Kishor Bhai Bajracharya – Graduate Profile

Kishor Bhai Bajracharya
Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal

I am Kishor Bhai Bajracharya from Nepal. I am born in a middle craftsmen family. My father is a skilled goldsmith and my mother is a housewife. I helped my father’s work for some years when I was studying at my college. I have good experiences of living together with joint family. I used to share most of my good experiences to my family. I really feel so peaceful and happy when family members are happy. I used to share some of best ideas from IIGL books to my family and community members. I graduated from college in business administration. After graduation I started joining to four star hotel which is operated through a Japanese person. I worked there for some months as a front office assistance. Then I joined to a research office so called Lotus Research Center as a Research Officer. I worked there for 2 years. This office is also operated with the support of a Japanese company called Shishin-Kai. The aim of this center is to conduct research so as to conserve tradition, culture and social values of Kathmandu. I learned the art of doing office work in different communities. Then I joined to an international organization so called GTZ. It is a German Technical Cooperation office. Currently GTZ has its offices in more than 70 different countries. I worked there for 11 years as a professional staff. My main job assessment is to conduct training for institutional development of small farmers, monitor the program, support to build up and manage farmers cooperative of Nepal from different regions so as to make them self reliant in carrying out their day to day office work. Their institution is called SFCL. It is Small Farmer Cooperative Limited.

After GTZ I joined to a business and we open an office to Guangzhou, China to supply goods from there to Nepal, India and the other countries. I stayed in China from 2004 to 2008. I have opened showroom of furniture and jewelry in Nepal. I have also been doing some business of Nepalese handicraft.

Since I have some contacts with Chinese manufacturers in field of furniture, computer parts, fashion jewelry and so on I can assist to get the goods from China. In addition as I am from the artisan family and associated with artisan Cooperative, I can supply any handicraft products from Nepal such, silver ornaments, Buddha statues, paintings, decorated items, garden items, living room furniture and some commercial accessories from Nepal.

Similarly I started to initiate some youth group mainly the youths from artisans family from my city to set up a Cooperative. I leaded the cooperative for six years and then build up second tier leadership and handover my leadership as chairman to my colleague. We are successful to establish a cooperative Society in my city. Our cooperative called SCOPE Cooperative Ltd. which means Saving and Credit Outlay for promoting entrepreneurs in 1993. We have total members of 1600 including more than 40% women members. Most of the members are associated with their handicraft job. Now I am the coordinator of the advisory council of the cooperative. My personal interest is to promote handicrafts business to help the artisans and promote their living standard. It will be a great support if some skillful trainings be provided to the artisans and searched market for their products.


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