Ethelbert Obinna Umeh – Graduate Profile

Ethelbert Obinna Umeh



Ethelbert is the 18th graduate of IIGL. He graduated in 2016, and held the record as the fastest graduate ever in the history of IIGL, a position he held till 2020. He was elected an IIGL Board member in 2016, served as a Vice President in 2017 and IIGL’s Board President from 2018 till 2021.

Ethelbert is a Certified Global Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, Ghostwriter (he writes Speeches, CVs, Cover letters, Books, Articles, Website Contents, Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose, Biographies, Promotional Contents etc). He is a celebrated Master of Ceremony and a Sustainable organic farmer of Plantain, Banana and Oil Palm.

He is a Co-founder and Managing Director of EBIC FARMS LTD – an organic agricultural Company, based in Nigeria, established to:
Boost Sustainable Food Security in Nigeria through converting fallow arable lands to bread and butter.
Eradicate Poverty and hunger.
Connect, network and Activate Youth Participation in agricultural revolution and
Champion active rural farming.

He is an African Changemakers Fellow, Selected in 2019.

Ethelbert is an alumnus of the following Prestigious Global Citadels of learning; University of Oxford, University of Pretoria- South Africa, Pontifical Urban University Rome- Italy, BAU Executive Education- Nigeria, University of Ibadan- Nigeria, Richmond Open University- Nigeria, International Institute for Global Leadership, USA.

As a Professional Ghostwriter, he has 12 years+ writing experience in Upwork- world’s largest talent marketplace for freelancers and agencies. He has successfully completed over 200 writing projects and has served over 100 and returning clients from over 20 countries.

Within this space of last 12 years, he has written over 5,000 cutting edge articles in the fields of Leadership Development, Motivation, Entertainment, News stories, Business, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Agriculture, and Self-help and have presented over 150 speeches in local conferences and meetings in Nigeria.

He inspires people to grow personally and professionally, scale, and manage their profits and nonprofit organizations to peak performance.

His strongest mission in life is to raise and equip young leaders who can think differently, sustainably and globally, thereby inspiring their communities to challenge the status quo, learn collaboratively and build a better future. That’s simply the sum total of the work he does.

He is passionate about creating exceptional change in the world. He wants to leave the world better than he met it.