Emil Ivanov Antonov – Assessments

As A Man Thinketh

How can thoughts create the character of a human being? It is very important what one thinks. Because this is our inner space and we build this house with our thoughts. When we have negative thoughts order changes into chaos. We have to carefully intend our thoughts because they create our future world; so be careful with your human inner dialog (or monologue).

Our thoughts are like the seed of some flower that we put in the ground and we have to wait and to care for it if we want to see good result- some beautiful flower (good life). Hitherto many people didn’t use these rules in their private and professional life. The result is that they have to endure their frustration of their own negative inner understanding of all the universe. Everyone who wants to change his character because he doesn’t like his life (action and reactions) must work in the fields of his own mind. External power can`t help him.

The result of negative thinking is suffering and pain, because the wisp of the impure ideas is fatal and total. This way that is made from primitive energies is like some circle and nobody may go out if is only an ordinary person. You have to work and to look at yourself what happened because all our characters are made from our thoughts. So don`t sleep, attention you are the maker of your character.

Why our thoughts create the circumstances? Because the soil of your mind influences the flower of your thoughts. We can’t neglect all the situations that come to us every day. If you make mistake you fall deeply underground. So if you want to alter the actions of the others, first change yourself, please. Because the situations toward everything and everyone in the material world are created by the actions created before. So if you want to have prosperity be careful with your thoughts. You have to think like some Buddha.

Why the effect of your thoughts is many times very fatal for the health? Because, the soul and the body are one . It is like one coin with two sides. The higher or the primitive energy will change you in total.

Why the thoughts are a factor in your life? Because when you think in the correct way you may reach your purpose immediately. If you want to be rich, thing like a banker! Don’t give up if you have to wait a little. Every time think about your ideas like for something perfect. Don’t think for them like for some whim. Don’t be anxious about your success. It will come. The important thing is only to improve the content of your mind. Think positive and you will eat the fruits of the blessing and heavenly peace and all the bad roots will disappear. The grief will disappear too, it’s enough to steer your inner space in to the harmonic way. So don’t confine yourself because the scorn will come very easy if you continue to be a selfish (a little, but still selfish).

Just think in righteous direction and don’t worry – be happy. Follow the stream of controlled life and the problems will fade away.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

It is very important to be natural born free! This thing will help you to fly free, but first you have to learn how to make it. Do you really want to learn to fly? So start with practice ! May be you don’t have so much time! You are in serious job!

*Why is good to practice alone ?
Because is more good for the concentration. But this can’t continue forever. Very soon you will need a teacher. Hi will help you to struggle with a big number of new, difficult things.

*Why Jonathan is not an ordinary gull?
“Because the most important thing for him is learning, and not only to get food from the shore and to back again ,like the other.

*How you may prove that you really love to fly?
When you start experimenting with your flight techniques. You have to make your movements without any effort.

*What is the most dangerous in that moment of the beginning?
To be dependent of the reaction of your friends and parents [the same like Jonathan’s]. They all are afraid ,but not for you , it’s about their own safety. The lazy comfort is the other problem. Jonathan is spending all his time learning to fly .There is so much to learn!

*What is the important when you are practicing alone and solitaire?
To be so much in that action. To be very careful, and to do it step by step! Jonathan was very hury that’s why he fell down in the cold ,black water. Everyone can reach the place, that is out of his self-limits, out of his death line. Never he have to listen the doubts of the thinking. They will make him to step back!

Awaken The Giant Within
Assessment by Emil Ivanov Antonov

Everyone have the Power to change everything! The energy you give is only a small part of the energy that your environment will give you back! Ones dream is more easy to reach when you have the help of your friends. Now I understand (not for first time)! that the change may happen in every one moment-all depends of the concentration of the power. The power we all have with our birth.

The future is an open gate!
Everything have a structure. Structure is an idea in the mind of all the creatures. Structure is a basis-of anything. Anthony Robbins is teaching me to be much more structuralist in my living. This is the secret of all The SUCCESS! That`s why first he begins with book`s structure. I think this book is not for this level-is to prepare us for the next one! There the responsibility is and will be much more. I understand that when one door is closed for you-no need to feel angry. May be in this moment 1000 doorways open…
In the personal story of the author I saw my story! – When I was 191919 years old.

Yes, I think it`s true that ones action may produce only a different action. In my practice could see the power of the decision. You have to put for you a baseline standard – the most important thing in beginning (of everything). I totally agree with the author!

It`s beautiful to change every single moment you can! Topple into the Unknown! The Providence or the God are just our `art` (creations). They help us to find the within power, not only inside, but everywhere too.

I must focus only on the basic positions because this is the beginning. The bad judgment is very creative -I agree with A. Robbins. The practise always teaches you! If you have made the structure of the art of changing life – start training to practice! I understood – to take is to give and to give is similar of taking! It`s hard to believe, but everything may be pain or some level of the pain (not too obvious). You may direct (like in HOLLYWOOD) your states of pain and pleasure.

The most important idea for me is that the structure of the links of pain and pleasure will shape your destiny. The causes never stop this is the Life! Be the ruler of your own destiny. The expression I liked from here is PAIN AND PLEASURE- THE TWIN POWERS` It`s very simple mechanism!

Don`t adopt any believes (I understood this idea here but from one of my favorite films too -`Forest Gump`. For me is very important the conception that` the legs` are virtually unlimited! Great thing! But you must be very accurate in this. The past doesn’t equal the future-that`s right! I`m one optimist. Turn your beliefs into convictions – you`ll have prosperity. Use the pain like tool for change!

We all have to create a reputation for quality (like the Japanese) – everyone for himself, than all people will respect you. It`s too good idea. But may be we`ll never have a word for KAIZEN in Bulgaria!

It`s very difficult to change my desempowering beliefs into new ones, but it`s more easy now – when I can see the list with these two variants with beliefs. I look at the two most nero-beliefs and think that my emotions, relationships, body, finances and family atmosphere need this change! (I hope to do it!).

One leader is a strong mind and immense soul To be able to help the other to change, you have to be able
to change first yourself. Instant change is more effective! The shock is like magic! The magic -it`s just a good strategy! The art of life is very easy – no need to use willpower. The seed of change is always inside you!

If is usefull-me ,he,she,…may find his Alpo dog food (in abstract variant) -a food for good change! Be brave!

Are we insane-we do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result! Act it like crazy -you`ll find successful interruption. Reinforce yourself-facing the frustration. This is too good resolution! For me-the first step is the most general for the full success! Focus on what empowers you.

The laugh in the mirror is one very serious thing! !..and powerful! Focus yourself on the best you can imagine. Questions always have the answer! All the questions are our inner illusion. May be they are logical, but anyway they are MAYA-one sef-conversation. DO and the conversation will stop! Be very careful with your (s)words! They can up or down many generations after you! The words are our mental labels! The words create a biochemical effect! So interesting. Using the Transformational Vocabulary-help please to the other human beings!

Metaphors are symbols, and these symbols create emotion. Use the metaphors for interesting transformation! The global metaphors are basic for us and all the socium! Changing your metaphors leads only trance-formation. Tell me what is the origin of your old ones? Enjoy all the Process!

Remember -our emotions are not enemies. God`s delays are not God`s denials…-one big phrase…

The state of pleasure is the best you can reach in your life! Ask yourself for everything you feel!

Ask for the story of all your mind. My favorite story from `The Thousand and one nights is Aladdin’s Lamp too.

I`m the Lord of my lifestyle! Dissatisfaction can be a major key to success – I like it!

Remember -when one door is closed for you, many other are opened! The most valued goals will come to you-if you exactly know them.

So, we need our compelling future. My treasure -it`s my big inspiration (of everything)!

Please don`t use your pessimism as a shield. Always be in A Emotional State of playfulness! And learn to act upon the solutions. Only one minute with a negative emotions-it`s too much! Remember it. You can turn your life around! Create a new standards!

Men are wise only in their capacity of experience. That`s why everyone of us have his `Nam` conflict inside. Don`t change only your ideals – the smokers (for example) have only problem with their values! Don`t be like them!

People are different by soul and body- and I think this is the Divine inside them! Wake up the honesty within-it may serve you. Use it to design your lifestyle.

Exist too many rules and too many ways to feel bad. My upset is really upset of my rules! To correct your rules-comunicate! I know-I may live without the word `must`! I`ll try to enjoy myself! I`ll try to use all the references during all my life. It`s strategical to think in perspective. Nobody is perfect. Expand your references to feel the difference. Be awake all the time the little single moments shape us. The great man will do great things-if you have your global beliefs strong and real soon you `ll find your Identity and please don`t hesitate in who truly you are! We always want to determine the things. O`K use this fact too. Use the Identity crisis too! What identity you want to have?! Are you really sure? Do it! You may reach this for 7 days! Don`t hurry-step by step.
I have the power right now-to control how I think, how I feel, how I do …

Unleash your power
1. Dreams of destiny
How one decade may change the life of everyone! After 12 years you may be at the top of your cosmos or not to exist totally! What is this, destiny or chance? All this is your work, your creation. Anthony changed and now could see the results-one energy progression over the thousands of people.

Everyone may stay in depression… And this is not a bad thing. It can`t be a constant… Depression is a delicate process – important how to take a good from this `recreative` of your mind.A.Robbins did it.

Everything will finish in good way when you know the material and the ideal (spiritual) price of your work. You have to know what your every single moment contains. Then your life becomes one big miracle and the happiness is a big result of this state of mind.

The name of this state is CONTROL! All our resources are within us waiting. The author wanted to be the wake up call for this power. How to create lasting change!

The simplicity of your life-principles must be enormous! And you will feel very easy and floating in the light!
Step one for A.Robbins is to rise your standards. Please write down on one paper what you want to cut from your life and what you want to add and accept. But slowly and carefully!

Step two: Change your limiting beliefs-your borders. Empower your beliefs to the new standard!

Step three: Change your strategy; but is good not to fix your strategies. If you feel the way you may not see it directly, and using the direction to find the final purpose. The way is simple-only to believe in… Lot of people don`t do what they know. Their knowledge is dead because they don`t use it all-here comes the part of the coach-teaching you how to do it-the information is the same.

You have to learn the 5 degrees-five instruments about how to be happy, exciting human:
1-to be master of your emotions.
2-to be a master of your body.
3-to be a master of your relationships-we all need a society life.
4-to be financial master-in the material world money help us.
5-to be the master of all the time that you have. Don`t loose your precious time, please; and don`t help the other people to do it!

The most important thing is that all this is personal. Totally personal. The quality of life is absolutely private object. Is good that the author want to make a global changes in our minds, without limits and borders. Different points of view for some people lead them to make changes early and suffer after this quick start. The most important for the change are the leverage points because using them you may do many work using least effort.

Are you agree that your life pass through yourself like the mode it was in the last 15 or 20 years. Ordinary nobody had planed his life beginning some period, but at the end we see the difference… and only imagine – this time will be different; we start in new way… But this is impossible-our humanmind machine is the same.

To finish is to start, and the opposite is true too but all this meanings are `Grand Illusion` – the Universe is Endless! Mind is ruled by decisions. Good actions are produced by good decisions. Harmonic actions are born only from decision of harmony. You need to understand what you have committed to be… Stop!? You`re not just a sheep! You`re a human! Think about! The standard will rule you through all the difficulties in the life. So trust your standard! -every time. All our excuses are only Belief Systems. They are destructive. We have nothing to excuse. Do what you feel! You are a giant because your power is a Giant. Human`s happiness is a giant, and the joy too! The state of your purpose will inspire you! The decisions are the culmination of all our life. This is very clear shown in the life of the famous people, those who create the history. Not everyone is famous but the Ultimate Success Formula from the book `Unlimited Power` is universal! I believe author’s words about that.

Decide what you want is the first step. Second is Action. Third, notice the process. Fourth, you have to achieve what you want. All this is totally enough! A. Robbins is making verbal and psicological-anatomic cut of the word `decision`-it cut you off from the possibility not to understand the power of real `decision` ! You have to feel it: It`s over!`

Everyone challenge for decision is one opportunity for new life-so it`s better to make more of them. But the most..most important thing is not only to achieve your goal but to live with your values-to be happy! I hope I will
know how to do it after I red this book! If you use the profound knowledge and you want to help people, first you have communicate with them, to may Understand you in right way.

The 3 decisions
* what to focus on
* what things mean to you
* what to do
But I think first you have to decide your three decisions! Focus on the most important things that environ you!

I use the challenges of your environment to create something new like high quality, for example. But it`s very important to do this consciously (?) This process produces the power of the Power. Don`t floate\ like many (from the mass); the `just floating` don`t help you!

If you want to rule your own world -please recreate consciously your 5 systems
1-your core beliefs.
2-life values.
4-habitual questions.
5-emotional states.

Changing on of them-product is new life-it`s true. The big result comes step by step-it touches first the little thing that bold the great things! Who m`I? I`m my system of decisions! Sad, but true! Very important idea for me is that the good decisions come from good judgment; this judgment t- from experience, and your experience is born by bad judgment. Yes, all the bad cases are only results of my inaccurate actions. If you don`t have a way – make it! Hannibal it`s a great strategy-military and political. The magic is to use the things that come to you in the moment You can accomplish everything if you are flexible and the change is your natural state.

Mr.Honda had success because he knew what he want -he took action, noticed what he was working and kept changing (in the environment of war!). And step by step created `the super cub`. His empire was succeeding all over the world! One result of a committed decision.

The long term focus is the key! The history of Billy Jouel is demonstrating me the idea not to give up, Never!
Just believe! Nothing lasts forever

Let`s see the 6 basic steps
1, Remember the power of making decisions. Do it! If there is no action- the decision don`t exist !
2. Realize the true decision is important. A true decision means immediate action!
3. Make decisions ofthen-make a training of your decision muscles!
4. Learn from your decisions The mistakes can give you good lessons.
5. Your decisions are important, but be flexible in your approach. Learn the art of alternate in new routes.
6. Enjoy making it. First, I think, decide that everything you make is joy. Then turn yourself into joy. After turn yourself into big joy. One daring adventure-be inside it-life becomes….the most interesting case you had ever took part.

3. The force that shapes your life
The two things in your life guide you -pain and pleasure! If like the pain, so you don`t have choice-you love the pleasure too. Don`t suffer before it`s happened-it`s stupid! Don`t suffer the loose. No pain, no gain! This process is based on control. Use the pain and the magic moment for change will come. I think the pain is hidden power!

I think the creative pain is needful. Our mind creates the pain and the pleasure. Practice and you `ll see the truth! (I think that D. Trump really need compassion). The core of D.Trump and Mother Tereza is the same, but their fruits are different! What an interesting stories have A.Robbins! His kids are lucky with a father like him. The human being have some internal life and privilege makes him different from the animals. That`s why some say: “He/she is an animal, he/she can`t control himself/herself (directing pain and pleasure)! A few persons are guided by intellectual idea. Homo sapiens is an emotional being. Change your feeling and understanding of pain and pleasure and you `ll have new behavior, new life. The biggest firms use often the manipulation of our emotional links for the advertising. Sad but true! I thing the first step for create a change is to look over the pain and pleasure. To look on everything like you look in one game or one joke.

Rule your mind, other way somebody else will control you. Our perception of reality drives us in the fog of the fear, and in the heaven of happiness too. All the world`s economic is based on the pain-pleasure manier! The real fear of the people is the unknown. Is good to make a plan, write it down:
1-what you need to make?
2-what is the reason not to make it in the past?
3-describe your pleasure about the negative pattern you want to stop. Answer what it will cost you if you don`t stop all this. Describe all the pleasure you `ll take from all this activity right now.

The Power to create and the Power to destroy. Our interpretation of the life constructs our destiny! It`s never the environment! Having this sense of certainty, bad or good, we may generalize and function. Our believes stay over the generalizations, based on the interpretations. What a simple mechanism!

I`m/is/are elements of our global believes the best tiranism of us. This is a command for our ccomputer (mind.. First start with an idea and after turn it into a believe! And every idea is supported by some references. This references are like legs for the creation(!). The base of this legs may be from everything in our life (imagination for example). The number of the ideas is proportional of the power of the belief. I can call our life a repetition of reality -we are notBuddhaa yet!

The story of Bill Gates is demonstration that the ability to put his own sense of certainty at it`s time and place is his real geniality. Everyone of us have to break his `four-minutes `barrier !

Be realistic = live in fear! Using your imagination you ‘ll have success! Imagination is the master of creation! But the most destructive for our mind is called learned helplessness. This helplessness is nothing but discouragement and there is three patterns of beliefs that causeit: 1-permanence; 2-pervasiveness; 3-personalness.

You think, small problems for permanent you`ll fail! One problem controls whole their life not only one area. The only one medicine against both these points is to take action, not to wait! Personal-your contra is to believe `that this is only your approach`! 1+2+3=emotional death!

How to change a belief? Get your brain to associate massive pain to the old belief. Nobody normal one likes pain, that`s why you`ll change. Create some doubt. Question your belief, this is a crack in `the wall`. Are we questioning our daily life enough? No. Because we love the security!

