Maepe Bob Phillip – Profile


Name: Maepe Bob Phillip
Country: Lesotho
Date of Birth: March 3, 1987
Education: BA in Urban and Regional Planning, Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
Occupation: Pastor/Farmer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works around everyone centers around discipline, love and hard work. I believe that if every person can love all people and God, that will result in a better world for all established on Godly principles. I believe that discipline is very important since in order for a person to be successful in whatever he pursues, he should be a disciplined person who practices what he preaches. Last but not least, hard work is one of the key principles needed to accomplish the purpose set before him.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problems facing the world today are corruption, theft, immorality and poverty. We have a lot of corrupt leaders who only care about themselves and their families not the development of the people. Corruption affects the entire nation economically, socially an spiritually. In the case of corruption involving nepotism, a lot of people employed are not qualified and do not perform up to task while those who are qualified are left unemployed and this affects the country negatively as it won\’t perform well economically. Due to the high unemployment rate, people often resort to theft as an alternative means to survive. There is a lot of poverty reigning, the poor\’s purchasing power is very low, and most of the time they are neglected and marginalized, voiceless and discriminated against.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
I believe that everything rises and falls on leadership, therefore all the people who are in leadership positions must first be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge on how to lead the people. But first and foremost, before they are even elected or selected to be in power, they should be educated and screened for their ethics and principles. I also believe, speaking from a spiritual perspective, I believe that they should have a good relationship with the Lord and higher power. Having a relationship with the higher power will help them become ethical and faithful in all they do, as it will give them a sense of purpose. As those affected by unemployment are the youths, i believe this problem could be eradicated by training students at tertiary level to be job creators not job seekers. When they get out of school they should be mentored into their area of interest for example if one is interested in farming, they should be mentored in that field. I also believe the private sector should be empowered, so that it can be able to create more jobs, so that people do not have to rely on government jobs. I think a lot of people need to develop that entrepreneurial mind in order to create jobs and solve unemployment and poverty.

I am Bob Phillip Maepe is a passionate self driven person who is leadership oriented. My personal motto is discipline, Love and hard-work. I am both a Project Manager and Urban and Regional Planner by profession having graduated, from the National University of Lesotho in 2010 and from Institute of Commercial Management in 2013 respectively. I am passionate about researching, singing choruses and reading books. The kind of books I like to read range from Christian growth books, motivational books, leadership books and business books. Most of my experience in research having worked extensively as an enumerator, Area supervisor, data support officer and Infrastructure Development Officer. The type of projects I worked range from different socio-economic aspects like private sector development, environmental management, health sector, infrastructure development, transport and migration issues, construction land administration and development. I am a person who is able to work well both as an individual and in a group setting. As a leader, I have worked in different students organizations while still a student, mostly serving as a member of the executive committee. While at tertiary as a student I was involved in organizing and administering geography High School competitions which involved several schools twice. I have the honor of having been one of the co-founders of National University of Lesotho Planners Association which is still operational to date. I have also worked with different youth associations and community based organizations. As a farmer I have worked as a committee member in poultry farming associations. I am an author of books and have recently published my first Sesotho book entitled: Pholiso E Tsoang Leholimong, translated as “Healing from Heaven.”
I want to develop my leadership skills so that i can be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of my community, country and global community. As a servant of God, called to serve, i believe that the leadership skills i will attain will help me mentor new converts into disciples of Christ who will go out and make other disciples and plant new churches. Last but not least I am a charismatic Christian leader called by God to serve as a teacher in five-fold ministries and I am passionate about discipleship and church planting.

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