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Name: Okot Stephen
Country: Uganda
Email: stephenokot79@gmail.com
Birthday: December 12, 1978
Education: Diploma, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
Occupation: Social Worker

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is; a vision of an emboldened servant leadership where a leader is; a servant with humanity at heart; a selfless, exemplary, and visionary leader who shows the way into a better future for the society; He/she inspires and motivates followers towards their personal and corporate goals; He/she values and encourages participation of everyone, promotes inclusiveness, embraces diversity and reproduces other leaders.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problems facing the world today is leadership failure. Today, every country or nations, people’s groups, families, and organizations are affected by ineffectiveness of leadership. The rise and fall every nations and organizations today is on the account of leadership. This is because of lack of leadership skills, failure to practice the right styles of leadership in given situations, and above all negligence of positive character development. When the leader lacks appropriate leadership qualities and refusal to pay the price to do what leadership requires of the leader.
Our world today is more active politically than in the past. Being politically driven, our leaders in the world today suffer leadership vulnerability due to; differences in political ideology, selfish interests, greed, and politicization of the economy amongst others.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
These problems could best be addressed by raising a generation of emboldened and visionary servant leaders with the heart and will (mind) to bring about a world or society that works for everyone. It is one of reasons i have enrolled in the IIGL program. I hope to be equipped, empowered and enlightened through the course, and become influential in my generation; positively influencing everyone around me; instill in their hearts and mind the spirit of true servant leadership, as well organize empowerment programs in my country to train and equip leaders in every institutions, organizations, grassroots and households to grow their leadership effectives so that; every family, people’s groups, organizations and community enjoys the benefit of having good leadership among them.

I am a Ugandan by nationality, an Acholi by tribe, from northern Uganda. I am visionary and focused young man who strive to bring out the of myself to the benefits of everyone. I love discipline, integrity, justice and compassion. I am self motivated and results oriented person. I desire to see everyone in the society achieve their unique life dreams and live to the fullest.
My goal:
To impact my generation morally, socially, spiritually, and leave a positive mark on life.
Bachelor of Public Administration and Management ( 2022 -Ongoing)
National Diploma in Business Management (2017-2019)
Diploma in project planning and Management (2014-2016)
Training attended/certificates: Including:
Entreprise Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Leadership and governance, Conflicts Resolution and Peace building, health Management and health economics, Basic human Rights, Community Activism, Lobbying and Advocacy, Digital security skills for human rights defenders, and Life Skills.
Work experience:
While temporarily unemployed, I am Self employed as independent contractor. I am also a part time volunteer with a local NGO.
2018-2019/2020 – I worked with a national NGO in the capacity of Program Manager; implemented women empowerment project, Community based Disaster Risk Management, human rights and good governance, leadership development of grassroots Activists.

2013-2018: Volunteered in a Church founded project for a year. Later appointed as program coordinator in a interfaith program which brings together six major faiths and denominations in the country under Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative, and the Interreligious council of Uganda. The project included collaboration and engagement with various stakeholders; Civil society and government ministries.
Projects implemented: Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Community Health outreach, HIV prevention and response, SRHR, Supporting victims of domestic violence in access to justice and livelihood recovery.
2010-2012: I worked for World Vision Uganda (Gulu area Development program) as a Life Skills facilitator , supporting children affected by War in northern Uganda. I did the same job for children and youth under Save the children program in Gulu district.

My Skills: Advocacy, Activism, Humanitarian and Development programming
Team leadership, Organizational skills

Hobbies: Reading, writing, research and learning or discovering new things.
Making new friends. Tour and traveling to new places; Initiating new project and program; Helping the needy/poor; Facilitating workshop/training; Bible study

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