There is three categories of beliefs: 1) opinions, 2.) beliefs, 3) convictions.
1-is just a temporary thing easy changes. 2-this thing have a stabile base of references formed by strong emotions. This is one big level of certainty, but it`s not enough for `forever`. 3-conviction-this is so solid, that usually provokes fighting (when this kind of belief is questioned. The difference between belief and conviction is the percentage of activity (action) and the percentage of serious within motivation. Create a conviction from the basic belief jump into the deep of the main problem and take information. After that pull the emotional trigger of it! Then start the action. The social proof will not save us, because it`s not every time adequate and accurate. Usually they limit your life.

The pain like tool for change. It`s the most powerful instrument for this. The practice shows us this. It`s good idea to take like model the lives of people already succeeded. If you may-speak with them (you may teach everyday something important and little). Very big problem is when the advertisings are modeling one anti-natural way for living. Japanese companies is not a miracle; it is mind program created by Deming. Japanese success is product of a long term thinking.

CANI-`Constant and Never-ending Improvement`(well done for mr.A.Robbins). CANI is the ability to enjoy your life every day! CANI is to live without fear about your quality. It`s a sign for your own standards. Please, use small improvements. Focus on the consequences of all your beliefs.

Good idea to write down the replacements of some limiting beliefs. Please, changing the meaning of them, you have to be sure that this is conscious process Everything in our life have the meaning we give it, always.

Leadership and the power of belief.
The Leaders have to help the other to recreate their power of belief. (the same did Marva with the children of the ghetto in Chicago). The leadership nature in fact is a big responsibility. Leaders like Marva have to increase their followers quality of life using an organizing principles (A. Robbins was talking about ). The result of Marva`s leadership was here. Talmage (only 4 years old) will determine his destiny.

The Neuro Linguistic Programming was something cosmical-high speed process! One Way of helping people leave out phobias they was living with for many years! Only 30 min. for instance. All changes may be done in one moment, but the big problem of our culture is that we don`t like the things that come immediately! The security is the big idea in our (western) culture. A.Robbins was changing people with two principles: Technology; Challenge.

One reason you can`t change wrong understanding of the word `time`. Second reason-we want some other`s abilities to change us! We have no a personal responsibility. His patient was very passive, that`s why A.Robbins changed the name programming with conditioning. If we want a consistent success we have to condition our mind and body every single day. Like the musicians to prepare our instruments before every concert.

Science of NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning) -process for control of your being, conditioning pleasure with this you do, and pain with all things you don`t need. The big trick is to do all this without any effort. The change is result of our new behavior. Next step is to link the pleasure with this new behavior. This way all pain will disappear. NAC is specific technology and strategy to make it. All begins with the idea we can change now! Next big idea we are responsible.

Exists 3 beliefs about this responsibility :
1.The change must.
2.I do the change !
3.I can change it!

With this three the success comes. But the understanding keys will unlock our nervous system.

The Power of your brain.
Our brain is one small (but really big)! computer. It`s full of nerves and nerve fibers. Everyone may find the secret of his mind and to make true every desire he has. With all this billions of nerves we can attack every problem in one moment! Yes, we can.

Our behavior is rooted by neuro-associations and the new discipline of neuro-science can explain it. Our brains scan everything we do-we have billions neuron files, in our heads; every repeated action creates physical connection. This strengthens with every day repeat. It`s a biological reality. Some experiments with monkeys prove it. We can`t do anything because every time we reinforce the neural connection and create basis to do it again. But if you stop immediately, you`ll interrupt the pattern of your. After some period of time, the neural connections will weaken and atrophied!

Your brain is searching for the cause when something is full of pain or pleasure, using this three criteria: 1. the unique of things 2.simultaneous things 3. Consistency. But the big problem here is that we may create miss-interpretations — and false neuro-associations!

The mixed neuro-associations are not very comfort too. Their result is mixed too and it`s not a simple one (successful). The other problem of changing is the pain. It is a big barrier first mentally, after emotionally. Just cross it!

How to change anything in your Life?(!)
The science of NAC.
There is 6 changing strategy steps in the NAC system:
1-decide what you really want and what is standing between you and this object;
2- please, create a sense of urgency about your personal quality of life, following your inside motivation to feel good in big harmony. DON`T FORGET YOU `RE THE LORD in OUR ETERNAL, Personal Cosmos! Ask yourself Am I a masochist? And push yourself to the limit in the problem; feel the total pain the change will come naturally.
Your leverage knowing how to knowing why. The idea of Change must be attractive. Using questions, make an interview for yourself.
3-some people need attention and don`t want to change this state. PLEASE, break this or other limiting patterns! Interrupt your pattern`s concentration (even you decide to scream. Change the sad memory patterns: a) watch in your mind about some sad situation again. b) turn all this to a funny cartoon. c) look at yourself now! The images-good or bad are illusion. Use it!

4- NAC Master step- create a new alternative some that is replacing the old pattern, and the old benefits with new. This is the way of harmony! Backsliding to the old drug patterns, it`s very dangerous. The wonderful result comes with groups that use therapy for new pleasures and feelings and no way with external pleasure. For long term process we have to make conditioning positive trainings.

The Law of Reinforcement. If we want solid, harmonical within we have continually to reinforce the positive behavior. Immediately! The timing is the key here. The financial way to motivate people in one firm (for example) is good, but the best method is the personal method of development.

5 – There is 2 types of reinforcement: a) schedule of reinforcement (short period) b) fixed schedule of reinforcement (for long term) . One more tool (of reinforcement) exists-Jackpot. It creates a Great Motivation inside everyone but I think that is very dangerous game playing with the human passion. But if you are good in the psychology use it The reward is the key. Material or emotional-the reinforcement will create your mind basis.

6 – Taste the new pattern for the future (is good to write it). Now if you fail-recycle all the steps with very big concentration (`ecology`-strange term for concentration). All the kids use this 6 steps but they are in different form. The kids are simple, the steps are simple.

How to get what you really want.
Think what for you is really a purpose Pay his price now! Every time people want some other feelings or emotions to reach for. The magic is in the control, in the process of changing places (of what leads to pain and what to pleasure). The master of the control is the state of your mind in every given moment. Your everyday emotions are important too; every single day they create your destiny! (happy, angry, bored, etc……….)

I know my body always leads my emotions! One perfect receipt -5 smiles every day!! Please feel good in those special moments when you aren`t so big egoist. You are alive so feel perfect; give the other your personal power. It`s all depend of your mind focus of concentration! Usually your own focus brings you reality! Let your ~camera angle~ be a positive angle. Focus on your direction, don`t look around and away back! Wake up questioning yourself! And change your submodalities; they are images of you. If you want to change the way you feel you have first to reconstruct your memory that is based on some submodaliities. 1. Visual submodality, 2. Auditory sub. 3. Kinesthetictic sub. Your real life wasn’t all your submodalities that you use. You `ll change your sensibility of time if you work on submodalities. Make a list and enjoy all variants.

You have the power to create all in the bright? Learn the art of increasing your positive emotions! Your experience is what you take from the things that come in your life. Take control of your `running wild` mind. Forever. The people that have success are able to change their state instantly, no matter what is the environment (comfortable or not). A.Robbins: ‘Success to live your life in a way that causes you to feel tons of pleasure and very little pain.” So start! Make a list of ways to change how you feel (with 25 points for example).

Questions are the answer.
It`s important how do we think this is the way we create our life. Our interpretation of decisions or actions we take or all this destiny shape our whole life! Important questions:
1. How do I go about everything?
2. What exactly is an evaluation?
3. Right now I`m evaluating, aren’t?
4. What I`m doing right now?
We have to change our inner questions-their quality in habitual level. Every time ask to your consciousness-everything. Quality questions lead a quality life. This is called ` progress`. If you want to change your mental focus So ask of yourself a new question. The character of this question will bring you the answer`s character. And the questions that you fail to ask-shape your destiny too.

How questions work.
They accomplish three things: 1.Questions immediately change what we are focusing on and therefore how we feel. Don`t live like a robot! This is your challenge. We have to learn to ask empowering questions in moments of crisis. Forget the negative state, please! Use positively all the situations in your life. The questions will help you. 2. Questions change what we delete. Our mind is limited in all this, that`s why hi always thinks what to delete. Some people delete only the good-the mind is twisted. Delete the bad things! O`K! But I think we need only to do our work, and not to think much of it. The questions are the human focus. The presupposition is a very dangerous thing-in the life nothing is granted!

3. The questions change the resources available for us ! “How can I turn?” Often our questions limit the resources. The great key is to develop a pattern of empowering questions. Learn how to deal with the challenges when they come to you. A.Robbins shows us his way into this. Every morning is one beginning! So the morning questions are the empowering ones. Questions of quality. The essence of that ones , are the evening power questions-about what you had given today? For your learning ,and investment for your future too!? This is some kind of mental gymnastic . The important is at the end- to stop with the questions and to start doing what is important and needful.

The vocabulary of ultimate success.
Please, choose your word very carefully and wisely! Every single word create your experience . Different words create a different emotional intensity.
Changing word-you change your feelings and whole your life. Don`t be afraid to use `new words` (like îpeevedî)-see how this will change your `Transformation vocabulary`. At the end of this process ñevery word become one experience .But the experiences and their words are not equal for every person. The difference is in the translation. We need consciously to select to select the words we speak. Is the same like to create consciously our destiny! Your goal `must ` be to break the unresourcefull patterns using the transformational words! Every profession have one vocabulary ñit`s very funy!

Change :
Old, disempowering words New , empowering words.
1.tired 1. quiet
2.angry 2. excited
3.crazy 3. different

and with :
good words great words
1. good 1. better
2. ordinary 2. magical
3. normal 3. universal

You`re breaking the pattern using the new variant . Make experiment with your friends! But be carry,the words can be a trap! Don`t use the other people`s labels. Word can produce illness and death, but they cangive you prosperity too!

The Power of the metaphors.
Usually we don`t thing using metaphors but they are every where. They build our world. We are using the metaphor when we want to say that one thing seems like something else. Some metaphors bring us to stress-unconsciously! The metaphors are perfect for creating new associations in our lives only using our `deep illusion`. Cary on about adopting wrong metaphors. The empowering metaphors will bring you many new ideas.

What kind of metaphor you can give to your own life?! This is like a game, or like a choice, or like a gift, like a chance, dance, or punishment!

Your interpretation is not important, the basic is the consciousness, that having only one metaphor-it`s a big limit for your way. Select global metaphors! One funny metaphor is that A.Robbins is one success coach. `Mother World` is interesting metaphor too. `Iron Curtain`-the same. The metaphors can change the meaning of anything! Step by step, hit by hit ñ like stonecutter!
One good exercise to write all your metaphors for:-life;-relationships;-your favorite things; create totally new metaphors for the last three! Start to live with this new state! Enjoy it!

The misconception, that we don`t have control over this `mysterious` emotions-leads us to the emotional `flat line`-stupid situation, because it may finish with drugs or alcohol.

Some people avoid the painful emotions, but you can`t avoid feeling-better to learn to find the hidden into this.

Other people use denial strategy, but usually they pay painfully for this.
Some people make competition with the emotions. This is a big trap.
Little number of people use the emotions in a way to learn them. After some practice these feelings start to work for them.

All emotions serve you! We may call them Action Signals too. Use them! You choose your emotions everywhere. Your emotions are very big resource! We have to feel good, we are the right persons in the right moment. It `s not somebody else! Don`t wait, your life is now. Your action signals alarm you to start change. Marvelous! !!

Six steps to emotional Mastery.
1. Identify what you `re feeling really.
2. Appreciate all your emotions they support you! Stop the war within .
3. Get curious about the messages emotions offer you.
4. Get confident! Realize that you have success fully handled the emotion before. The past is like today. Do it!
5. Be certain-handle it-for the future too!
6. Get excited, start Action.

The 10 Action signals
1. Discomfort.
The Message – may by something is not normal or right! The solution: Clarify what do you want and refine actions.

2. Fear
The Message-prepare now something that will happen. The solution: Take the decision-soon to have faith.

3. Hurt
Is generated by senses of loss. The Message you have expectation, that hasn’t been met. The solution: Realize that-you loose nothing; ask yourself is there really loss? Communicate with the person I involved in this, your feelings.

4. Anger
The Message-something of your life standard has been violated. The solution-you `re misinterpreted-ask your self some questions about the violator (innocent person!). Change your perception, procedure and behavior.

5. Frustration.
The Message-may be it`s positive (?!),but you believe may do better your work, but no! The solution: a) take the frustration to you like old friend. b) learn from the situation!

6. Disappointment.
The Message: your goal is not going to happen. The solution :-set a new goal;-learn the situation;-develop more passions;-cultivate a positive expectancy;

7. Guilt.
The Message-you have violated one of your highest standard. The guilt never go away it comes back stronger. The solution:a) to understand the mistake .b) not to do it again.

8. Inadequacy.
The Message -you need more information and confidence. The solution: a) change the way you`re perceiving things. May be is good to find a way to do something better than before> b) tell to your self:`I`m not perfect`. c) find a role model (person may be).

9. Overload.
Feeling overwhelmed.The Message: you need to reevaluate your most important concrete things. The solution: a) focus on the absolute most important thing. b) make this thing to prioritize; c)) work with one of these of the master level. d) focus on the things, that you can control.

10. Loneliness.
The Message -you need a connection with people. The solution – people are everywhere around you;-identify what connection you need ;c) to love people. d) do it immediately !

With this 10 points you can cultivate your garden!

The ten emotions of Power
1. Love and Warmth-all you need is love (communication).
2. Gratitude-this way you cultivate life.
3. Curiosity -be like a child.
4. Excitement and passion. The passion is big power for everyone.
5. Determination. You may choose your possibility any time. Determination is born from the courage .
6. Flexibility-easy to change your approach.
7. Confidance-the power of faith is the basis.
8. Cheer fullness-to be always happy-and give the feeling to the other.
9. Vitality -your body is important too -cultivate it always in good form. Your body is one flower! Give him good emotion.
10. Contribution-is good to focus on your giving to the other, but give them something they need.

Creating a Magnificent Future.
All we poses possibility for many wishes but they have to be truly concentrated in our mind. Awake the gian t- the difference between the people is only the size of their imagination and the level of commitment to make it real. Giant goals lead a Giant motivation. Design your life, help the other to make it. Your goal will bring you beyond your limits!

Turn the invisible into the visible! First set your goal, after make a plane; after start action; take the moment every time.

Enstress (opposite to distress)-it can be driving, positive force to go forward. How simple are the people Fiji but what quality of life they have. The most important is the idea (direction). We have for move ahead, not the little results during the way.

The key to achieving goals.
If you decide something as priority you start to give it big intensity. The first steps -write down on paper the goals for the four areas:

1. Personal, 2. Career, business, 3. Adventure, 4. Contribuition.

`WHAT ?` is important, not`HOW`?

1 . P e r s o n a l g o a l s – m a k e a b r a i n s t o r m j u s t w r i t i n g w h a t y o u w a n t t o b e a s a p e r s o n – b o d y e n vironment e t c . k n o w l e d g e . A f t e r l o o k a t a l l t h i s l i s t a n d c h o s e y o u r m o s t i m p o r t a n t g o a l f o r o n e y e a r ( n e x t y e a r ) .

2 . C a r e e r / e c o n o m i c g o a l s writing a list, set your needs (wishes) for company and management etc. Think about every point and choose your one-year goal. After do this with the:

3. Toys/Adventure goals. Do you want to kiss J.Roberts? Do the same with your:

4. Contribuition goals. Write what beliefs you need to develop to may activate the goals.

Every day, one time or twice think about achieving of your goals. The goals are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction.

The Most important step thing is the positive action toward your goal’s attainment always be ready with the new set about how to reach the next goal. Realize that the contribution may by the ultimate goal.

The ten day mental challenge. Everyone habit may be the best servant but the worst master. The old habits will not take us to what want to be! Do you we have problem to be intelligent?!

The Mental Díet is one big step to your harmonic future and your ‘today’.Take the control of your mind. Ten days are one good beginning. Focus your solution to be in perfect mental emotional state in this period. It’s not so long time. After that you’ll see you will need to continue! For every problem spend only 0% of your mental power! No need more!

The ten days rules :
Rule 1: Stop any unresourceful thoughts or feelings.
Rule 2: Every time you go on the past way redirect your focus in better energetic state!
Rule 3: Focus in these ten days only on the solutions.
Rule 4: Start over the ten days if you give up (even on the 9th day !) Remember problem = challenge! In this10 days you have to make all the intellectual rules youí ve learned in a practice. Only 3 things may stop you: a) laziness b) fear c) The habit. It’s good idea to find a partner if you can’t do it alone!

Part Two
The Master system.
People ar e n o t t h e i r b e h a v i o r s . O u r b e h a v i o r i s j u s t a p r o g r a m ! Y o u m a y m o d e l y o urself w i t h s u p e r i o r e v a l u a t i o n ! Yo u r l i f e w i l l b e m a r v e l o u s !

