Aamir Siddi Abdulrahman Yahya – Profile


Name: Aamir Siddi Abdulrahman Yahya
Country: Nigeria
Email: zaidatlantic@yahoo.com
Birthday: September 18, 1989
Education: PGD Peace and Conflict Resolution
Occupation: Political Analyst

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world that works for everyone is a world where there is equality in the distribution of information, wealth and power, a world where there free of labels and stereotypes, a world free of hate, poverty and hunger. A world that works for everyone is a world where conflicts are basis for re-shaping our society positively.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problems facing the world today are inequality, poverty, violence and elitism. Among all, the most pressing issue facing the world is inequality; this singular phenomenon is an underlying trigger of all other factors affecting the world today. Inequality in the distribution of power and resources is responsible for most of the world’s most deadly violent conflicts. Gender inequality has created marginalization of the feminine gender which in developing countries is responsible for poverty levels.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The best way to address to address these pressing problems is to establish systematic blueprints that further addresses the colossal inequality level among people especially in developing countries. Developing countries must be seen as projects that needs nursing rather than as projects that needs to be exploited. These systematic global blueprint should address the concept of an all-inclusive socio-economical strategy to transform the world.


I have years of experience with government agencies, private companies and Civil Society Organizations. I have a proven ability to learn challenging concepts and have developed competencies in diverse areas, which includes but not limited to; human resources management, project management, and cooperate administration. At the university, I worked with NGOs and co-founded two. In these positions; I earned a reputation for consistently exceeding organizational expectations and bringing new ideas to the table. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the Prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State and have taken part in various trainings and seminars alike. Aamir Abdulrahman has interests in all areas of global issues but I ‘m mostly interested in Peace Building, agriculture, information technology and green economy.

I’m currently a PGD student at the National Open University of Nigeria majoring in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution and my passion for explorations in interdisciplinary conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian assistance, and other mechanisms that seek to prevent and control violence makes me suitable for this task. My area of interest is using conflict resolution knowledge to promote harmony and enhance overall organizational performances

I am a Member, Red Cross Society of Nigeria (NYSC), Member, Young African Leadership Initiative Network, Co-founder and Member, Coalition of Young West African Democrats (COYWAD). As a Youth Advocate, I have championed the course for 20% representation of youths in governance and policy making in West Africa. This was part of a 5 pages of recommendation submitted to the President of the ECOWAS on abating the level of youth participation in violent conflicts in West Africa.

My favorite books are authored by Sidney Sheldon and Mario Puzzo and I love to travel, read and cook As 6 ft 5, I play Basketball as sports and I play volleyball. My favorite movies are The Godfather, The Lastdon, Coming to America and Scarface. Others include are V for Vendatta, Hotel Rwanda and Beasts of No nations. I have travelled to Mali, Niger, Chad and Benin Republic where I have had an opportunity not to only to see Africa’s problem from another perspective but to see Africa’s glory in other trademarks. I speak fluently French, English and Spanish and I understand Bambara, Hausa and Fulani.

I have an ambition of being the youngest parliamentarian in Nigeria by 2019 where I plan to sponsor a bill for the establishment of the West African Bank For Development and Reconstruction as well as the Rural Empowerment and Education Funds (REEF) to enable people in the rural areas have access to good education and soft loans to enable them create jobs for themselves and re-shape their environment positively. I have taken part and created projects to promote these agendas in all frontiers and I plan to pursue it fully when I become a Member of House of Representatives by 2019. Regionally, through the Coalition of Young West African Democrats (COYWAD) we plan to pursue and agenda to make sure that youths are given 20% slots in governance and policy making in all West African nations starting from 2018, October.

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