Fourth Prize 2

Fourth Prize

A Letter To My Grandchildren

Bikundo Onyari (Kenya) 

20th October 2060

Dear grandchildren,

This is the D-day and it has finally come to be true, not only to me but to also many other people of this country. It marks a turning point in the lives of each and every Kenyan as we celebrate the 50th Heroes day celebrations, after we promulgated a new constitution in the year 2010. This was after so many years of struggles to have a localized legal and visionary document that outlined the vision of our people. I am at the moment seated at the heroes’ corner with my two children Jaheim and Jewel, at a place that has been set aside to honor our heroes. Around me are many other people in high spirits who have come to pay homage to their true liberation heroes. Some have come with their families, others alone and yet they are others who have decided to come with friends. There are so many people taking photos perhaps to reminisce these memories later in life. There is this couple who seem to stand out of the rest, they are old and frail but their faces tell me that they are still very young at heart. They have come with some of their children and grandchildren. Their love and warmth has an immediate impact on me and I start a conversation with them. “It was always possible to achieve all that we dreamt about, but the important thing was remaining true to ourselves”, one of the couple says as I nod in affirmation.

Right now, this moment, I am overcome with emotions and I have to pause as I write this letter to you and it does sound unbelievable that so many years have passed and there have been so many unbelievable changes. I can without doubt say that true transformation has taken place and I can see it in the environment around me and I can feel it deep in my bones. I am sure you will be excited just like me where ever you are as I keep you up to date on what is happening.

As I take a sit at the heroes’ corner, I marvel at what has happened all those years and how I played a contribution however small to the happenings abound. Key among this is the education sector that has totally blown away many people. This is nothing like the theories we used to be taught during the time I was in school! Everyone is contributing to education and it has become leverage to greater living. Do you want to know what the theme for our country’s new education model? It has been dubbed “Nurturing Human Greatness”. I remember recently I and my tow children attended an educational forum which was held in one of the beautiful cities of our country, Mombasa near the shores of the Indian Ocean. You are aware that I have a passion for education right? Anyway, this gathering brought so many different people over a thousand together to witness the launch of a hugely celebrate, educational model. Some were visitors from neighboring countries while others came from Europe, Asia and the Americas. They had all come to learn more about our education. Surprise to them and to me too, this wasn’t a new model as most people thought, far from it! It was an old African way of teaching and molding children to become responsive in life and to be transformational agents who brought about a desired change since they had those abilities. I am asked to make the opening remarks by the head of the education summit. The words I spoke still echo in my mind as if they were made today, yet it was a few weeks ago.

“Today indeed marks an important turning point as we share with the rest of the world the only organic education model, the first of its kind to be seen anywhere in the parts of the world. It took us so many years almost 200 hundred or so to discover the only true education that enables children to live for greatness each and every day of their lives. This education is not built to promote industrialization but to ensure that human kind is connected to each other through the education that is passed on to each other through telepathy. All that one is required to do is to just ask questions in their minds and before they utter a word, they smile for they have found an answer. This kind of education existed over 2 centuries ago when humans were connected to the universe and it has taken time to bring back this only true power to the world. There has been a lot of practice of speaking, silence, meditation and inquiry that has created a total paradigm shift on how we look at each other as humans. We regard each other highly as partakers of a divine existence. Some have called this spiritual education while others have dubbed it the path of true connection with our forefathers. Indeed physical classrooms have ceased to exist and governments are spending less in educating it citizens since this kind of education is now being offered free of charge. Anyone interested to go through this process is required to adhere to one regulation, “open up to possibilities”.

This has led to more discoveries, in the physical world and the spiritual world. That’s the exam where everyone is expected to improve their performance. Imagine there are no text books, nor are there gadgets that we used to fancy in the 2009 – 2011! There were ipads, iPods, tablets, Mac apples and name it. As a young man then, to fit in with my peers I had to have one of those and then I would spend most of my time online, chatting and getting immersed into things that didn’t add value to me. My friends as much as am not young enough, I must admit, I cherish and honor this day that I stand before you. More excited and enegersied than ever before. Not in any way disliking my past but honoring it again and again. I wish there was a way I could take this spiritual education back into 2011.