T h e 5 e l e m e n t s t h a t a f f e c t y o u r e v a l u a t i o n s .
* y o u r s t a t e ( m e n t a l o r e m o t i o n a l )
* t h e q u e s t i o n s y o u a s k .
* y o u r h i e r archy of values (they shape your decisions).
* your global beliefs (rules too). This is what you expect.
Your reference experiences with whom we guide our decisions, shape our beliefs.

There two kinds of change :
* Little change-easy, but not long term/to change your software/
* Global-to change your operating system

Stop fighting the effects (ofevery thing!) The big question is having a single shift of one of these 5 elements of the M.S. to affect you all! You do better ifyou know what things mean what to do about them! In the beginning set up system of evaluation. But what you really will to evaluate?

Put many minor steps into one giant step. The decision making is based on the values and their classification. It’s so simple. Every one of us have his Vietnam conflict. When a new value born the existence takes a different meaning. It’s for the nations countries and the culture the same. (Eastern Europe after 1989 year)! All the time live with your perfect and highest ideas.

Values bring you joy, but only one in 10000 will be able to write his most important 10 values on paper! The rest 9999 will have difficulties. Values are things that are most important for you in life. There are two types : a) ends love family b) means – money.

The true desire are the ends values! But existed other too-moving toward very strategic values.

Your character is more import than your reputation because this is truly you. The power is result of shifting priorities ! Use this strategy! You love your values ? Yes? But change some of them only for one moment?

The levels of pain we associate with some emotions and this emotions affect all our decisions. And you never stop continue with this again .

Most of the people do more to avoid pain moving away from value than they gain pleasure!

Change your values optimally but don’t be their slave. If you really want to change you will! What big question have to happen in order for you to feel good?- The answer: Nothing!

To feel good is an eternal state inside when your happiness is not under your personal control- pain is knocking on your door. Enjoy the events no matter what is happening- life is variable! Rules are our beliefs and criteria about what we must do! Rules are the trigger to any action. Rules are the judges for our activity in life. Rules are your jury system that controls your life. Amazing we created numerous ways to feel bad! The very strong rules donít lead to success.

Usually our rules disempowered us! Why we are so sure that the people we love our rules too? It’s difficult to live good with many rules! If one rule is impossible to meet or give you a few ways to feel good or itís not under your control- it is disempowering rule.

The solution for all this- to create rules with whom is easy to feel good. We need to have some driving limits but not so big ones. Only our ago wants control, not real freedom.

We need to have mentally emotional control. We need a new ways that are “moving away from” values and really of the people society etc. After that create plan for “moving toward” values and rules (new ones, progressive). Only your old rules upset you not the behavior of the other. You don’t need rules that don’t serve you. Communicate with your rules! Personal standard some rule that you can’t break. The structure ofrules will help you to organize your control in the Master system! Enjoy yourself!

Part three:
The 7 days to shape your life: The only true success will come to you after practice this `one week`!

Day 1. Feeling is the truth, take control of your emotions and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life!

Day 2. Prison of pain or palace of pleasure: create your body, changing your thinking. Remember -fitness is not equal to health! Keep training your metabolism! Maybe some diet will be good for you! May be some kind of hatha-yoga will be good for your heart rateWe are the designers of our body-chemistry. Carry and keep your HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Day 3. Relationship destiny: Analyze the quality of your personal relationships. You need onl 6 steps; but be ready to give to the people from yourself . Give many kisses every day!

Day 4: Use your mind for the financial control-it`s really the fiture. Exist many economic theories – study not more than one and use it! It`s important to enjoy your wealth!

Day 5: Be incapable! Life with your values now. Create your own code of conduct!

Day 6: You have to start teaching your mind to use the time to rule your jobs in correct way. Master your time distort it and compress it! Learn from the other people experience, this will empower you.

Day 7: Be spontaneous just for one day (just today-the 7th day). Play the game of paling – consciously!

PART four
What one person can do!?

Everything it`s possible after it is born. The same is the new power of our Giant within! The Magic is possible after we start to create it. Forget your learned helplessness! Look at your self! Look at your life? Do you see your small decisions that shape your destiny? Change them YES, you need, little creature!

Now, when you used to finish this book, is good for you to realize that in fact this is not only a book. Use this guide as good as you can

Pulling Your Own Strings
Emil Antonov

I think this book is amazing in the idea to concentrate the most important rules for not to be victimized by some human beings or situations. But the general idea from this book, for me is that usually we are victims of ourselves !

Misinterpretating our past, without possibility to see it from a different point of view, we live in dream – but it`s nightmare of big terror!

We all posses a courage (the deep human within) to do something new and progressive.

Reading this book, sometimes I was feeling very uncomfortable knowing that I have this information and I never practice it into my days on the Earth !

The most important to understand for me in this book is that Doing practice and Doing it`s not equal to WANT!’

We all have to use our imagination how to stop all this crazy and custom habit of victimizing everything. I think that nobody will have problems if start right now to work with all the things and creatures from the strength. Feel the strength In every single moment. This is the STRENGHT that the Spirit gives us like present, it is normal in the Universe to go in this way. Forever.
The second general thing that I understood is – help the other to feel the power of their own strings! If I practis alone – O`K! But when we are two or more -THIS is MAGICAL event-every day in our life!

Pulling Your Own Strings
Assessment by Emil Antonov;

This book was not too interesting for me, just a little. The directly major points in this book are:
-Take control of your life and you will never be a victim! Don`t float without control .
-Mark your victimizers, make a strategy for them-mothers, fathers, clercs, chiefs, etc.
-Never give up!
-Usually we alone victimize our minds -using our own past! ‘No hand can make the clock strike for me the hours that are passed’. Our mind is the only reason for all the circumstances!
– I`m the guider of my own life-there`s no one else!
-To develop one set of powerful non-victim attitudes and new intelligence.
– We can be genius!
-To create non-victim expectations-for ever!
-It`s not normal to be depressed!
-To be like a God -you must operate from the Strength!
-Wake the courage that sleeps into yourself!
-Practice leads the success!
-Trainings of your fear changing behavior!

The helpful idea for me was (why ?) :
– I`m a victim if my life is not working for me .
– Not to deal with any victimizers! Because I only waste my time this way.
-To overlook the things-all,without exeptions. Don`t make analyze for the past life, make a synthesis with the NOW!
-The victimizers are logical. I`ll not be!
-The World is full of clercs! Don`t thrust them!
-The focus on the others may victimize me. Because the focus on the others destroys my own concentration.
-That I`m victimized by the people I work with.
-I hear -I forget; I see -I remember; I Do – I Understand!!!

*The challenging here for me was:
-To forget the self doubths!
-Take a risk, nothing is promised, only the future. There is no life guaranties. If you `re alive – it`s O`K. live! Now or never!
-To start to practice freedom -commanding behavior and step by step to teach the others, till the point of normal state of life.
-Drop all old, make the things with new point of view -walk on new way!
-To be responsible -in our freedom-for everything!
-That no need to be noisy for the understanding of the other!
-To compare with no one-this game is out of reason!
-The idea of the Mr. Dyer that the satisfaction of how my life is going is a lie of my own mind and it`s the biggest trap for the evolution!
-The idea that my family makes me a victim!

*The least helpful for me was:
-The Test ‘Victim or victor’. Everyone have his own test. Honestly I tell you , that my answers are 25 for victim person and 75 for victor… But I don`t like this sistem of tests.
-To remember who was (is) my idol(person) that I was modeling for many time. If want to be like -this may help me to change something!

*I disagree with:
-All these examples (that author gives us like ‘possible’ situations) -this is one simulation,and my opinion is that it`s not good result from it. If you keep your mind always on his place you don`t need this simulation. The real practice is just to live-playing the game of the Universe. Let the show go on ‘Have a little fun.’
-The idea that I should be ‘satisfied with what I have’! This stops the progress!
-The tactic of not-responding is good for family members. Sometimes it`s not working! But I don`t think that the other tactics (of responding) are good ,because we loose the specific of the single situation when we think for the tactic.

*In my personal practice and the situations of my life, I felt that no one will give me the freedom on a platter- I have to stand on my right to be free! But my personal freedom is somewhere inside (something inner)- everybody must find it into his self! The freedom is Choice and the choice brings the idea of the Freedom!

For all the situations of my life, the idea I liked much more is to be ‘quietly effective’! To make all my victories meaningful and magical to Me. It`s something inner. I think when you`re in harmony -you`ll be ‘quietly effective in natural way. To be ‘quietly effective’, this is one different level of consciousness !

Yes, today I make my childhood more tragically than it really was. The children are happy by nature! In my life I see, that to be free is not to be selfish!

The three Re are important for the humans harmony (Dalay Lama told once and I think too):
2.Respect to your self
3.Respect to the other people

I`ll continue to learn how to Pull my own strings-with Joy.

Real Magic
Assessment by Emil Ivanov Antonov (Bulgaria)

Part I – Content Review

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

Creating miracles in everyday life:
*First of all, everyone have the power to create.- for this is a basic position!
*Second ,the miracle comes when you stop to think, that you `re right and the other person is wrong.

Difference between `believe` and `know`. You may see that to believe is when you read something, but to know it means that you did it! In this order – the basic is to understand correctly the order of the Universe. That order is really perfect! Remind yourself: ‘My potential is unlimited!’

The intuitive guidance is very delicate and are you sure, that you`re ready for this? Remember-there is an Order in the chaos . Everyone experience has a valuable lesson and for a greater good. The magical realm is only for someone, who is ready to see it (to be into this).

Creating an inner path for Real Magic. A transcendent view of magic and miracles.
*There is three paths toward enlightenment .The World is always in perfect
and pure order.

Our life is one journey, with three ascending paths :
1. Enlightment through suffering – and the question is Why me? At the end you realize that you had to experience the pain (illness, spiritual emptiness ,etc.). Realize that this is a test only. Here the magic is still unavailable. This way you convert the suffering into a lifestyle.

2. Enlightment through outcome. You stop the asking process. You start to ‘I`ll try to learn something from all this situation!’ But nothing more – this is an illusion again. For those people everything is the same opportunity. They have higher goals, but they are centered in outcome and they`re missing the real magic. They never can see their miracles come true.

3. Enlightment through purpose. Here you just know that everything in the Universe have a purpose-mission or task or something other; it’s very important to see it, to feel it, every moment to have consciousness for it.

Getting to purpose
First – Think for your life like for some part of the Eternity. May be this is mystery but is true! Believe it and start to explore it! You may change the connection, that is standing between you and your experiences. This process will give you energy! But as a person, everyone have some borders & limits. When you may `open` than you turn into the eternity (or Cosmos or God or Universe – the name have always variations – it doesnít really matter. The important is the mission, that everyone have! Discover the mission for your own. Some where something existsalways; and we’re part of this always.

*The real miracle is the perception that becomes more and more. This is the most big thing that you may possess in the experience of thinking and acting purposefully. Than you stop to worry about ridiculous things. Shift your life energy from the suffering. Enter the realm of the Real Magic.

Real Magic miracles & purpose.
A deep trust in yourself – that`s all you need. Live your life entirely with purpose! Focus on the destination not on the journey! (interesting – it is opposite to the ideas of Zen!) Learn to give – you may possess something only by giving! The teacher appear always when you`re a little bit more
conscious in a difficult situation.

First start to believe in miracles! There are some beliefs for manifesting Real Magic:
-There is an invisible but knowable life force within you
-Your thoughts are something that you control and they originate with you.
Your thought create your experience:-of health , wealth,of many other things. -Your life has a purpose. The entire cosmos is an intelligent system. Our body is a micro level of the same system.
– Leave the weakness behind, and you`ll overcome them. Forget the old habits.
-To change your beliefs first examine what you think to be impossible. The universal law is working always! Believe that everything is possible.

Becoming a spiritual being.
It is good often to go away from our rational mind and to go in the dimension of the spirituality. The wonderful gift of religion is the teaching that we are spiritual in nature. The soul is endless, dimensionless, formless and invisible! The human mind is non-local. The humanís soul too. It`s difficult understand the Universe without ‘God’! The physical reality is a figment of the human imagination. The only true reality is thought. We `re spiritual beings first, and physical beings second! To live with this knowledge is a miracle. Becoming a spiritual being involves you to be able to touch your invisible self and this is the secret to your ultimate ability to become a miracle maker. I think that the imagination is the most important characteristic of homo sapiens. Go withi n and discover your invisible and higher self. This is the message of all religions.

Spiritual versus: is interesting that the spiritual being has a conscious awareness of both the physical and invisible dimension and the non-spiritual only for the physical domain.

The spiritual dozen: 12 beliefs and practices for you!
1. Start to believe that there is something more than the five senses (physical). Be multisensory!
2. Believe that we`re not alone in the Universe! For the spiritual being, the physical world is only an arena for growth!
3. Focus on the inner (internal) power! Only this power lay beyond the physical world! Collecting of power is not a purpose for the spiritual ones! Is good when the mind is centered into a universal goal and not focused on harming others! To be a miracle maker this is a place in your personal consciousness!
4. Don`t feel separate from all the others connect with them. Don`t judge them! You`re not a judge. A brilliant metaphor is ‘love the neighbor as yourself’- moe otklonenie tuk!!!
5. Don`t believe in the merchantism of cause (effect), if you try to interpret your life. If you`re a spiritual being, you`ll live in entirely different realm.
6. Be motivated by the quality of life. This is the biggest award! Mother Teresa: ‘The fruit of love is service which is compassion in action! ‘ My comment is that religion is not compassion. Don`t live nothing getting more for yourself and the miracle will be possible.
7. Try to do practices of meditations every day!
8. Practice training with your intuition! Trust the inner voice – this is some kind of contact with God.
9. Stop hating – even the things you call ‘evil’. This evil is only in your mind and desempowers you! Stop fighting the other .Spiritual people are focused into what they are ,and do their work!
10. Develop your own reverence for life. Don`t be arrogant like some non-spiritual are. There is a soul in everyone thing.
11. Don`t want revenge. From no one! Remember the importance of forgiveness! Forgiveness is the act of the heart.
12. Believe in miracles. Try to participate in miracle-making process. This 12 ideas can be your choice from today. A summary of the spiritual dozen: looking at this list we can see the totally difference of the new thinking.

The ancestor to every action i s a thought! There are some practical suggestions for getting in touch with your within(God):
– Remember that you`re more than 5 sensory being! Describe your inner world beyond the 5 senses.
– Start to question what you see with the 5 senses.
– Just for a day suspend your skepticism and doubt.
– To connect with ‘Death imagine someone who is not ‘here’ and tell to yourself that only the form changes.
– Focus your energy on assisting others; receive and serve the energy.
– To find ‘compassion’ in your life,read about experiences of some people important to you. The life and the death are only results of the 5-sensory world.
– Try to empower someone you`re in contact with.
– To see that the hate of your own re-think the concept of your enemies and forget about their list in your mind.
– To keep your focus on purpose keep your mind, body and soul totally in the moment.
– Live with ethics, not with rules.
– To develop loving toward everything-think positive!
– To enter the enlightenment ,be always thankful for the things you live with-for the sun , for the air , Öetc

Creating a miracle mind-set.
Here we have some keys for creating a miracle mindset that I like so much:
– Reserve your judgement and disbelief- stop in being skeptical.
– Create a real-magic zone in your mind. Suggestion for this :to put the mind-set inside remember that you`re a spiritual being without limitations.
– You`re not ‘person of limits’. The form follows the belief. Suggestion: just make a list with your true limit beliefs.
– Develop new set of intuition in your mind. It is the great formula -if you can feel it, it is real. This way you can`t ignore it anymore. All we are guided (and it is real). Suggestion: practice listening to and following the intuition once a day only!.
– To surrender (with heart) SURRENDER NOW! And trust! Suggestions: Think for the habits that stop your energy to extend.
– Act as if your mental idea for life is here and soon or later it will come.
– You can`t get enough of something you don`t want. This is a paradox. Suggestion: create an inventory of what you would you like in your life.
– Ask nothing and accept without conditions. Suggestion: just for a day stop to ask for some things from the people around. How can you be hurt when you don`t expect nothing?
– Practice meditation everyday for creating your miracle mind-set. It all sits in other dimension. As you thingk, so shall you be!
* What to do while meditating :First, thank yourself for the meditation -thank for meditation like something divine. Breath! Take contact with your healing capacity! Breath again!

