in. Degrading myself, looking down upon myself and feeling sorry for myself isn`t good but rather grab the oppoturnity mother earth and the universe has offered me and eliminate the guilty feelings of failures.

I have the power to change my world and the universe has the power to help me do that.

I love this book because all the successful men stated in them acknowlege God as their father,consulted him in times of hardships, had faith in him that he is the only can offer them solutions to their problems.

Reading the bible every morning for motivation has being my routine now and found it to inspire me and offered me solutions beyond my reach easily.

The bible has too many success stories, encourages and have so many tested and applied faith more than a any other book I have ever read .

Saying a little thanksgiving prayer to God for bringing you this far in life is a must everyday. If you cant or don’t know how to pray the calmist and easiest prayer is the “Lord`s prayer” and has all the basics in it.

Praying for your neighbors and asking God to grant knowledge and security.

We should let the Lord`s prayer be part of our daily diet, everyday I try as much as possible to make a positive impart on someone`s life, motivate someone to strived harder no matter the circumstances.

4. Quotes ,Are there any statements which the author mde that particularly got your attention ?If so please quote them and comment as to why they are so important to you.

Yes “Smile to everyone you meet ” say a kind word ,a pleasant response, appreciation with warmth from the heart, cheer, encourage, hope, honor, credit, and applause the good thoughts, evidence of love for your fellowman, happiness, and a prayer for the godless and godly time for a worthy.”

All these are essentials for making oneself and the whole world happy and live in one accord with each other.

A word of encouragement to a friend who has lost hope, can save her life, an appreciation of saying thank you or giving a gift will encourage someone to continue to do a good course.

Encouraging someone that the futures looks better will make her want to see the future at all course.

Saying a prayer for the sick and needy will bring a miracle upon someones life, paying evil with good will make them to see evil is bad ,showing love to each other, regardless of our religion. Culture, political party, color of skin and so fourth the world will be a better place to live in.

5. Is there anything in the book that you don’t understand or unclear about or are there ideas which you disagree with, if so why?

No there wasn`t any.

6 Did the book contain any excerise?.If so have you already completed it and did you find them helpful?


7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that wasn’t covered in the previous question? If so please comment on.

No there wasn’t.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the content? 9
C. How easy was it to understand? 9
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give? 9