There are many ways that this process came true, a few of us me included so naïve with this kind of education approach visited several countries on a fact finding mission in Africa and South America where we met some elders and young people immersed in a conversation that didn’t utter or use any words. I was surprised and thought that I was joking. For fear of interrupting them, I remember deep in the villages of Northern Kenya, I had to wait impatiently until they finished what they were doing. I couldn’t wait any longer to ask my questions. I was getting so impatient and people those days used to say, we are ‘modern bastards’ who lacked patience and even further called us ‘instant coffee’ children! We always in a hurry to get things done our way and I fell into that category. Anyway, the elders and children finished and I was the first to ask what they were doing and before they answered I asked yet another question, why were they meditating? Shock on me when they just looked at me and smiled, they saw my naivety since I couldn’t hide it. What followed next threw me out of my comfort zones. They told me that they were teaching the children life principles and how to treasure life! I almost told them off, one elder however was quick to notice my apprehension and that hit me like a thunderbolt. I choose to listen and that’s how I encountered the greatest form of education that was lacking in the world.

They elders and youth took time to explain to me and my colleagues what they were doing and why they were doing it. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months until we understood and practiced what they were doing. They were using telepathy to pass skills and expertise to the young generation, they were mentoring, they were coaching but not physically! But how could this be? They all sat together in a circle made up of 13 elders, 3 of who were women and 19 young people or teenagers. They would then without any sign go into silence and look at each other, not closing their eyes. They would then communicate with each other allowing anyone to ask questions. Surprisingly there were no interruptions, a question was asked at its own time and there answer came through and you could see a smile, first faintly and then radiantly. This would go on for hours and then the ‘class’ would be dismissed. And there was no other class until the same young people came back to learn more or another set came to ‘experiment the learning’. Another question came to mind, how would one measure what the ‘students’ were learning? I was asking this because in our time in school, there was so much to read and learn and most of it was theory and that wasn’t that fun. I tell you, I used to go home with my head so heavy and almost falling forward or doing somersaults! There was no time to reflect and practice; it was a pure rat race.

As I was pondering this, one young woman asked me not to dwell so much on the theory vs. practical analysis. What she told me next threw me off balance. That during the ‘classes’ they learn and practice in the energy field first or in the non physical world first, they hold the practice in the mind and assist each other until his or her practice has been mastered. They would do this for everyone and if need be without asking for repeat for anyone who needed more mastery. Then afterwards the students were allowed to experiment in the physical world with their families, friends and anyone who they had interaction with! This was a type of school that I have had never imagined.

Later we went to see the fruits of this type of education and that surprised me even more. There were no inventions such as cars, phones, electronics, medicine name it! There were only experiences of joy, appreciation, gratitude, blessings and practice of living harmoniously. This type of education was concerned more about the person rather than her outside world. Yes there were inventions but they came organically when needed, never to late or too early. If for instance there was need for a new medicine in the world, messages would be sent again through telepathy and a solution would be found that everyone agreed to and tested. This education further changed the infrastructure world where people many years ago used bullet trains, planes and buses to get wherever they wanted. This time it is different, you can go wherever you want in the mind, it was the same as if you went there physically. There was no instance of wanting to be there in person. You can go there if you choose to. Just like that, you can visit someone 10,000 miles and have fun and come back. This has enabled people to be less greedy and harness the universal principles powerfully.

There has been significant improvement in the business world because of telepathy education. Businesses have become an honorable thing to do since it reminds us that we came to this realm to experience self determination, by serving others and in return allowing them to serve us. Whatever I required is brought to me, because the person offering that service is in touch through the energy field of what I want. What this has done, is enabled everyone to unleash their potential, to be true to their calling and start an enterprise that serves others. No one goes hungry since everyone has to work and to provide for self and family. Interestingly the result is that there is no money or better, money is not the medium of exchange. Instead each one is serving each other with their gifts and talents. No one misses capitalism, socialism, communism and whatever you want to call it.