Real magic and your relationships.
It`s important that your life be on purpose. The ability for magical things and relationships begins and ends with you.The mind as key for relationships.
– redefine who you are: a spiritual being with a human experience
– the thoughts only connect us with the others.
How to create relationships-naturally ‘on purpose’!
Change first the quality of your life. Don`t call yourself a jerk ! you judge your visible self. Thoughts create relationships. Don`t respond the hate with hate LOVE-this the central ingredient of one relationship and it is more than ‘I love you’. The love is giving .Without love the heart is empty (Krishnamurti). The Love is simple thing. It`s everywhere if you can see it. If you don`t have it now you may produce – transforming things you don`t need Just practice this giving of love with no expectations and conditions. 1. Drop away the need to make the other person wrong. 2. With love give your partner privacy and space.
3. Eliminate ownership. When you enjoy each other no need ownership. You can`t possess somebody’s life.
4. Respect the other person. Nobody can be like you! It`ll be not interesting.
Some magical things to work on: The oneness constructs you. There is no borders to cross. Limitless space is here -inside the empty mind. Offer the love from the heart, asking nothing.
* You `re able to create happy relationships;
* Everyday try to trust the intuition. But don`t force it.
* Practice to be guided to give.
* Switch from wishes to intentions.
* Loving relationships are basic.
* Use the power of visualization.
* Stop pursuing the things you don`t want and Practice shutting your mouth!
* Ask nothing in your invisible mind.
* Meditate each day.
* Make contact with your hig her self. And the basic thing-Give LOVE!

The Real Magic and the prosperity
Try to visualize what you want; than open your eyes and see what you have. What you have -this is for you; you`ve created it all. The money too. Our circumstances only reveal us So leave the old/past/ behind.

Here are some aspects of a Prosperity Consciousness:
Some ideas in your mind make that you live in the dark and believe in the scarcity. Change it with this 5 (new) ideas:
– You don`t need more for your prosperity. You have all, but you can`t believe it because it`s totally invisible. You fool yourself thinking about security and peace. Trust in the magic of believing. The divine guidance is near.
– Drop of the lacks-and the prosperity will come after. Everybody have enough of everything. Nothing is missing! Think positive. Enjoy yourself and all the other world.
– Yourself and your prosperity are one. You`re the action,the object and the subject. Be conscious about this.
– Don`t be jealous, you stop the energy this way .Stop the negative mind-set. Thes are the five factors for prosperity. They will help you to understand the basic idea of the author – how to live the life with purpose.

Purpose and prosperity
Don`t force yourself. Try to get into the flow. For me the word `flow` is big and powerful inspiration. But please, suspend your physical body and your ego too.
Choose some spiritual goal for every work you start. After-feel the ecstasy
to flow. Practicing on this 5 points, you will have unexpectable success.
* Manifest prosperity -first with your mind only you have the responsibility for this. Remember -your mind is working with pictures.
* Money making is a game that you play with your invisible self. The Money like everything in your life are a result of `living with purpose`. Don`t chase them – they`ll come after you put your purpose.

How to apply this principles in your daily life-for me I found:
– disdain the disbeliefs! After that write on paper what you want.
– always keep a clean place in your mind and go there often. You deserve this corner of freedom.
– explore the material world very deep-you `ll see that all the material objects, are just an empty space. You`ll see that your material possessions will come to you in perfect proportions every day.
– trust the inner voices, and you will not have a material loses.
– be master of your thoughts. Catch them and drop the unusual thoughts.
– just know in your heart that prosperity belongs to you.
– trust that you`re divine.
– start practice a giving to yourself
– you will never reach the prosperity – prosperity is your way!

Real Magic and your personal identity
Please, start Today to be the person you would like to. Create your personality. From your early childhood you had been installed some misbelieves. The biggest one is That you can`t help yourself . Other is: That your family is responsible for you, or that your culture is and you`re trapped in their deadly habits! Ha.. .ha! The choice is yours

Overcoming the big lie
Your misbelieves are not the truth – start to recognize the lies. This means to think more deeply, using your consciousness.
* Create your own magical personality.
You may create in your invisible world some physical dimension. It will empower soon your body, and will help you about your personality and talent and intelligence too. First forget about the IQ tests -this is made of people that want to control you. Your aging process. Do you really want to destroy yourself!? About your emotional health. Choose again. Carry of your thoughts-they will produce your health -create it in a best mode.
* Relationship with the Death.
This is difficult and very delicate question. Because the people associate the death with the fear and terror and end. The fear of your own death is a complex of all society ,a big problem, a limit. The fear is invisible -some kind of phantom
* Only with everyday practice you have the possibility to put the real magic into your personality.

Radiating Real Magic to the World
* The state of your life is one reflection of the state of your mind. So, if many people change positively, the state of all the World will change his vibration in good way. The trus in the divine intelligence that flows through you is basic idea for prosperity. Be, like author says – ‘the part of the solution’ and the big problem becomes small.
* Fill yourself with love and you will feel the solidification of your personal place here. If you don`t have love you may create it in your heart first and after give it to the others.

Part II – Personal Assessment
‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear!’ – I started to think very often about this after I read it. ‘God is a energy that will work with you ,not for you!’ – other good idea I try to be with.

In my everyday life happened some little changes. About one week after I had finished the book, every time I was angry I was telling my self: ‘stop it! It`s possible to finish with the problems. Dwyer did it, it`ll be possible for you too! Take calm now!…Just for a second be quiet now! Maybe it`s funny but this inner criticism from me to myself was very successful !Now I`m very happy that the author reminded me once more that I`m a miracle maker since I was born here. Now I try to feel the `real Magic` every time I can. May be now this is possible only a few single minutes for all the day, but I`ll not give up. Only the idea of the real magic gives me power. `Real Magic`- this became for me one basic sentence – strange combination between these interesting words.

In my life I found for me that the best meditation is late in the night becaus e all the world sleeps and my environment is so quiet and peaceful. It helps
me. Than step by step comes the dream

To be wise I think is not to learn many books – no need! For me the wise man feels that his `inside` is = equalto the `outside`. This book gave me the idea that if I`m really wise – for me the giving will not be some difficulty (it is now). This book helped me to realize that I`m my money maker; nobody has the responsibility for money I have, but my thoughts. After reading this book I know the money are just an energy I use and they come always when I need them. I stopped to think that me is my body. My body is just like one clothes that I put coming to the Earth. Now in my thoughts I know that my body may die but the soul will survive. Now, knowing that my spirit is eternal, I live without worry about the future. I knew it but I forget it often. Reading the book I remembered. I try to Watch now how I reach something without forcing and feeling pain.

We all suffer, because we have desires told us Budha Shakiamuni. I know he was right; Dr. Dyer wrote the same not to expect things to come from the others. Not to expect – this is a desire – if it`s not near you so it`s not for you. I understood that without my wishes and passions my body will be only form. I changed my own opinion about my mind. After reading the book, I think it has to be empty. With empty mind you may have physical and emotional health. You may renew your body-like the old Dao masters did it. So from now I will not tell that the death is fatal.

Every day I try to put the Real Magic into my personality. Now I try to drop away all my doubt. I try also to stop to use the negative sentences and thoughts. Every morning I wake up with positive idea. I stopped to loose energy for stupid things, and I hope not to forget it soon. I`m happy – the happiness is not a privilege only for the others. My miracles are job for inside work. Now I define what miracle I need. Healing miracles are not some lie, now I felt it with my own body. What I believe it is possible. The big power of this book is that it have very positive spirit, that I could not only taste and feel but I have it inside. It burned my own fire. A spiritual fire.

About my old habits: This book helped me to believe that I can change them. For me it`s still difficult but not impossible. Never `Impossible` exists! Being limited -is a habit! I try not to defend my habits – the defense is not positive idea. To defend from what or who? We are all one. If I change my inner life`s state then my social life will change too. I try not to memorize how to live. I knowthe giving is the key again.

Now my priority is to live flowing – following the chance to meet new people and to speak with them for different (interesting) themes without worry that my reputation will be hurt. Now I focus my mind on what I am and that`s why I started to trust more deeply in my intuition. Since a few days I try to manifest the Real Magic in my being, running bey ond logic because there are no limits. Logic we need sometimes but no need to use it always I think. I try to think for the meditation like something normal and needful; before I was thinking that is special (with extravagant conditions) and mystical (it is but not so
– ha ha!). Now I try to meditate (very often without music!) in the same time I play chess and shogi, traveling in the transport or shopping. Practicing this I can feel the true liberation for my inner space. I try not to be angry to my own body – just try to see it in a better light.

I try to accept the people without any doubt – it only can stress my relationships. Why blame people for some mistakes -this is the real life and the people are in their variety of characters. The stress is one lie for the true comfort – that we all have by our birth. There is no stress in the Nature. For me Dr. Dyer is a messenger of the New. I will try to be a messenger of this New state of life too. I know – my place in the spiritual Revolution (Dr. Dyer is speaking about) is in my everyday life.

Part III – Summary
First I want to tell that I have some critics about the stile of this book. I liked it ! And I liked it more than `Pulling your own strings`. But here I saw many times that the author repeats some ideas and models two or three times; May be I like more laconic and pure stile ? In some part his ideas may be more simple. In the middle of the book he writes about the principles of his new mind-set; at the end of the book he do the same! Maybe is good for someone to read this two times, but I prefer one-for me to repeat things is strange.

All the other things in this book I accepted very positively. Maybe `Real Magic` was a revolution in USA 10 or 12 years ago – I hope it was. I liked the theme about the culture escaping: I think – yes, we all are trapped in some culture forms, but it`s not impossible to escape. Step by step move away from the traps, but you may take first the positive tings from the that culture (of the mass).

Every culture have many subcultures, and subcultures of the subcultures; Maybe you are sub. But now put more energy into your activity than the word `sub` will disappear -only the `culture ` will stay. Every one culture model is a big society lie. Don`t think you are part of the model – create a new one for yourself. A more positive one! The genius people always are one step away from the culture. I changed my relation with my own Death. Now I`m not so sad when somebody is talking about the Death.

This interesting book helped my to stop to fear of the Fear! If you stop your inner conversation for a few minutes-you`ll understand there is nothing to fear! Usually the author suspend the disbelief and this way helps the magic to come true. Everybody just have to open his mind and trash out his disbeliefs. Our goal in the real magic is to set the mind in the miracle state. The Real Magic is our birth right! Everyone may start to create one new Universe-inside his mind- is very hopeful!!!

For me the idea of the peoples` greed was important: For example (the author is very correct here), most people have ‘motivation deficiency’. They are concentrated on things they think they don`t have. They start to suffer and start to suffer and work for these ‘shadows’ (money, beauty etc.) But they always will want more and more! What a paradox.

It`s interesting, because some of these problems that Dr. Dyer speaks about here are with the different value in my country, Bulgaria. For example, here the Death is very close to the people – maybe the Balkans region is so mystical and we are orthodox. Maybe most people in the World think that` real` is opposite to` Magic`! But in my country and in South America (I think) is not so much. They are little different in the cultural aspect.

Here I want to note that the book `Real Magic` has been written more than 10 years ago. But for me this book is not old. It is still adequate of the problems of the society and people. Is good for the people to read it – for the last ten years many things changed in positive way, but there are many things to do for the future. `Real Magic` may be a guide for those who like this kind of books in the time of the World Spiritual Revolution. I think from the year 1914, step by step this new age is coming to us, It`s coming with Us! We all are some bricks in the tower of the Revolution, and this book is too. The process of liberation is here. I like very much the book because the accent is on trusting in the inner forces – the real magic is not something outside. The author tells us this clearly on every 5 -8 pages (I think). I liked too the idea for no more negativity. In this relation I liked too the idea that nobody can give away what he don`t have.

I agree with the author that nothing can stop it (this New age). Nothing can stop the people to be people. The new way of thinking will bring the new humanity in all the areas of our life. I liked very much the thought that if you see the world like a dark place, explain it -l ike one exception to the rule of progress and light!

It`s very nice and interesting, that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in his creation practice- wrote a letter to the next generation- from the yeear 2088! I was very excited reading about that. This means that the author is one big optimist – that it`ll not be End of the World (Apocalypse at the end of XX century) . I want more people to be optimists like him. Start with positive inner constructing.

Success through a Positive Mental Attitude
Assessment of Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

Part 1 – Review of Contet

The most important points in the book, I think are this:

*The author tells us that there is no secret! -Yes , the Universe is so big and unpredictable -so the secret lies between the reality and your understanding of it. May be the secret is into the level of the concentration of everyone!

*The book instructs you on exactly what to do and how to do it in order to tap the powers of your subconscious mind, put them to work for you. In chapter One I liked the idea not to think even for a second ,that you`re poor !

*If you want to be rich -try to develop the desire to be rich!

*Don`t blame at the others for something, even think God is there to blame!

*To choose like one big & universal standard `PMA`-The ìPositive Mental Attitudeî !

*Success comes only with `PMA`.

*The important is the desire to achieve the goal.

*You may work whatever you want -but every single moment-enjoy it!

*Practice is everything into this world-it may give you all like result.

*Remember, you `re the master of your fate!

*To be NOW-and to forget the past .The phrase ‘has been’ is not needful!

*Never to forget that NMA leaves us to nowhere! Not to violate the natural characteristics of the things .Everyone violation is a form of NMA.

*Always to search for the light -it is inside everyone of us!

There are 17 basic principles(from chapter 2) ;using them you may transform the world |inner & outer | :
1. Always A Positive Mental Attitude
2. Definitness of purpose -I like it very
3. Going the extra mile
4. Accurate thinking
5. Self discipline- it`s important but difficult for me
6. Master mind
7. Applied faith
8. Pleasing personality
9. Personal initiative
10. Enthusiasm- I Like it most
11. Controlled attention
12. Teamwork
13. Learning from defeat
14. Creative vision
15. Budgeting time & money
16. Maintaining sound physical and mental health
17. Using cosmic habit force (universal law)
For all them `PMA` is like catalyst. These principles are product of many ,who succeed.

Other important:

to identify yourself with some successful image. For the people with big imagination this may be very helpful. This is variant for taking right decisions – with a little help from images.

What somebody can believe with his mind ,he can achieve it with PMA! All is one big self suggestion! All the life. This one is very important (for me): ‘Try to recognize the opportunities in your life!!! Without this you`re lost for the success -my opinion.

There is in the chapter 3, one good list with false premises: ‘always, only, never, nothing, every, everyone, no one, can`t, impossible, either, or etc. We have to try not to use it!
To clear the mental cobwebs from your thinking. The new things must start on a clear base! Don`t use the old negative feelings, passions & emotions. Forget about all the prejudges you have ,drop out the old habits. All this traps your clear vision.
Direct your thoughts with PMA to control your emotions & to ordain your destiny.
Separate the facts from the fictions.
The ignorance is one big limitation, ever.
The man with PMA may not understand, but he keeps always his mind open and learn from the environment!-Very like this scheme for living.
Always be in good consciousness . The success is guaranteed.
You can do everything if you believe you can.
Crystallize your thinking. This `ll help you in many directions.
Never to stop to encourage myself. From the `Part V`:-That my subconscious mind is a giant; only have to wake him, and with PMA..

Part Two – Personal Impact

While I was reading the book ‘Success…”, I started to try practice on mental level about my optimism and my thoughts for prosperity. I tried to enjoy -every day on what I had to do.

I tried to discover my inner strengths. I tried some times to serve people around me and to love them inside -whatever they want of me. I sow the simple mechanism that is existing everywhere -the thoughts are becoming true in after one moment of pumppin` up the energy . After seeing it , every time I tried to put it under control-because ,I think the power is nothing without control. My goal was (and continue to be) to transform all my non-harmonically thoughts into positive ones. I was there to see when it happened, that, when your thought is right and in harmony with the Universe-is very easy to make it true and to convert it to the position of the material reality! I started to be not too sure about the issues of my life. I understood ,that the most important living person I may meet -is Me\the real one\. After the meeting with myself I can understand the others -meeting and working with them. I start telling to myself that all my negligence is ..to stop, because it is not positive.

I tried to direct my thoughts on the desired of me . I understood that I have to change my inner product. I agree with the author`s opinion that the highest ideal to succeed must be the will of GOD! This idea may change many things , unchangeable before .

The more I can of these 17 basic principles ,I`ll put in my everyday life-by now they aren`t too much!

I started again (reading this book ,like many books before) to ask myself what I really want .

To work with fun-it`s basic for the success. So big fun came into my life for the last days! Now I now that the success first have to born inside me ,and after that to go for the outside world.

If the fate gives us a problem, than the life gives us a way to resolve this exercise too! Everyone `worry` act is not adequate.

I hope never to forget ,that I`m (we are) a mind with a body. The power of the auto suggestion I can act with my mind. Everyone who use the positive affirmations every day is the perfect doctor of his self.

An idea came to me soon-may be all the formulas in real life are stupid way to live because the life is multivariable. One advise from me :`Don`t live with formulas`. Napoleon Hill tell us too ,that there is always something personal, concrete and privet that is bigger than all the formulas & life`s theorems! Even PMA- I think- To start with it ,to practice it ,and at the end to forget for it like definition!

I understood ,that I`ve never thought about some high goals-now I understand it! First I have to develop my abilities .After to keep my definitive goal in my mind daily!

To clear all this and to remain free-this is one big success and struggle into our selfish minds.

