Ojimah Emmanuel – Profile

Full Name: Ojimah Emmanuel
Country: Nigeria
Email: emmisnoopafly@gmail.com
Date of Birth: July 21, 1982
Education: HND Building Engineering
Occupation: Building Engineer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is meeting up with all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) especially in Africa, and in Nigeria to be precise. I want my country to be fully SDG compliant and I am sure this would make it a great place to live in.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
What I see as the most pressing problems facing the world today is Hunger, Terrorism and Poverty. These 3 great killers are what brings sorrow and tears to so many people of the world today. The level of Hunger, Terrorism and Poverty is increasing by the day and it is pertinent to note that these 3 giant killers are related and interrelated.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
I feel these problem could be best solved when the the complete 17 SDGs are archived in all countries of the world.


I am from Ibaji LGA of Kogi State, A Building Engineer by profession with a HND in Building Technology from The Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi State Nigeria. I am the first in the family of eight. I am married and blessed with wonderful children. My wife is IIGL’s 23rd Graduate and she introduced me to IIGL. My height is 1.69m; my favorite colors are purple and red. My favorite food is Pounded yam + Egusi + Afang soup. My favorite quote is the golden rule “Do Unto Others as you would want them to do on to you.”. I am slow to anger, friendly and very outgoing. I believe in the good nature that exists in everyone. I believe that the world will be a better place if we but love and lean on each other.

I love to learn and keep learning. I see IIGL as an avenue to improve my leadership qualities and potentials. I love encouraging and helping people. I see IIGL as a means of achieving my dream and aspiration to be a better leader. I love travelling, swimming and my favorite sport is basket ball. I believe as a sport man, general issues of life can be treated in the spirit of sportsmanship. I am dedicated to touching lives and inspiring young people positively. I believe in the law of attraction and positive thinking.
I believe the world can become a better place as we help each other to grow and reach greater height. Africa yearns for true leadership and I believe IIGL will contribute their quota in raising great and resourceful leaders to meet the need of this generation and the once to come. I am excited about my two IIGL introductory books. These books are wonderful and a great starter for the IIGL program. I have been greatly challenged and impressed with the ideas the authors were trying to convey in the book. I strongly recommend these books to everyone, particularly the young person.

I do not share the belief that we can have a perfect world, but my vision for an ideal world is a world where people that are made leaders understand truly what leadership is. It’s a kind of world where there is respect for lives and properties, in other words, a kind of world where leaders respect and values their followers and the followers return the same gesture. A world that is free of corruption, racism, war, hunger, terrorism, gender inequality, e.t.c. I envisage a world where true democracy is practiced and we need competent leaders, who are sound both physically and mentally. I intend to contribute my quota to IIGL by encouraging more students to participate in the free but important leadership training program. There are so many youth in Abuja-Nigeria, who will take advantage of this opportunity to get quality leadership training. These will bring out the best in them and in their society. There are other places in Nigeria, which are less developed than Nasarawa and Abuja. I intend to reach out to more young people in these areas: my dream is to touch lives of as many as possible.

I look forward to becoming IIGL’s next Graduate! I love building, traveling and also love to play basketball. I am an engineer by profession and love to participate in Learning and Leadership.I love to help people realize and achieve their potential and talents. I am a life coach and would love to mentor and teach the ideas, skills and benefits of IIGL. I hope to impact lives positively and as much as I can. I am a risk taker, very patient and confident. I believe everyone can be the best they want to be. I believe in world Peace and I know the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) are archiveable, even in Nigeria, Africa. I am involved in social services and I love to volunteer for NGOs. Presently, I am currently the Nasarawa State Coordinate for ICLDNG www.icldng.org

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Books Completed

As a Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston
Giant Steps
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Keys to Success
Real Magic
Success through a Positive Mental Attitude
The New Dynamics of Winning
The Law of Attraction
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Leadership for Dummies
Nonviolent Communication
Unlimited Power.
Goal Setting 101
Creating your Path through Leadership
Full Steam Ahead
The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri
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The 5 Second Rule
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The War on Consciousness
The Millionaire Course
Matrix Energetics
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Spiritual Economics
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