I am sure there are questions regarding agriculture. True, this model of education has indeed impacted on each and every sector and brought it to closer scrutiny. We have started eating organic fruits and foods and this is because everyone has started a small garden where they are. Interestingly not everyone plants the same foods or fruits, they are all different since everyone has discovered that they need to bring or grow something totally different in order to promote their own uniqueness. In the world many years ago, there was a lot of duplicity, people copying and pasting and there was no originality. This killed a lot of creativity then and brought despair. Back to the point, I personally grow some type of dates, tangerines and a type of vegetable that I am not required to name them. This is getting exciting and for sure I must involve my children to work with me. My other immediate neighbor has planted a type of pineapple that is of its own kind and some corn that I really love. I am not sad that I didn’t plant it first! I am elated that I can exchange with the creativity of others and use that to feed my family and visitors who come to see me. The other neighbor has a type of rice that pops out when you cook it and he has also grown some tea that has a deep taste although I am required to brew it in a few minutes so that I don’t lose its taste.

There has being an instance transformation on leadership and service. I remember when I was in my thirties I had gotten fed up of wars and conflicts especially in our African continent. There was no single day that passed without hearing negative news on conflict. Recently I was invited by the minister of creativity and I spent a lot of time with him regarding the success that has been made in the government line ministries since they were  all aligned to achieve the vision of ‘the manifestation of our human and spiritual abilities for the good of each other and for generations to come’. As I am seated in his office, he is busy telling me that his work has been made easy since they are no rules or regulations, nor are the job descriptions for the staff working for government. All this is attributed to the progress of the model that we have embraced and he congratulates me for being part of this process. I chuckle and tap him on his shoulders, a habit that I seem to carry in my life. I tell him that it is a pleasure that we have seen the true and practical system that allows us to contribute effectively to our nation and beyond borders. We move on to discuss about political affairs and what my ideas are since there has been so much paradigm shift even how matters of state are conducted. There are no major ceremonies; people have all the time for their friends and families. There is no tax so the government is lean and efficient serving and serving people to be great to continue serving.

This is the kind of education that I am bringing out to the world, to share with you all and to impact each and every one of us. To always remember who we are and what we are doing, how that is further impacting our surrounding and where we are going next. There are no more classrooms but learning fields filled with energy and love where you just need to ask and the answer is there in front of you. I continue to be open to minute possibilities that continue to make me smile. Learning for me is a lifelong journey and I would want the same for you who are seated here today. There are no manuals for you to take back home or wherever you have come from. What is required is to re-ignite that desire of impacting yourself inwardly and outwardly and enabling others discover their abilities and precious possessions that were once lost. This is the education of the past, of the future and more importantly of the present for we have to live and experience every present experience. I wish to thank everyone who has walked with me in this journey of light and has made me a light to carry each and everyone’s lessons and abilities. There are times we thought and I was the greatest culprit that this was just dream but through my speech you have seen and experienced my world of telepathic education. Thank you so much, thank you for allowing you to become the true you”

My grandchildren, this is the greatest moment of my life, I only wish that this had happened when I was your age but I know the reason to all this. We are all human beings who must evolve or we perish. I hope you will enjoy your telepathic classes since that’s the way of the moment and of the future. I have grown tremendously in spirit and as a person. I am learning everyday how to observe things and to practice telepathy education since you know now that I am an elder and I have ‘classes’ to teach. Emotionally it overwhelms where I get to feel and interact with other people’s dreams and life goals. Some of them are similar to mine and that makes me smile. I am eating and enjoying the fruits of this new system of education. There are moments though when I feel sad because this has become a motivator in this educational model. Reason being that there are so many people in different continents that are resisting this liberation model. Others have dismissed it as a brainwashing tactic but I understand them if you stand by something which you have never experienced, you tend to be negative.

I wish to close grandchildren by reminding you that I miss you so much and I hope that when you receive this letter you will be able to make a point of sharing the lessons here and learning more and more every day.