Never I have to forget, that Necessity + PMA = motivation for success! The necessity is one important word and magical thing. The necessity can motivate us for everything ,but usually it may cut the person, who forget the limits, he have.
To try to feel the extraordinary & extrasensory presentations- it`s O`K! No time to fear the invisible. If I can accept the energy-I may work with it! The society may speak whatever they want!

The real life is not to fear to use the real powers of the mind. I hope to live like this.

Some times I `m ignorantly predisposed -but here I red that the ignorance is the result from inertia -it`s true.

A good advise for me is to analyze every my(your) success & failure. I stopped to blame at my family for some things! I`ll try to change my world. I dare you -action

Part Three – Summary

I think, this book may be very helpful for somebody ,who need good advises. But for me it was not too valuable, because I prefer to act than to read advises of somebody’s practice .The book was interesting-not all the time, but with some interesting examples. Here I liked the demonstration of the only way of success -to keep the mind on positive position. I liked ,that the author use the phrase ìvery good’.

This book in total overview ,I think is old for the time we live now. The motivation of all the heroes into this book is based on some ancient principles . Now the times passes quickly ,all the conditions change very fast -the context of our action is totally different.

Now the energy that creates the motive here ,on the Earth is with new quality. Thatís way the prefect in this book is the optimism, that that comes to you -when you read it. The other big theme into this book is the one for the change, that everyone may do-inside first, and after that outside (when is ready). In that relation, îSuccess through a Positive Mental attitudeî is one little treasure in the systematical meaning ,if you want to read and to know -is there some resolution of the puzzle of SUCCSESS ?!! Structurally it may give you one little ,but panorama of the peopleís way of living and to lifeís way of happening.

If someone needs an idea to ìpushî him, and to feel more decisively and optimistically -he may read this book-I recommend it! This book may the reason to start transformation! The goal of this book will be successfully done if the one who reads it may learn to use The `PMA `every minute.

I liked here the advise to go ahead, when you now your goal.

I liked the phrase that the man is more than a body with brain- the ancient civilizations ever knew it but we ,poor technocrats.

I liked too the idea that any part is smaller than the whole ,but it`s important that you add all the necessary parts to complete the whole .For example human +nature. Two parts-one soul!

But here are some critics:-I think all these `heroes` of working and money are too old for our time in the 20th century. This different energy ,I can feel the last few years -makes impossible for these men to be icons of the new generation.

I found for least helpful this bibliography at the end of the book! I thing it`s not good practice to give it all here-is too big information. May be it was good to put only the half of the titles. I think -too much information about authors and their works ,I `ve never listen is not positive for my idea what exactly I need to read. In second place who will have the possibility to find all these books, living out of USA or European Union?!

About the test at the end of the book- I don`t like tests. For me the test like form of exploration of the knowledge or opinion of someone is not serious. The points that I take in the test never may give me something to understand.

I didn`t like that the author wrote too much about little and tiny stories-in many un-useful details, and than makes a list with special points concentrated information. No need this one + that one. I prefer something in the middle.

I think this author is too religious-too much speaks about GOD! My opinion: No need.
Too many authors I `ve never heard before, because this is not a popular literature.

Other critic from me- Napoleon Hill & W. Clement stone are speaking about few things many times-again & again! I don`t like this! To speak too much one thing -it have no practical value-you loose energy to speak. Use it for practice.

Your Sacred Self
Assessment by Emil Antonv (Bulgaria)

Part 1 – Content Review

What a pretty nice author-very optimistic always! Starting with the title and the beginning -this book is interesting. For me this is one big idea -to put in the title the word “sacred”;and it`s not “mine”! It is yours! It is sacred ….. blessed… And the most important ting: he uses the word ‘self “-what a powerful vibration! `Your sacred self ` is not just a book!

Here are the most important points from the content : Reading it ,it may give you many messages !

The author in the first chapters speaks about the problems based on not taking part in our sacred self!
He put the problem: what is divine and what is not . The ego separates you from your freedom!

It`s important to have personal\sexual, chemical, financial etc.- freedom! Always. The authentic freedom is permanent all the time & space! *How to transcend the ego and to reach higher awareness?
-first try to know you ego and it`s characteristics.
-try to keep the “I”-s,when you speak.
-to keep the focus off of yourself!
-give more & want less in return!!

Keep quiet :
-drop out the inner dialogue
-every day stay just a moment in calm(just be the witness)
-meditate or pray!

The very big problem of all the human beings – THE EGO – many pages are written over this aspect of our inner world!
The past is nothing; the happiness is one eternal state. The is not the problem for no one who want to have prosperity!
The history of many people is full of dreams-this is big limit. Dr.Dyer is writing of limitations hi likes this theme .After he describes the easiest way to overpass them!

After that come many pages dedicates of how to…not win! trespass over it. Some important things – finishing the part II of the book W.Dyer shows us the big motto: `Free the higher self from the ego !` is followed by the idea that the ego is only an illusion! The author is proving this by giving us the 7 ego characteristics (I liked it very much-that’s why I `ll write it):

1. The ego is a false self-it is not eternal
2. It separates our right ideas
3. Gives us the idea of specialty
4. Ego prefers to be offended
5. Where lives Ego -there are fear and coward
6. Ego = consumption
7. Ego is insane-the thing it believes aren`t true.

In the Part III of this book, dr. Dyer gives us the positions of conflict between the higher and the lower…

Part 2 – Personal Impact

I try to think, that everything is here to teach me. I have to look who I`m really!I have to look for it every day. May be this will be not too difficult – The self awareness is located in the ground of us\me too. I can`t forget that to become a witness -is an act of love!! What a marvelous idea! It surely can`t be other way. With practice now a can see that there is peace -where the witness lives…For “him” ,the phrase `not possible` don`t have any power!

I try every day to drop out : the “I”-s from my language ,and the word special from my consciousness. I will try to remember that the service to the all mankind is making easy the self realization in the God`s world!

I try not to speak to much of “Me”! May be it`s easy now-when I read the book and I still remember it, but after?

From the book I liked this idea of `personal freedom: To know who you really are ,why you are here; what is your purpose in life, and where will you go after?!? In my personal experience I see ,that those who have real freedom-are out of anger, hatred and bitterness. This I call “good work”.

I agree with the idea `To practice tolerance`-every day! Start with yourself .

I will remember\not soeasy\to have always respect of what I`ve learned. This is a treasure – but not without working on it.
Only like a clear blank state of mind I can meet my sacred self. I tried to meditate in the last months-I think there is a result. I can feel it ,but hard to explain it. Meditate every day please!

I don`t like that dr. Dyier wrote: ’I want you to know that it doesn`t matter what school you attend”! Because in my life I see not this. I don`t like that dr. Dyer writes the same things in everyone his book .In the last tow books-I red the exactly the same things! And in this `Your sacred self` -very simple and easy to understand ideas-he explains many times with complicated phrases &words! In many chapters I saw the same content-only different title!

Part 3 – Summary
The author told us many things ,but here I show the most important. The Divine energy is everywhere .Exists two aspects of it : -outer-this keeps our bodies -inner – this one is vaster than the other. The higher awareness brings a new agreement with reality. Banish the doubt; cultivate the witness ; shut down the inner dialogue …Be free from the ego. The SANITY is to know that you are one with God! The meditation is sanity too.

Don`t blame at the `bad world with bad people around`! It will not help you to find the resolution!
Is good that dr. W. Dyer is presenting the most big (and interesting)conflicts that exist always, and may appear ,trying to pass behind the ego! The doctor says ,that there is nothing more powerful than the God`s guidance . We are all born with the divine presence & guidance!

Remember this :
-Always you are free to decide-where to go -up… or down…!!

Everybody who can feel himself like a creator of the World-is a divine one! The authentic freedom-everyone has his own one! Practice to find yours!

One big message: Let your freedom don`t be a counterfeit one! Respect the other`s freedom, because everyone have his own personal freedom ,that is authentic ! It`s very good ,that the author gives us the characteristics of ego ,and the characteristics of the our true self; and than he finish with the achieving the only way – THE TOLERANCE Only with tolerance we may prosper now-in this world ,full of conflicts. Everyone may start to clean his inner and outer parts -to purify:
-the thinking
-the feelings & emotions
-the behavior
There is no other way up!

Psycho-Cybernetics 2000
Assessment by Emil Ivanov Antonov (Bulgaria)

1. Discuss the main ideas that you found most important in this book and discuss why they were important to you.

From this book I have gained some good ideas :
-to identify all the negative programs inside of my mind
-to deprogram myself from the self-doubt
-to correct all the errors
-to quite the irrational fears
-to overcome all the changes
-to reduce the level of stress
-to drop out the old emotional wounds
-to transform the dreams into action
-to manage my time
-to drop out the negativism
-to stop judging myself
-to focus on the destination
-to know that, every stumbling block may turn into a stepping stone
-to use my brain in right way-to work for me
-to target on ideas
-to quit dwelling on mistakes

And I liked the Psycho-cybernetics responses of the problematic situations, that the author had situated into tables at the end pages of this book.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, etc?

Yes-`to create an ideal job for myself`-because now I`m looking for a job, and this situation gives me the opportunity to create an image for a job -and to see if it works.
And I believe that it works!

And `to start to build the success ` – I think to start with this right now! I see that success is close to everyone-only we have to make one little step . The idea `to start…` is original -every starting may bring a new sense of life and new chance!

I `ve started to stop dwelling on the mistakes I`ve made a long time ago.
And to stop with this endless stress! I remembered that the stress is an enemy _1. For me and for you-and for the society we create today!

I started to think about my goals-are they limited and -if yes, how and why!?
Than I try to unlock my old goals and dreams-I see how difficult is to take a new ones \may be no need\. I`m sure that the success is a subjective concept. Nobody is interested of my own targets but me. No one except me can understand them.

I tried not to follow the Murphy`s law. This sentence is true: `Everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong`! But why to go this way? Than turning it into positive direction I see the difference.
I often visualize myself -what I want to be-what i`ve always done, but sometimes with negative “colors”.
To use the creative imagination to find positive and adequate images.
To drop out every “brick” ,situated incorrectly , building the house of mine. I have some of this into my relationships. And into my University learning programs…
All the expressions we use reflect our reality -and than things never slide up, they always slide down….Why ..to continue this way!? Some time I use negative sentences and this reflects my life after this. And for long period.

“The mental imaging can dissolve your fears” -I tried some meditations with mental imaging. Now the fears come less to me ,they seem ridiculous and pale ; insignificant ones!

I try to choose each day some time to mental practice; and without interrupting it !! -this is the most important regulation.

To carry about my speech -sometimes I forget about. Because the subconscious mind never forgets! Mine and other mind too! This is the way we hurt each other -with words, that stay in the memory!

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

That the human mind is one servomechanism! We may(have to) use it.
I learned to increase my earning potential – this is the idea I`ll try to accept it for the future activity of mine.
Other idea is to focus on my new beliefs, and to `cancel ` every time when I catch myself with a bad idea.
That `to see` is equal to `believe`.
Other important idea is `not to block the within`, the instinct, that lives inside us. The same instinct we forgot, when we stopped to be a children.
I learned the 2 principles of the subconscious mind :
a) the agreement one; that says always “Yes!”
b) the compliance principle; that moves always into conscious direction.
I think to try using this mechanism (The conscious mind=vision; the subconscious mind=pro-vision)!
But the conscious mind have 2 principles too:
a) the selection principle, that makes choices
b )the selection one, that eliminates all the other possibilities.

All this information may be used very constructively. I can imagine this mechanism:
-the subconscious mind is like a horse
-the subconscious mind is like a rider.

Practicing -to accept all positive images as good and helpful!
That I`m the master of the conditions I live in.
That the false beliefs can keep me hypnotized. They all are something learned in not natural way!
The idea that the physical relaxation plays a role in the de-hypnotization process.
(de-stressing).There are in the body some “stress-related” hormones, that don`t “play” for us. When you`re relaxed, your mind is capable for everything.

I agree that the false beliefs are like invisible walls.
To create a new memories-looking at them as if they are from another life!!

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in any way?

Yes, this book challenged me with this-“You must act! Not only react!” -Because this is very difficult
And to write down!-everything I want & I think is correct. Black on white! On paper!
Other challenge for me was the `targeting on ideas` not on objects. Because the ideas are very abstract sometimes.

The idea that everyone may make his single “event”, and there is nothing to limit this. Because I `ve never lived like this before.
The other challenge is to turn the negative feedback ,turning the negative into positive! And not to program myself for failure.

Is very difficult for me to correct me programming, and to keep my mind in a specific(realistic)images of success, to guide me. And the most complicated is when I have to focus on them. This practice needs big patience.

To challenge the bad habits-it`s not easy. After some trainings is possible to cancel the old ones; to replace them with new ones.
One big challenge is to use the relaxation like the most helpful way to free from the errors ,and to step on the new, calm and easy “road”.

To realize that every image for the subconscious mind is like a real experience .
I was challenged with the idea of the human brain `s parts and how they work:
-the brain(the left and the right side)works with the total principle ,and it`s not separated one. So our vital energy must work same way !!! There is all together acting. The big challenge here is to remember that is more useful to work with images.

That I may turn all my mistakes into success!
It`s a challenge to replace from my mind all the old (negative) pictures.Because they aren`t only a pictures. Never to turn off my creative imagination!
The challenge is to learn to forget. And to stop use for examples the other`s failures ! Our parents and friends had told us that we have to learn from their mistakes and falls… But this is not correct mechanism ,because all this is for them self’s.
That I always deserve better!
Challenge is to focus on your new beliefs when you go to sleep.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with?

In common, there is no ideas for me here ,I disagree with. I disagree only with all these concrete examples that the author gives us! Like a newspaper-full of names & actions I don`t need to know! Too many people-too many stories. The problem is , that they are too many! I `m not a nosey parker. Are the American readers stupid or what!?! -Too many pedantic stories -just to show us the idea (one very simple idea!).He may use only few words,but….

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

Something very helpful for me ,that is a valueable for me and my life – The idea `to achieve life full of love! The most helpful idea for me is to program myself for success with the creative imagination. Helpful for the mind is to know ,that I really can create change -alone. Because everyone is born with this.

Is helpful to know that the brain work with pictures-and only the visualization may de-program us.
Is helpful to know that our imagination is based totally on what we imagine to be true. My imagination may change my beliefs, and the behavior changes with the beliefs.

One very helpful thing into this book is the mandala-picture on page 109! I spend some time to look on it, to enjoy it!

I didn`t like that the author re-writes the creature of Maxwell Maltz ”Psycho-Cybernetics”!!
Bobbe Sommer with Mark Falstein only make comment of this famous book-may be they need first to write their own book Why Maltz`s term “mental practice”, Bobbe Sommer must re-name to “reflective relearning”!?! Here I don`t see the use of all this.

In the Eastern coltures ,they don`t have such problems-they live live more communal live (developing some communal consciousness!). Who wants-takes a teacher,and he helps him to resolve all the problems, that`s all!

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

I think the main idea of this book is to change your life in one positive new way. Using all the possibilities of our human soul. Giving to others the energy they need-taking only what you need! Only after your real way of life-follow the line after your goal. Mark it first and after that go for it. All the success is always here-inside us!

On a scale from 1 to 10,for this book I may give 5.

A. How interesting was it to read?
In the beginning it was interesting to read ,than it became little boring. In some page it was interesting ,in others -mot so.

B. How helpful were the contents?
About the content I may say ,that is given very practically ,but in a moments-too boring ,too concrete and detailed . But it was helpful-to remember some principles of the world ,of the human being and of the existence. It was helpful for me to know one more point of view over this principles.

C. How easy was it to understand?
It was not easy to understand this book. Some moments it was just impossible! The writing style of the authors is very complicated. I had to read two or three times some passages-than I was O`k with the material!
But in retrospective I can say -this is one complicated book!

D. Would you recommend it to others?
I may recommend this book no to all my friends -only to some, that like the psychology and philosophy.

E. What is the overall rating you would give it?

The overall rating I can give here is good! But not more.

Unconditional Life
Assessment by Emil Ivanov Antonov (Bulgaria)

1. What Ideas were personally most important to you in this book? Do not simply list the ideas, but explain or discuss why they were important to you, using personal examples.

The institutions never can change people’s world. Only the human may change his own nature. It`s important, because only who can create \ is alive \ may change something. He may have the power for this. Institutions are something static, unreal-they are one creation of the human mind, that usually is helpless to help people to resolve their problems. For me is important that the life of the people of India was shown on these pages-one natural, simple, esthetic life near to the beginning of the times…In a world like this is more easy to see what is exactly important for the human beings to be happy and whole – and it’s not the institutions , not politics etc.

