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Name: Kyle Hemauer
Birthday: May 5, 1981
Country: USA
Education: BS Business Administration from UNC-Greensboro
AAS Physical Therapist Assistant from GTCC
Occupation: Physical Therapy Aid

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a perfect world is one where we all wake up tomorrow and take care of those in our immediate vicinity. Where there are no barriers of class, race, etc; if someone needs food, clothing, shelter, then it is provided without any need for reciprocation. We live in an abundant world with so much excess, that I know every human alive can be clothed, fed, and sheltered without anyone lacking basic needs.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
My opinion as to the most pressing issues facing our world today are fear and separation. We live in a world where so much misinformation and fear mongering occur so that the rich and powerful stay that way and the less fortunate continue to struggle. A complete overhaul of our news industry is needed so that only facts are presented, and opinions are no longer acceptable. Our highly commercialized society values things rather than equal opportunity for all. Things and stuff seem to be more valued than kindness and compassion. Our government is influenced by powerful lobbying groups who have their needs ahead of the general population. Our food supply is full of toxic ingredients that are banned in other countries. Our educational system fails most children and takes away the joy of learning from most students. All of these issues stem from white male domination and patriarchal systems which value wealth accumulation and hoarding of resources to the people at the top, and poor and marginalized people have uphill, unequal roads to dig out of. Religious leaders preaching damnation do no good for the greater welfare of humanity, but create us versus them mentality which goes so far away from the love that is the true message from religious saints of the past.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The resolution for the issues listed above include a restructuring of political and economic institutions where the immense resources provided by our loving creator is truly accessible to every human alive. That ought to be the role of government and powerful institutions. The accumulation of wealth should be undone to where we start sharing what there is. There are empty hotel rooms, bedrooms, dwellings that could become homes for the homeless. Our excessive inventory of clothing in retail stores across the world could provide clothing to every person alive. The same goes for food. The amount of food waste in the USA is criminal given there are people who resort to dumpster diving and panhandling to feed themselves. If we truly believe in equality then let’s start showing it. These things are possible. We just have to be willing to try. To let go of fear that I won’t have what I need in the future so I must stock up and hoard my stuff and too bad for everyone else can’t be our mindset. It’s a question of do I believe in abundance or lack? Our world is so wasteful but it doesn’t have to be this way. I know that if we woke up tomorrow, and our brains have somehow been changed to honor the dignity of every living thing our world would become one. I know we are all fractals of one source, and we can unite in love and live out heaven on earth every day. We can. But overcoming generational conditioning is so strong a force, and we have become puppets for the mega corporations and political garbage which hold on tight to their lifestyles that these changes are slow to undo.

I am a 41 year old white male born in Wisconsin USA to two parents and an older 2 year old brother. Our family unit was tight-knit with no abuse or trauma from within. We moved several times before settling in the piedmont of North Carolina where I completed elementary, middle, and high school. I was always a top performer in school, well behaved and loved by my teachers.

My trauma came in the form of a rare skin condition which was visually obvious to others and came with constant questions of “what’s wrong with you” and I began to believe that something was inherently wrong with me. Hearing questions like that and bullying around my gentle, passive nature I turned inward and hated my body, and truly believed something was ugly about my appearance and no one would ever be able to love someone with so many physical flaws. That’s where my trauma stems from. And it’s been a journey of my lifetime to rewrite my past narrative and to own the beautiful unique body I inhabit.

Sometime in middle or high school I realized I was gay … another aspect of self that I hid to prevent being harassed. After high school I went to college because that’s what was expected. I partied and sunk into depression during these years, finding solution in alcohol and drugs. I graduated with a BS in Business Administration and moved to a suburb of Chicago. I lived with my maternal grandparents, one of which had Alzheimer’s disease and the other Parkinson’s disease. It was during my years with them that I realized my patient, gentle, caring nature and subsequently enrolled in community college to achieve an associate degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant program – a very selective program and a very challenging one. It was also in this time frame that alcohol became increasingly problematic for me, and as of the typing of these words I’ve been sober for 2 years, in and around the recovery community for 13 years, and have had 4 stays in rehab facilities. That’s been another challenge that has propelled me to live in accordance to my own personal guidance system and to live a life that I am proud of; to continue to seek personal growth and be a beacon of love and light that others see and are attracted to.

My life today is rich in love, support, nature, and experience. After completing the PTA program, I worked in a skilled nursing facility for 4 years and in home health for one year. I thoroughly loved my job. It allowed me to help those in need in a very real way, to support those on their healing journey was a highlight of my life and I know ( because I was often reminded) that I had had a profoundly positive impact on the lives of those I was blessed to work with.
However, our health care system is seriously flawed, and productivity was more important than patient care so I sought another avenue to use my inherent talents without pressure to compromise integrity in my work. That is where I am today, finding my path to living a life in accordance to my values and in alignment with my gifts. I have relocated to the ancient mountains of western North Carolina and live at a spiritual retreat center surrounded by abundant natural remedies and healing waters. I am able to develop relationships with people from all over the world here. Through all the struggle comes mighty strength and I’m ready to see what the next chapters will contain.

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