Makinde Oluwaseun Elisha – Profile

Makinde Oluwaseun Elisha
Lagos, Nigeria.
Birthday: 13th/December/1983
Education: B.Sc. Biochemistry, Second Class Upper
Occupation: Educationist

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
We live in a world where everyone is looking for “VALUE”. Value for their time, Money, Skill, Talent etc, and yet got none. My vision is to stop people from “LOOKING” for Values, but to start “ADDING” Values to lives because WEALTH flows in the direction of VALUE.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Leadership! Leadership!! Leadership!!! The most pressing problem of the world is the problem of leadership. The place of leadership has been misplaced and our eyes are not open to it, we focused more in the global economy and shifted our focus from those involved the control of the economy. Starting from the family, the place of leadership has been lost. The husband sees himself as the lord over all, he sees himself as the “CONTROLLER”. In cases where the wife happens to be the one providing for the family, she sees the man as good for nothing. Leadership has been taken to be forcing people to do what YOU WANT and not necessary what will be to the advantage of the whole people involved.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
In solving the problem of Leadership that is facing the world today, (Misinterpretation of Leadership). The best way is to re-define leadership and who a leader is. People must understand that Leadership is about influencing people to do what THEY (the people) want for the benefits of the WORLD. The drive of the misconception of leadership is selfishness. In trying to solve the problem I would let the re-defined definition of leadership to register in the subconscious mind of the people after which the cause (selfishness) would be dealt with, through the teaching of selflessness and patience.

I am a young man born to a polygamous home of nine family members on the 13th, December 1983. I got my first school leaving certificate in 1996 at Holy Blessing Nursery and primary school, Reggae Close, Abule Egba, Lagos State. I proceeded to Vetland Grammar School from 1996 to 2002 where I sat for West Africa Examination; I later went to Olabisi Onabanjo University where I bagged B.Sc. Biochemistry, Second Class (Honour) Upper Division in 2008. To prepare me for the Leadership task ahead, I took a leadership course at Daystar Leadership Academy: Basic Certificate in Leadership. Things that interest me most include reading, and listening to inspiring messages. I also find it interesting when I have the opportunity to motivates/preach to people, especially on leadership, I take it as an opportunity to add VALUES to their lives. My goal in life is to keep looking for areas to add VALUES to in the life of people. Books that influence me includes: Understanding Vision, Success button, The Laws of Faith, The force of freedom, Understanding Divine Direction-All by Bishop David Oyedepo. The Richest man in Babylon, Rich Dad poor Dad, I am presently enjoying a book by Sam Adeyemi “Multiply Your Success, Lead”.

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