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Rachel Giacchero
Bangkok, Thailand
Birthday: April 01, 1979
Education: BA Psychology_
Occupation: currently am a volunteer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

A world that is clean of direct or indirect toxin production; A world where a person is accepted for being a human being without being classified into any class, status or state of being; A world where we share what mother earth gives us, theres more than enough to go around: A world with no monopoly of any kind. A world that values maintaining our potable water resources, Water Is The Source Of Life. A world where the magic of our differences is appreciated and admired

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Materialism, love of money, what it buys, and the power it commands is destroying the innate and positive humane values that make us human; Growing shortage of potable water; too much competition in everything leading to a stressed out life, leads to stressed relationships, leads to insecurity, leads to selfishness, leads to malice, leads to bad intentions, leads to bad actions and goes down the drain from there; Competition for power and control over natural resources which leads to the development of more sophisticated weapons; Racism- people are still being denied rights and opportunities solely based on their race, religion or ethnic background.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

By being less mechanical and more true to our nature… we are social ‘animals’ created to share what is given to us in abundance for free on earth. We don’t have to fight for control or devise ways to keep others from getting their share. We also have to know that we are all equal and the same, yes some are more fortunate than others, this should be a reason to help the less fortunate, not to overpower anyone and make them submit to our will. Natural resources are spread around, I have what you don’t have and vice versa… can we trade or come to an agreement to give a little and take a little without killing each other for it?


I am a psychologist and have been working in the development sector for more than 10 years. I have worked, lived and studied in many countries around the world and love experiencing new cultures, traditions and ways of life. Traveling, reading, taking pictures and people are my passion and I have been to more than 30 countries as of now. I love music and dancing and my favorite instrument is the conga drum. I have two sisters and one brother and even though we live in different countries, we are very close and always in contact. I am also blessed with parents who are still on their never ending honeymoon and this has shaped my character and personality in many ways.

I like watching documentary films as they show the reality we live in and this gives me the chance to see many things from various angles and perspectives. I like reading books on spirituality and am interested in metaphysics. I like visiting sacred sites and going on spiritual pilgrimages from time to time so that I stay in contact with the divine essence within me and inside others.

I do a lot of community work and volunteer with organizations that work directly with communities where the result is tangible and gratifying. I have done many leadership trainings with notable organizations like the British Council and the German technical cooperation. I am also interested in learning and preserving indigenous wisdom, original and natural healing methods for various maladies, and the simple lifestyle and ancient ways of showing respect to nature and living in harmony with all existence by keeping the balance of life. I feel this deserves a lot of attention as it offers insights into finding solutions to our current world problems as the only advancement we have achieved greatly over the last few centuries is mainly technological.

As our world is fast becoming one huge melting pot of everything we humans are, it takes a lot of understanding, tolerance and acceptance of who we are collectively and as individuals. This is not easy as differences naturally lead to resistance or initial rejection of new ideas and customs and sometimes, deep or sudden culture shocks can bend bridges to friendship and cooperation which will take a very long time to repair. Even though we naturally cannot accept everything about everyone, we can however take the best from whatever we are exposed to and learn new ways of doing things and explore the beauty in our differences.

Often times, we can only give from what we have and this includes creating joy and building peace in the societies we live in. Only a peaceful person can act in a way that will make others happy and at ease so I believe that cultivating and maintaining inner peace is the basis of all tranquility inside ourselves and all around us. I believe that having inner peace allows us to be much more tolerant and accepting of how things are, the way they are. Sharing information, resources or the loaf of bread we have is the way to start paving the road to a peaceful world.

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