The meditation makes the time to pass different. The mode and the mood are different. Every time after meditation I had a different feeling. One feeling that is needful -just for be more close to the spirit, no matters the it won’t continue for a very long period. May be after many years of practice it will be very, very wonderful and “ big “ situation… For me the most important point here is that the author tell to the people reading the book: “MEDITATE”! And this is very big tradition in the Hindu culture, for many thousand of centuries. Many authors \ may be al l\ from India, now and in the past speak about meditation, and Deepak Chopra is doing this with plenty of convincingness. All those “rishi ” he is writing about. It may help many people to feel the divine inspiration that the meditation put to the people’s hearts. So I often give like advise to my friends-to meditate every day… and to those of them I know are into this for a long period- I tell: “Breath…more deep…” or “ what stops you to do it now, start it immediately. ”! If some tells me the same -I’m very grateful to him.

All You , that are reading now this lines -MEDITATE! JUST start. It is like a game, it can’t be different, this is one big joke of God. The meditation is one successful attempt of The Spirit to play with us and to striptease the delicate dimensions.

It’s important to be whole. We are created to be whole. We born whole ; we are not separated from the universe when we come into this world. But after we do many things , just to brake this sacral connection. To live in unity with the One – in the Hindu books very often we see description of the One. For me is important to be one with the One. Because I believe there is no other way. Because I feel the harmony only when I’m one part of everything that happens. It’s very difficult some times – but the feeling of the wholeness is happy sensation, one feeling full of joy. When I feel whole, I’m capable to do my everyday work with marvelous fleetness.

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, etc? Please use personal examples in your explanation.

It’s not difficult to relate the ideas or concepts of the book with my life. The same situations – from every day. A little doubt , a little fear, greedy, rage, pain, envy etc. I was always dreaming for unconditional life – since I’ve been a little boy; unconditional of all the rules and limits of the world around. May be for the children is more easy to make a distance from this strange universe of those who are big. For me like a very energetic boy , the Unconditional life was one term to sign the power of freedom. Just to live without limit.
The concept, that the unconditional life is inside us-we must only to evoke and develop him. That all is here, nothing to reach for… is good – to change my believe that I need only to grow old-and everything will be easy from that point.

What a lie! Utopia.
The mind likes to run here and there. He likes to sport. But this is not useful for the awakens. My mind is running through the things , I see this , and it’s difficult to change.
May be is not easy to “not doing”, but you have to try. Now , writing these words,
I try not to think about other things, not to be “there” , but “here”.

Usually I’m too lazy to make meditation. When I was trying to do some meditation practices these days I was thinking what exactly to do for “not to do”. And now I discovered that the meditation I make usually is not a real one. What a lovely circumstance- to meditate every day, a little bit of time, but real. Now I try to be in a real state – it’s not easy but I won’t not give up.

To go into the silence – is to be and to feel all the wholeness. It is here all the time, but the non-silence makes us deaf. Try anytime to be a witness of your true self. This is the key of freedom. I found that for me personally this is the key for freedom. I can try to use it in some adequate way.

After reading of this description of D.Chopra I decided to use my mind’s filters to keep my mind clean – for some un-useful things because this is the first step to self-awareness.

To connect with the Self-in the universal aspect-go out of the borders of mind.
Because there is not borderlines in the divine world, the people invent borders just to justify their narrow field of vision. The tragically sign now is that the contemporary society try to stop the peoples energy toward the natural living and the possibilities of the universal energy. This Matrix, the big corporations are trying to put over us is not working to help the peoples to resolve some of their problems. In India – they still have a chance to be natural and simple. We that live in the West- have to be very consciousness not to fall into this topic of the anglo-saxonic civilization.

There was a time when I was believing that the machines are “evil” but after one moment I changed my attitude for the technological progress. This book changed one more line into this idea. The author says that the machines are just machines too.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book? Please Explain.

I liked the idea that “the meditation is a vertical process”! Dive into it -without fear. The thing called `mantra` can help you-one signal divine to guide you. After one significant point you’ll feel that you are one with the world outside.

Some important ide , I think , is never to be dependent of love; we some times are afraid of being hurt emotionally and we prefer to love concrete peoples and things, to hate other of them – we make things sure and solid. This leads to nothing. No progress.
If someone is dependent of love-this is not a real love. The real one may only awake the freedom inside the being’s souls.

This love, based on dependence has nothing with the “normal” love, that exists between people now.

You can feel the unconditional only by transcending the normal perception. This kind of love may appear only in silent, unmanifest state.

Nothing, (even our bodies) is fixed in this life, in this planet -Earth.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in any way? If so, explain how?

First of all this book challenged my with the original style. There aren’t many books from those I’ve red with such a style.

The author is very delicate. He gives all his thoughts very nicely. I was challenged how to set on me this delicate style of conversation. To explain the things like him is something very magical. Here can be found very calm and anxiety-free energy!

It challenged me with the idea to look for the UNCODITIONAL LIFE all the time , anywhere, using everything. May be not too strong to change my thinking, but the challenge is serious -to pass into state of life that is “out”, or may be “over” all this conditions of material (mind’s world).

The people have to learn to accept the both energies – the local and the universal. Don`t let your local self to be isolated.. Don’t shame of it. The local is for the local points and the global -for the universal ones.

The one who is not free – he always think: ”I know everything.”! He often thinks that he had gone to the limit. But this is impossible. This challenged me to try to observe who from my environment is using this impossible phrase.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with? Why?

No , I think that there is no such ideas! I’ve red other books of Deepak Chopra in Bulgarian translation. First – I like the author’s style. Second- I agree more of his ideas and beliefs. But I never met ideas that I disagree.

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

For me the most helpful ideas in ”Unconditional Life ” were :

The higher self has not term for `normal` -“normal” is human’s linguistic creation, based on the logic! I think that the Normal \ energy that is waiting to be realized \ stays very far from The Absolute\ all the realized energy\.

There is nothing unusual into the field of the Higher Self! Into the substance of the Higher Self nothing is impossible.

The other is that some times the self awareness may be painful. Everyday we may taste this. Too many situations in our lives put us into a sincere confusion. The truth is not a easiest way to go.

The idea that every one “me” and every one “you” is a Self…and this is the important, after some moment came to me to help me to understand some people I had problems with . The knowledge that all these little `Self-s` are the puzzle of the bigger Self -sometimes is helpful for the communication.

The least helpful ideas here were for me all the examples of author’s detailed practice like a doctor. Too many circumstances and explanations. I like more abstract texts. This concrete names of too many people I don’t know-can only mess this information in my mind.

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

I will try to describe the main idea the whole book gave to me:
The World is full of invisible powers. We all are participating into this every one moment. Nothing is more or less, but normal. If we are conscious enough to understand this always, our life will be unconditional. Forever

Understanding of what I have gained from this book. I gained the idea for `THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE `- this for me is the divine love, without limits , boundaries , taboos and warnings. Many authors of Hinduism speak of this love, but many of them are too mythological about explaining. I liked the words of D. Chopra, when he tried to explain the point of view of his relatives about the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Personally for me the LOVE is one very big theme. This theme usually has too many different points of view.

It’s value to me and my life: I don’t know now what value this book have for me, because it’s very close to me the time I’ve red it. May be after one year I’ll understand this value -seeing the consequences of my actions. I hope it all to be very positive.

How to discover the power to fulfill your Dreams?
This is one basic question for all the human beings all the time ,during all the history of the world. After reading this book , I can ask myself too: “ How to discover the power to fulfill my Dreams? ” I still don’t have any answer , but I hope to understand….and after that to fulfill those dreams!

A. How interesting was it to read? 9
B. How helpful were the contents? 8
C. How easy was it to understand? 6
D. Would you recommend it to others? 10
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 9

The Law of Attraction
Assessment by of Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

1.What Ideas were personally most important to you in this book?

One good idea is that the Law of Attraction is working all the way! For everyone. This idea could help me to overpass all my destruction thoughts about my past and my life in the present. Often I`ve thought that the people aren`t equal – and this is not fair. But now I`m sure that they are – energetically.

Men often thinks that he had gone to the limit. But this is impossible. This challenged me to try to observe who from my environment is using this impossible phrase. Nothing is impossible principal. The pain usually leads us to the Truth. And the truth always brings the law of Attraction! Everyday we may feel it with every situation. The Law of Attraction is not a special thing – may be it was in the past centuries…But now it must be one everyday`s practice for better living.

The principle that everyone who lives with sad vibration will follow one big and very SAD vibration – make me think about my sadness, so often coming through the years. If You send only positive vibrations, than you`ll receive a perfect ones! And big percentage of the times we (all the humanity) were vibrating unknowingly with negative tuning! The Low of Attraction shows us the big, mystical circle of life – how it goes! On and on…
The key to understand the Law of all this is to listen the response of all your activity- some inner and hidden delicate echoes!

The author gives us one formula for you to deliberate the attraction, situated on three steps:
* To identify your desire – just see what you want!
* Raise your vibration (jump on the high level). Give your desire the most positive vibration!
* Allow it.
Because aren`t only word we need, but it`s use – often behind the same words. Using powerful ones everyone may raise the vibration in giant way. Allow the power of the speech with the `doing`, so the result soon will come … We have to clear our selves first, than to action!

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life …

First , the concept that what you give – the same you receive. So, after reading the book I tried to be more conscious to take for myself more of I need and want… Every day, all the day- to live in the higher reality. To chase your own ghosts of the past -just to transform them into more positive obsessions. The idea that the Law of Attraction in a low “for real” – gave me the power to try to change some circumstances in my life. Because I knew that one low is always “pointed” and not chaotic! So this particular Law, form the book is demonstrating the way of one reaction of my (your) body and soul on the outer \some times may be inner world.

Forgive me, all my friends and colleagues, neighbors and classmates, that I knew nothing about the Lw of Attraction. All this years – so much I could do about you and the way your vibration was going and backing …
Every day I tried to drop out the using of negative phrases!

Soon my day-life changed – I meet very interesting positive people I may learn from. Some totally new people -nothing common with the past relatives of mine-very different vibration!

I looked to my life before… and I realized that it may be more easiest – I`m trying to make it now – positive and easy bright and quiet.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book?

One of the most important ideas here – That We are one with the Universe coming into this world. And this whole World “lives” in harmony! I feel whole with all this, so I `m capable to do everything with joy. We are perfect and correct by nature of our own energy.

One important new idea for me was that I vibrate! Every moment, not only when I`m in with joy or full of angry! And to be carry what I think and wish! Because the “wish-factor” is very important for the Law of Attraction. No matter positive or negative! Every vibration is responding and is responsible! Than I could realize some events of my life -why and how they happened.

One new concept is that the Law of Attraction is always neutral! Very interesting idea for me is the phrase that the Law of Attraction can help us to hear what we don`t want! For example -the using of “no” – the “no” -s attract in our life the energy we exactly don`t want! Every expression made by us may be used like some declarative statement for our world and our life! It may build and destroy our inner “building” in the same time.

You have to try to change all your declarative statements into positive ones-than to use them like “statements of truth”. These are the keys to the successes and prosperity. Every time you complain on something , you make your life more bitter and difficult!

The important idea is not to worry about the future! Don`t speak bad things about the future. Try to re-phrase …
Good idea from the book -is to use the idea for the Past -like one key to change everything. That everything negative lies in the past! All positive is here, the good is in front of us!

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in any way? how?

First I think, Michael J. Losier has very scientific style. For me that was a challenge. To drop out the doubt, the fear, greedy, rage etc. Just to live without limit.

The Law of Attraction is working inside us! Evoke and develop him. All is here, nothing for reaching…
The silence – one good ,but difficult way to go. But is the key of freedom. Being in silence, you may write down one correct list with your own desires and goals! Not just one piece of paper, but your list for life standard! a big challenge for me – to sit and to write down some tings. When I saw it on paper -for me was possible to realize some important things. Some of them were really important – for example- my stupid and needless desires! In that great moment of realizing, I could see myself from one third point of view! Then is easier to correct all way of living.

There aren`t limits into the divine world – only in the human`s world. Then from the devine`s point of view I always may create my stile of life and free way to reach what I want! And the most powerful things are the things I really need, or realize that I will need in the future. Reading with high voice all this list help me to understand many things! It`s just like to speak with your self. One funny dialogue with the paper.

The World is full of invisible powers. We all are participating into this every one moment. Nothing is more or less, but normal. Every time you have to “love” your own`s desires! This is one of the most important things for for the Low of Attraction I think. This Low exists without limits and warnings. It`s based on Love! LOVE is the greater generator in the Universe. That`s why The Low of Attraction always works!

I was challenged too with this to stop to use “no” in my speech – to stop attract in my life this , because this way I give to negative energy all my attention!

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with?

May be there weren`t ideas I totally disagree with…Some little things – yes, but they are just details, with no-general meaning at all…..

6. What did you find most helpful and least helpful in this book?

The most helpful I found here was, first of all -the design! This book challenged my with the original style. There aren’t many books from those I’ve red with such a style. Too many paintings – very nice for me. It took me back into my childhood! Where I liked to look on comics – and I really enjoyed many paintings and pictures. Looking on them, I didn`t need to read all these words, too far for boy like me!

The least helpful for me here was that the author used too many tables and “graphical” ideas! Too many schematic things too. To many “meaningless” for me personal things from the life oh his friends and patients!

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

I think , the main idea of this book is to help the people to understand that the Law of Attraction is working in many ways, for everyone, every time… The humans may help themselves the way they like to choose-many variations, but one result. We have the power to create and destroy all the objects (organic or abstract). The natural things are always the easiest and their result is optimal with less tension. More you give -more you take!On this is based the Low from this book.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10:

A. How interesting was it to read? 5
B. How helpful were the contents? 6
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 6
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 6

Goal Setting 101
Assessment by Emil Antonov

1. Discuss the main ideas that you find most important in this book and discuss why they were important to you.

The book ` GOAL SETTING 101` offers us various strategies and ideas how to create our own life and make it more perspective to our success . All these good principles, given into the book are based on techniques and tools we can practice every day ,all the time. The book made us to realize that changing your life for better starts with a decision. Setting rationally our goals everyone may turn his life to a better direction.

Everyone has a different ability to set a Goal, and that determines all his life, from the birth to the death. But everyone must know that the achievements and the accomplishments don`t happen accidentally. First the one `big` decision for change has to be taken. Without fears and doubts. The right to choose makes us unique ones. The power is nothing without control.

All the ideas here, are important because they made us to realize that we are the masters of our lives. If we think for our life in a holistic way – it`s better to resolve the problems we have. The change for better is not something impossible.

Into the book is written that there are three important factors you need on your way to success:

-Careful planning
-Thoughtful strategy
-Faithful execution

For me these three points are really important- step by step. So many times for me was impossible to finish ,even to start some work, but in practice I sow -if I use this -everything is going right.

For me is very important that the book is not abstract but very personal! All the situation about the Goals – setting and achieving is related with to move your self from where you are into direction you want to be- “passing” over your own thought of possibility.

The main work of the author is to give us methods for goal setting. Everyone who want to succeed has to be a master of the fundamentals he believe in. This book helps you to be everything with diligent effort toward you way , and with substantial results.

The book ` GOAL SETTING 101 ` can be called a “manager” to success too. All here is full of logic. And remind us to remember always -it all must be simple ! No efforts!

2. Can you relate the ideas or concepts in this book to your personal circumstances in life such as your relationships, your beliefs, your goals, your values, etc. explain?

The idea that our decision to change our life is turning stone to go forward. I never realized that I may change my life through the mental working. My personal values changed; they are changing now… I wrote on paper all my relationships I want to change something (that something – written too). So I sow the results soon (may be a month after)! I started to be a person with planes :. I re-discovered my ideas about the future, and started to think about how to do the things better. For example I`ve started to look for better job (more qualified). I put my goal about to learn more languages and started looking everyday into the virtual space about courses. In my relationships I begin to look for the truth and stopped lying me friends for the things they wanted to hear from me. Sad but true! Now I prefer everyone to tell me the truth always no matter it may hurt. In my life and the objects I`m surrounded ,I began to use everything I Have and to tell myself the question “How can I Use this thing”? And this is about all I possess ( All I touch and all I feel). I ask again myself -“Why this happened to me”-and not about to blame somebody, but to think how can I use it now. To make some analysis. May be now -after reading this book , I`m more analytical. I hope this to be more time from now; not to forget it soon, the way it usually happened. I stop here with this poin , because now I see -how many `I`s my person use : Everyone problem may provoke one big change. In this case we may see the picture beyond our own limits.

3. What are the most important new ideas or concepts you learned from this book? Please explain.

May be not exactly `new` ideas, but I can cal them `actual` ideas. Your goal must be important (and precious) enough to push you beyond the limits of your own potential known from the life you had living. I felt the meaning of the idea that if you really need (or want) something -you will reach it! No matter the circumstances. There are around too many people they may understand you, they may explain you the correct way, they will help you if you really need. So a real barrier and limit to your goal doesn`t exist. We don`t have time to worry ,we only have time to go step by step toward our own goal. Sometimes struggling, and some times not-but always ahead and forward.

Never let the fear to stop the over-power and the desire for life. Limiting beliefs go into limiting results. It`s the hardest way to reach the goal you want.

Just follow your plane and the things will go in the correct way! The is a kind of machine-program it ,modify it . Our PC is nothing different but a mental machine.

Push out the emotions of anger, rage and sadness-start cultivating love and believe, appreciation and passion. It all will help you to reach your goals in the most pure way! Every day in the year -practice! And expect more, not less.

4. Has this book challenged or changed your thinking in any way? If so explain how?

I thing this book `Goal setting 101` is “mega” great! All the situations based on the goal setting, and achieving all you want, is related with the idea to move yourself from were you are, into direction you want to be, “passing” over your own thoughts of possibility. The book challenged me with the feeling that our true power is near -but over ….and that is important to inspire your creativity and positivism.

This book challenged me about to make a plan-strictly – point by point. All the mistakes may not be happened if the plan is reasonable. All our life and it`s course is something very practical and appointed -this idea for me was very difficult to accept!!! Nothing mysterious -all true and logical.

The challenge for me is to understand really what is `a goal` in principle and what is goal for me in concrete; and to decide what are my goals by now.

The other important thing to decide was to create a vision for it. But may be the most difficult from all was to accept the power of all this choice. It wasn`t easy to do in my thoughts one act of acceptation – deep in my soul, inside my mind and for long time (if the termini `time` can be used here).

The author specs about how to have a respect of all the reality you are creating-o…. very important and difficult reason, that goes close with all the Goals (no matter of what character). For me it is little difficult – I usually give back to all the other things – I`m obsessed with my goal only. And this is a trap. Methodically this don`t leads to nothing. This I may call the ego`s creation.

This book challenged me with this to be natural and authentic. It`s impossible to live without this. You can`t respect to the other people if you aren`t natural. Your energy will be twisted.

It challenged me to think about the anatomy of the goal. Three important questions about every goal exist ( I`m impressed about this idea) What?, Why?, How? – the author writes that they collaborate all the time. Now I think he is totally right. It can`t be other way.
Everyone have the right to choose, but aren`t many those that can use their own power of chaise. It was a little challenge for me to examine my own power of my choice.
Finally I may tell that the biggest challenge for me was to see how to use in the correct mode all the clearly defined goals, and to separate it from the other ones.

5. Are there ideas in the book that you totally disagree with? If so explain why?

No. All the ideas I like, and I agree with them. In this book don`t exist dangerous ideas. : Only I disliked that the book is very laconic and strictly positioned. But this is not an idea actually.

6. What did you find most helpful in this book?

Helpful for me was to take for me the answer what is `goal`- …”an end toward with you direct specific effort”.

Helpful for me was to create my own Mission statement too. This is one matrix, that I need -to pass trough all the difficulties and to be entire and complete to the End. This is some kind of official declaration of who you are ,and what you exactly want.

But I think the most helpful in this book is the discipline. The idea for this technique! The delicate structure of the discipline and the way to over-jump your ego using your conscious idea for prosperity. The idea for everyday discipline! Because every challenge may be conquered with this. To set correctly your goals and to make your steps towards them – you need a discipline!!!

7. In 50 words or less, please describe the main idea the whole book is trying to convey.

The book is trying to offer us various practical techniques, strategies, principles and other tools to help our daily life -to be easiest in the way to find the true our self`s character. To do this , first we need change. The methods how to do this change and exactly what kind of change -the author explains here.

Please rate this book on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.

A) How interesting was it to read? 7
B) How helpful were the contents? 7
C) How easy was it to understand? 8
D) Would you recommend it to others 6
E) What is the over all rating you would give it? 7

My comment:
The book is very practical, that if is followed every day, will change your life. May be this will be for something better, but I think that the book `Goal setting 101` is not so easy to read -it is laconic and very concentrated to complicated ideas. My opinion is that the Life must be easy as it`s possible. This book is not bad ,but may be this style to writing may stop the way to understand it in correct mode and to use it practically. I don`t like this style, that `s why my notes of rate are not so big.

The Power Of Intention
Assessment by Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

My opinion is the author is trying to convey and to give us the idea that we (everybody) may work with the Intention. The main idea for me here is how to connect to this intention!!! Dr. Dyer provides the rules of his own experience over it. With many interesting examples and life cases he is trying to convince us in our proper mighty spirit; he writes about the everyday practicing with this empowerment! His idea is that all this things are possible! The main idea I understood here is that the power of intention is one big treasure that exists into everyone and it`s a matter of study how to manage all this `occult` knowledge. Dr.Dyer gives us the idea to find into our selves this authentic intention, to understand how it may work optimal, and to use it – every single day! This intention has an immense power, and the other ideas here are secondary to this first.

To believe on the possibility of the things around; the Creation acts this way! So Let the miraculous occurrences appear.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

First I want to ask why they must be seven! In this book I found many good ideas! But if you insist I can give you the most good seven ideas (for me)! Here they are:

– The other main idea is that you have to possess a discipline at first to may turn yourself into this new stage of consciousness!

– The art of allowing – is basic – because this is the principle divine! Here on Earth and there in Heaven (if it`s right to divide the Universe into categories like this!).

– That me and God are the same thing. I have only to trust myself – God has no doubt! And we don`t have self respect (and respect to everything) When we reach this state of self-respect being awake, and using our consciousness, we may pretend to be like God. I mean We are potential Gods. Our base is Divine!

– It is all in your mind. This mind is connected with all the Universe. It can`t be other place where to be!

– Give and you`ll attract everything! I know this from my own life – it works always and everywhere. If any human being has this pattern – this place will be a better to live.

– That all we need is Love.

– That all the Spirit is concentrated at the point where you focus! Because everything you want

– you can got it! In the Holy books (not only The Bible) is written this rule known in from the ancient ages. Because it is a matter of free Will we have.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world?

When I think of this ideas, I stop to think what I`ve always been – I feel that is enough to be positive now and the past doesn`t matter. I know that the key is to be positive! Every morning I tell to myself -“what a wonderful” day, and it helps me to continue…and to spend one marvelous day. Believe me – practically it is perfect exercise – I feel better than…

4. Quotes: Are there brief quotes from the book which really got your attention? If so, please list and comment on them.

Well, in the middle of the book the author wrote that is good to be awake to our feelings, just to understand our own mechanism!

One of them is that we may “trust” the intention!
The trust, I think is very powerful feeling, and it`s mechanism is perfect and never getting down.

To “give energy back” to the World!

The `Silent knowledge` is very important part of one successful life! There are no boundaries and the Power of Intention is connected very strongly with the magic of creation! So I liked the idea – `activate the intention of your life`.

Other thing that impressed me very much here are the ideas about the essence of the Intention; and that is more easy to live if you imagine that it is not something you have to do, but only the main force in the Universe. It WORKS EVERYWHERE! For me this is one amazing idea for the principles of the Life.

I liked too the idea that all the modern sorcerers have this Intention activated – nothing magical in the idea of the mysticism of the Middle ages.

The TRUST in what you want … may realign you into Everything! I see around myself – all successful people I know have this `trust`!

I agree with the author that the possessions can`t define the true self ! This is what Hindi people call “maya”.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

In this book and in the other books written by Dr. Dyer, the thing I can`t understand is how it is possible to write and to explain again and again the same things: With many… many words he is narrating us very simple things. And he had written may be more than 10 books (may be bestsellers) – very good… But how is possible in every book to write about the same ideas and steps of strategy (only the title is different!) and with very similar phrases, sentences and words!? For me this is boring – for so many years of his career of an writer. Nothing new … Sorry – but this I think;)

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

No, in this book there isn`t such exercises. I`m sure they are helpful, but here we don`t have!

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions?

I`m thinking what it might be … May be that the point you look at your life is very important! Because it is magical to feel good! No reason to be sad of something (work), because “you`ll never get it done”!!

To think what exactly I want to attract in my life! It is very appointed goal . There is no boundaries for all the knowledge in the Universe -all we have to do is to prepare us (ourselves) how to get this more clearly and exactly what we need!

I want to activate the Intention in my life, the same as Dr.Dyer made it!

I want to give prominence of the fact that from reading all these books (Dr. Dyer`s), I have deep respect of this author. But in the same time I want to write here one small thing – that for me is existing reading his creations…

Wayne Dyer is one man of erudition, knowledgeable … etc. But in every book I`ve red there are the same things! I found in every book the same ideas with different words! He describes the same things; writing about same situations … I really can`t understand how many books more he need, just to tell us this simple things? Too many `steps` he “gives” us every time. And the Life is simple, I think – no need to count – “step1, step2 …”! For me the basic is the practice and not the books, doesn`t matter how clever they may be! The books are only one instruction – nothing more; basically they can`t help to develop neither to be happy! The written may only to give you some keys – to understand how to do the action in a right way, but the action is nothing without people! Only the living power of one living human being may create something, not the spirit. The Spirit is almighty but it can appear on the Earth without us. And the Intention is here, it can be appeared Here only with the human`s energy! So I thing – no need to read all these books, written by Dr. Dyer – is enough to read one or two – because he is writing the same things every time. It`s nice author but is reiterating his own word and phrases! No need; I prefer to read other books of other, new for me authors, to see new, different points of view. Dyer`s point of view I know for years. Nothing new, I need to see. For me all books are one past experience of somebody else.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 5
B. How helpful were the contents? 5
C. How easy was it to understand? 7
D. Would you recommend it to others? 5
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 6

Nonviolent Communication
Assessment by Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

What I have gained from this book and it’s value to you and your life.

From this book I`ve gained some many important for me things:
– Inspiration to be in a good will!
– Different thinking about the past
– new idea to live here and now
– A sensation of joy
– A little fun

Why is this important?
For me it was important, because my life become a little difficult in the last year and I`ve needed a little change. One need to create something new or to start a new life. This book gave me the direction how it can be possible to start it. To be like `new`, but to continue to live with the old friends, no matter if they are angry or unhappy sometimes, but trying to change something around, changing the way you speak and think. Using NVC I feel a new sensation about the Universal Genesis.

It is an important book because it push you to make changes.

Generally in the thoughts with this interesting style. I like this author. He has a role to guide …

The main idea, I think here is that this communication is to give from the heart! This is one new, different point of view, to look at your relationships.

If you can hear your deepest needs – now in this confused world, soon you`ll feel the need to give from the Heart and make this way – using the `language of compassion`! If you want to develop your deeper self – try to use everyday The Nonviolent Communication. This way of communication can connect you with all the `places` you want to reach.

The NVC contents 4 components according to the author:
* Observation
* Feeling
* Needs
* Request

I think he is totally right! These are 4 phases or steps, we have to pass through to be in a perfect state using NVC. This we can be more aware for all our life. If we work properly with everyone of this four parts – there will be success, because this is the base of all the communication, no matter given or received. Apply this components in your life – NVC helps to connect each other, and this way we may express our attitude better! And to listen the others better…

I know in my life – this gives more effective relationships. When you stop to use `right` or `wrong` nobody is angry. To judge is never good to work with.

It`s easy to connect each other when we use the NVC. For me was too. When I`m using it -many people can smile – free from thoughts that somebody judges them. Even someone strange on the street can speak with me in a normal, calm way. In these moments I can hear the silence, because the NVC is something out of loud.

If you can spend your day with one or too communications without judgment, you’ll find the new quality of life. And if every day you practice this more and more, than the level of your communication grows and you can feel one new standard of life. It`s easy to breathe there and it`s easy to walk on the streets.

Before my big problem was with the analyses of the other people. Reading this book, I soon realized that it doesn`t works for me in a positive way! Only problems with evaluations and rating…than anger and very often scandals. Mr. Rosenberg gives us the idea that may be making analysis of the other things, that exist outside – it`s just an expression of our own needs and feelings! I`m sure that it is the truth. Now I see that all the moralistic judgments are one stupid thing; and to classifying people leads to violence! The judgment may exist in a different variants. The use of comparisons may be judgment too – it`s blocking us all the time.

In all our life there is one thing I think. This is to be aware for your own, personal responsibility. This means to be conscious … for everything! Every time the denial of it is alienating us. The alienation is a kind of a limit, one little inner border. The freedom of the many, many possibilities comes with the NVC. I know that to use it it`s better. Step by step using nonviolent words and phrases, we may change our language. For the process of NVC you always have to be conscious – this is a better work than to do it mechanically.

When we aren`t conscious, we become very dangerous for the Universe. It`s not natural for the human beings to be aggressive, like animals, but it`s natural to receive and give love and to be compassionate in the communication. Usually in our day-life, we are very tired of comparisons – these forms are blocking the compassion.

You can make your first step into the using of forms of NVC, when you start to separate the observation form evaluation. No need to judge and critic. So I think that the NVC is the highest form of the Intelligence. If you start to combine the observation with the evaluation – the other always will think you make a critic. This is the beginning of the resist. When you speak – be conscious please – about what you mean exactly. The other is just one stupid game of words…

Don`t be scared to identify and express feelings – a feelings of yours! If you are honest to express always your feelings, you `ll never have conflicts; and if somewhere there exists one -you`ll soon resolve it. But always make difference between feelings and thoughts- distinguish them.

There will be a big power inside you if you can connect your feeling with your need.

How we feel is not equal to how we think of something. For example: I feel misunderstood! is not a good thinking. Dor this purpose you may create your own NVC vocabulary. Speak and listen 🙂 Don`t be negative to your self emotions; stop to blame yourself.

Think possitive – one main role, I think. All the magic is how we will receive the other`s message.

They have their message and you have to stop blaming them. This is only your self-esteem. All we need to focus the attention on our own needs and feelings. Because the communication has his responsibility – we have to accept it.

If we try to feel the other side and it`s needs, than this new point of view will bring us a different activity. To give from the heart – again and again, the author`s message. This idea has to guide us, and not the guilt to motivate us. The guilt can only be one temporary motor of our actions. If we stop to personlize when we speek, using only `it` or `that`, it will help our communication!

Our unmet needs are expressed by some judgments. This is a strange situation, but every time when we show our needs some indirect way, using evaluations, for others seems we make them some critic 🙂 After that the other side continue with self-defence and attack! So try to be expressive – express your self every time your needs and feelings, but with NVC. This is the way to decrease the communicating agression. People never think about the other side, and it`s feelings. This lack of respect provocate verbal violence. I was too many times into verbal violence. You can be out of this, when you value your own needs – than the others will understand it, will feel it. This is the only way to quit the emotional slavery. After that is the way to the emotional liberation. Think of it like one big purpose.

It was helpful for me in a practical way – for example when I met the idea to focus on `the liking` and not to focus on `the hating`! 🙂 When I tried this I sow the process starting into me, and I felt the difference. The NVC is a very power full way to walk on… Really got my attention that the author is very positive …all the time.

There nothing in this book that I don`t understand or Mr. Rosenberg is unclear about. I think, every idea there I`m agree with.

In the book exist many exercises and I find them very helpful. One small test, that you can chek your inner situation with.

Something other here to comment about the book … I`m thinking what it might be. Actually I don`t know.

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 6
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 8

Leadership for Dummies
Assessment by Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The main idea for me is that the good leadership is one positive force, and the bad leadership is not a force! That the Leadership’s steps are possible to learn, no matter of your past experiencing. The Leadership may be an Art, a very special one – to know the easier way how to reach your goals! That the success is near in every minute, only to know how to reach it. All is based on practice.

We all have to try first to like, and after to love people, and all other things.
The idea that every big goal is build (or based) on many little goals. If they are perfectly made, your grand idea will pass through every illness.

The idea that the most important day is today!!! This is basic here I think.
The idea that every minute the leader has to accumulate his energy – because he will need it every minute after.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

I. The idea that you can learn the `Art of Leadership`!
II. That the Leadership is built on responsibilities!
III. That everybody first have to recognize his own leadership potential.
IV. That the Leadership is always a temporary thing!!
V. To be a good leader – try to be flexible.
VI. Every leader has to be optimistic.
VII. Always use what you have!!

In principal you can gain greater respect, bigger recognition in the area your work is, more cooperation with your friends and relatives; more effective work and contribution … but I can tell here, for myself that I gained from this book more concentration (to read a book like this); new knowledge about the strategies related with leadership; the feeling that the idea of a leadership is one positive force, if I `am ready to accept it in a better way. I gained too the idea that I can be a leader after some years of education. Never before I thought myself to be. Now I know that is possible! Because nobody was born leader, but the world is full of leaders and some of them are really good 🙂 After reading this book, I feel that my energy is more positive and optimistic about the success of some plans, ideas and realization of visions. The value of this book that I feel is not material or emotional, but mental.
Why is this important?

The Leadership is one skill, important for every situation, and helpful to reach some goal. It’s good to know the methodology from early ages. All this is important because the idea of the Leadership must be a positive force, and nothing more …
Never before I was so opened for the idea to lead. Now I know that to lead is not a sin (because of some politics)! To be a leader is a big mission and it needs some level of personal responsibility. It’s important to know in every moment that you (like leader), or your leader – (like a leading one), are on the right place in a right time. All this makes the life easier!

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

For example, after reading this book I will never be shy to lead some people, because I know now, that the `Leadership` is learnable and possible for everyone! Now I can guide and to be sure that it is right, if I possess the knowledge I need in the concrete situation. I know now that if I have the information I need, I’m on my place. So I have to develop every day my skill to sort the most important of the information I `have received. I saw that when I’m sure of something, never stop doing it, in one relaxed and `master` way.

To know what you have inside is a great experience, and if I know this I can use all that I have; I can work with it. I think human’s potential is one big recourse, it have no end. So when somebody knows himself in a best way, his effectiveness grows in the best way.

Always to be flexible – it can help everyone in every situation, even the most difficult and complicated one. This entire world we have now needs flexibility, without this you will die; and being a leader, many people under your control will perish too. To be flexible is to be urgent, nobody will wait for you, and we all live in a dynamic world today.

I know – never I have to forget that all here is a temporary thing. All the material word has his temporary nature. We born alone and without possession, and we go from here in a same way : . Now I know this is not bad – it is just the temporary nature of all things. This book reminded me this, with all this examples of great success and big fell down.

Never forget to be optimistic, the positive power is the force that builds relationships, business, diplomacy, and many other links between the people. The great spirit of the positive thoughts, words and practices may guide you to the good end of some mission! The wellness never come with stress and violence – but only after actions filled with optimism.

To do things only with the circumstances you have, this is the only way, given by the Universe! Nobody from the people on Earth can work with something he doesn’t have. This is the simple rule of living. I think, after all this years of living here, that nobody can be a leader or master of something if he can bring to success his idea or plan, ignoring the environment he has. The ignoration is a stupid position of the human mind; it helps nothing to our progress. If you have difficulties – use them like a lever to move and to change the situation, this is the only way.

4. Quotes. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

My attention was got by the idea that the Leadership is a process. It is not static, but changeable – step by step going up (or down-more easy :). Usually I’m nervous about the things I can not do or finish, but I realize that this is because I’m in hurry. Usually I want everything now, but when I think of it like one big process with many little details – it’s easier for me to realize that all we need is patience. Patience like process. Always to be on time – this is a process too, to may see it on the chain of your personal history. Seeing and feeling are processes too. All the leaders, the author says, are responsible for providing. The learning of the Leader’s skills is a process too. One big and difficult learning. Nothing here can be instant.

My attention was got by the ideas of the visions too. The author gives us the advise to start doing something with a vision of it! In my life, I often don`t have any vision (or plan) of what I`m doing, and of what I want to reach. I think this is my weak point.

I liked the idea to trust your team, because the idea of the leadership is impossible without a team, without a people how can follow you. To cooperate is an art.

Be effective – whatever you do! The people that fallow you can appreciate only the effectiveness you have – no beautiful words and no empty promises. Only the results, that’s why every leader have to possess the consciousness of a Leader.

I liked the idea to use the sense – everywhere and every time.

Never to set unrealistic expectations, it only can help you fall down. Most people do no more than they can; keep your expectations modest. And being a leader – don’t expect too much of the people you lead, you are the blade of all this, you are the one that runs ahead.

Be urgent and prudent, it only can help you.

Never forget the money factor; it is a part of our life. It’s good the skill to find new ways to bring money (more money) to your team.

Look at your vision and often re-value your idea’s main points, it helps.

To be a good an wealthy leader, you have to live in a discipline!

Finally my attention was got by the idea that the leader’s skills learning starts from the early ages; and to teach your children from babies to lead.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

In the book `Leadership for Dummies` didn’t understand all these examples and stories form the USA history, like comments for economists, sports men and politics. I think this are very specific situations in the context of the American history and culture and I am too far from all this, for me these names and company names and numbers of statistic mean nothing. You know – for me is too concrete. May be I need here one more basic and clear information.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

In this book there are too many exercises to complete, and I’ve completed most of them. Some of these exercises were for me very helpful – in the way to concentrate myself to work with material like this. Because I never really believe in such an exercises!

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions?

The big price for me in this book was to see the Methodism how to learn something in a successful way. Reading this, I was learning how to learn. I can say too that for me was very pleasant to read a book with spirit like this, with ideas for business and with many jokes, and many humor, and one sense of joy and success. This kind of a book I can give a characteristic of – `opportunity book`! The author’s look over the Leadership wasn’t simple and abstract! It’s not every day I can read something like that the view I met here is concentrated, but a big and professional view.

Also I want to command all these small pictures over there, and this very big number of funny cartoon figures on every page. It gives something strange and interesting in the same time – like a commix, or something from the childhood.

I want to comment the idea about concentration of solving problems. Yes, I agree with it – it is the most easier way to go forward. Never to blame somebody and never look around, but concentrate on the concrete needs and problems, the other ways are bringing a chaos. I’ve ever succeed only being on my way, not looking back and no looking in the other’s job!

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.

A. How interesting was it to read? 8
B. How helpful were the contents? 7
C. How easy was it to understand? 8
D. Would you recommend it to others? 7
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 8

Goal Mapping
Assessment by Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

What you have gained from this book and it’s value to you and your life.

I have gained many interesting ideas. For example that every dream can be possible to achieve!
I “took” from this book a little more inspiration, than before. I sow that here, in this mental area there is one more way … the way of goal-mapping!

It`s big value for me to read there and to try to feel the future inside and to focus all my energy on one Goal Map. All this is important, because the energy flows where attention goes! It`s valuable to energize the thoughts – as more as it`s possible.

I`ve gained the idea that the future is always a place we are creating right now. The now-time gives birth of the future. It`s good for us and for the people around us, to map our best. One of these ways is to give Love.

I gained the “key” – the main question – reading for me became “HOW”! In the book we can find many map templates (at the end). I think there we find one good kind of educating method.

I gained one strange at first look ritual to do, but I think very simple and helpful: 1.sign it; 2.see it; 3.say it; 4.feel it; 5.believe it; 6.achieve it!

I have gained the principle of the laws of the Manifestation – take the responsibility and then try to manifest your intentions consciously … in one natural way.

Why is this important?

I think it is important to achieve your dreams, not only to teach your self how to do it, but to be happy every single moment, every hour; to be in big joy every day and week too. This book, it`s understanding – is important; the book is very positive and the process of Goal-mapping is one creating process. It is important every one of us to understand as quick as it`s possible that we have to bi every minute in one “active” faith. After this step comes the other – turning our actions into goals, and not too many goals at once, but one, central Goal! The Goal Map first of all will help you to hold your focus and create one, new dominant thought-command. Whatever your reasons are, they are unique and special for you. Try to listen to them, only there you can find the true way of living. To achieve this – every day try to be in self-discipline – every minute follow the words of your commitment. No matter you are up or down – there is always a way forward. It`s easy to reach your goal when your commitment for this is a public one. Every day make your choice again and again, toward the goal of yours. The Power of Choice is a Great Power – just recommit yourself, breaking your old world; put off the old habits!

Any Goal in this Universe is achievable generally by being and not by doing.

You have to be able to motivate yourself , maintaining the positive focus. Just believe in your self.

Give your self quality goal-mapping, because this is the most important :

The positive thinking is the foundation stone of everything here. Think of what you want and not of what you fear. Create something magical and for this choose goals that help other goals to come true! Do now; everything you can have as many goals as you desire, but organize your goals. The thought is powerful because of the emotion attached to it.

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?
For example:


My opinion is that the main idea is that every Goal is possible, that every Goal is achievable – no matter how big or small is! All the book the author is saying that we are the painters, the mappers – and every goal can be mapped, planned …!

One of the basic ideas: Always is important to remain conscious of your vision. Than try to feel the picture of your own dreams – The Goal Map. Arising high the energy of your new thought – command, it will be easier for your goals to come true.

Other basic idea: The positive thinking is the base of everything and this strategy always can find the best way forward.

One more: For everything – to succeed, you need a mental preparation.

Other one: Just think for a while, than sit and draw…

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

I. That all in our body is some chemistry – released with our own emotions! The negative thoughts create in our body and mind some bad chemistry; and the ”good” ones give birth of happiness, joy and well-being.

II. That to have “enough” means to be in a balance (not into wanting …), because the different people mean different kind of “enough” – in fact there is no rule for harmony!

III. That the most important things for us are hidden. Many times before I`ve thought were exactly the core of the thing is. So now I can see – the core lies into the core (inside somewhere!) and it exists – no matter if we see it or we can`t … Often I can`t see in the day the real state of the things around, no matter how much I spend my time looking them – sometimes I can only feel something … a sign … one irrational idea – and it`s always been hidden.

IV. Our world is made by our thoughts. I liked this idea, because I see it every moment – “good” or “bad” world we live – it`s only here, in the head…

V. That we are what we think! Because every morning I try to program my self, and every time I`m disturbed – I try to re-program my thoughts… it works :

VI. The failure is the way to success, because there is no more way down! Failed, you are on the bottom – after that your way is only up. I know this from my own life too. Many times before, I`ve fallen into deep depression, and I saw that the success starts from this – it`s like some wakening after nightmare sleeping. Than you are awoken and you see all the stars above! From that position in my life (sometimes), I`ve always seen them very beautiful.

VII. That the GOAL MAPPING is a practice, a technique that exists in the real live, and not a philosophy !!! Because the author explains us the right way to do it – exercises, one after other – step by step. This is one type of a mental practice : I know that this is precious for me, because I`ve try it, and I`ve seen how it works.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

In my personal, daily life, it can help my in some “art” way – I will start to draw pictures of my life, and imagine how it can be perfect for me and people around. In a practical way this book can help me with it`s “fresh” and “cool” ideas, how to live concentrated and quiet, free from outside influences; happy and successful. I think the book “Goal Mapping” can`t help me right now to create a better world. At this time, for me particularly it`s difficult to say what exactly means “better world”. I think the world is better every time we love each other!

4. Quotes. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

For me and my attention, the most interesting were the pictures at the end of the book. One new way to visualize your own life! Drowned on the paper, the life seems different – funny, baby stile, unreal … like commix. But first of all is easy to remember is easy to imagine, is easy to achieve after, when you have a plan like that. It`s easy to get the attention of everyone and to catch it with some picture! That`s why the children are so easy to teach, to give a form of their consciousness and to manipulate to …

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

I think every in this book it`s very clear, but sometimes there were some repeat of the material! In some parts of the book, there were too many words and explanations! There are no ideas here I disagree with!

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

Yes, the book contains exercises to complete! No, I didn`t made all of them, first I didn`t have time during my workin` day; second – some of them for me were boring; third – in some moments the exercises in the book were done again.

I think in this book, there is very good work with the exercise practice! In menthal way it`s felpful.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.

May be I want to comment only that for me was pleasure to read this book. First of all it`s very interesting! After that it`s practical :

Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.

A. How interesting was it to read? 7
B. How helpful were the contents? 8
C. How easy was it to understand? 7
D.Would you recommend it to others? 8
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 7

Unlimited Power
Assessment by Emil Antonov (Bulgaria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The main idea that the author conveys in this book is that all the life we live is in our own hands! The unlimited power that many people explain for and this author writes is situated inside us. Our true self is so deep and immense and our “today” self so little, that only concentrated and purposeful work can lead us to this “great” power. For me the main idea in this book is that we have the key of the unlimited power, and all we have to do is to use it.

2. What are the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

i. That the opportunity to grow is one way that we all may choose, no matter of circumstances or way of life, or environment. Because we are the managers of our life – it is in our mind to choose where to go, down or up. And this two directions are always there. It`s the same like the famous Hamlet’s “To be or not to be …”! In my life I’ve so many times think about to study some new (for me) practices, to go to difficult exams or not, to learn to drive a car or to be driven.

ii. That the power takes many forms, different forms. Yes, that great power that rules the world (visible and the invisible too) is liquid (my opinion) to be formless the same way! To take every form is equal to be without a real form. I think it is a fact – every day we can see it if we have eyes to see and energy to feel. That immense power some religious people may call `god` or to use some other word but this could not change the meaning of this great power (energy) that is everywhere and inside every one of us. In my personal life, I every day meet different people and many of them, talking with me, give my very interesting and creative ideas. The same are the places I go – so specific with it own energy, bringing in my soul different emotions, thoughts and sensitivity. But all this is the same power – everywhere.

iii. Our thoughts and ideas must be shared with the others. Because we can’t live alone. Every good idea may be transformed into something useful in a practical way. Two or more minds working together can better create something new – it’s not so easy but it is important. The sharing of information is a sharing of energy too. Personally in my life I’m happy to share the music I like with my friends; the same is with the books and the interesting sites in the virtual space.

iv. That in all ways of life you need to have believes. Just to believe. Never to be stopped by fear because the negative things are strong only when we don’t believe that it is possible to be rulers of our lives. Great power can meet us, can grow inside us, can act in one really divine way only when we believe. Never stop believing. The believe may be wrong, but doesn’t matter – the important is to give a result! Every time in my life I was without belief – I’m in depression, I can’t act and produce results I want.

v. Always to act with a strategy, to live with a strategy! This is a plan that only may help us to live easier. Never forget about the strategy, it is the structure of our act, no matter of the situation. Making a ”perfect” plan – it is the basic part of your work; the other is easy. Be precise in your plan, structure all ideas of yours, it will build a good strategy. Always in my life I was doing a good, logical strategy – I never fall, I never was wrong. Now every day when I wake up, I think of my plan and a better strategy to accomplish it for the day.

vi. The idea to think always in perspective, to act for tomorrow, not for today needs only. Because is very good to be perfect, to be excellent, but people will respect you only when they see your good work, based on thinking into the future. The care for the next day will give you stabile results when you start to build (create) something in a group. For me is difficult to do this, I can only now think of it, to try to do this way … in this moment I’m not ready to think in a perspective yet.

vii. That all “our worlds” are product of our own interpretation. Good or bad, true or false, ordinary or strange, successful or not …we create it that way! You are the mirror of your world – inside and outside too. You can only attract the similar as you think. Don’t be negative – your mirror will twist, so all your actions- the same. Every day, listening the people I meet, speaking with my relatives and friends, I try to visualize a better interpretation for my world. I’m trying to produce a better place- for me and for others.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so how?

Thinking for this really I don’t know how these ideas will help me in a practical way. The only practical here I see in the fact that the book of Anthony Robbins brings me inspiration with it’s stile. When I was reading it, the helpful for me was the good spirit and the joyful mood; so I could work and walk the city I live in a really high temper! Because I’ve red before many books like this, and nothing new for me it was. A numerous number of authors had written so many books with same ideas. To create a better world – I think it is possible not by “great” ideas. In a practical way, for me the better (not best) world is possible to create when every day you (and every one of us) do something little to change his environment. To make all better – to change the disharmony into harmony, the ugly things into beautiful, the “cloudy” people into shining and happy ones. For me this way only is the practical way – step by step to change, and to change by `doing`, not by `thinking` or `talking`. Because many years I was trying to change something by proclaiming ideas to others. It’s ok, but is not enough. Every world (our or other) is created by many little, delicate things, no matter how you call them – atoms or molecules, that form the structure there. So to change the big “all”, we have to start with the invisible on the first look things. For example to start everything with joy and to finish it with more joy. Like I was into the process of reading this work.

4. Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

i. “Take control over your communication”! I like this, because I think it is the key to the cooperation with the other people. Your speech, your gesture etc. are your “face” to all around you. How they will accept you – depends of your behavior (in a long live plan), based on your way of communication. So control it, and the chance to be misunderstood or to hurt someone will be lead to a minimum.

ii. “…truly effective leader has to have strong internal frame”- I like it because it is true – the one who leads must be a strong person. It isn’t easy to lead, so the personal example is very important. The “internal frame” is good to be build on personal attempt, energy and desire to do for other’s well.

iii. “Congruence is power”- I like it very much because it shows exactly what I see every day around me. The success comes where the congruence acts. The places lead by different directions, ways of thinking, different people divided by personal ideas, are places of disharmony. The concentration of many similar minds (brains) ideas, thoughts speeches, energy at all – lead to reach the goal at the and in most simple and good for everybody way.

5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?

The thing about “Unlimited power” I couldn’t understand is why the book is so big and detailed? Because I think it could be much more simple, with less pages – in some moments of reading it is difficult to hold in the mind the main idea, about the great power and how to use the keys for it. In some passages of the book is easy to lose yourself.

No, there aren’t passages and ideas I disagree with in a mental way. The author is absolutely right, I consider.

6 . Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them useful?

Yes, in the book were some exercises – Anthony Robbins had shown us the ways how to make simple plans for how to improve our communication or strategy. Some of them I’ve made and I thing they are useful – for people that do this for first time in the life.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions?

I only want to say that this unlimited, great, extraordinary power is a gift for us. All we have to do is to use it on the principles of the universe. You have to make it, nobody can do your own work here, on earth. I think the acting with this divine power is a way to live, and not a final goal for the people to reach. We have to use this power here, in the moments we feel it, in the times we need to create something for the well of others.


A. How interesting was it to read? 7
B. How helpful were the contents? 6
C. How easy was it to understand? 7
D. Would you recommend it to others? 7
E. What is the overall rating you would give it? 7