Dodunu Komi – Profile


Name: Dodunu Komi
Country: Togo
Education: Bachelor’s in German Civilization
Occupation : Education

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
A world that works for everyone could become a reality if people change their mindset and accept to consider others as humans. A world that works for everyone is the world where people claim that they were created by one and the same God and that they are strangers and will one day leave this earth, a world where people say that human beings are created by God and must be respected, a world where people agree to respect each other. This world is our wish and could become real if we agree to live together.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most important problems facing the world today. Nowadays, the world is facing many problems and the most important of these problems are:
War; Insecurity and Resignation of some parents in the education of their children.

Some people want to be the sole owners of all the wealth of the earth. This evil intention led them to fight against other people in order to occupy their property. Young men want to succeed easily and sometimes beyond their possibilities. This way of life leads them to attack other people and try to take their property. Many parents have resigned in front of the education of their children, they do what they want and have no consideration and respect for the elderly. These issues are becoming so important and worrying everyone.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Every problem has a solution, so the problems the world faces have their solutions. From what has already been said; we can confirm that men are originally the authors of the problems we face today. So the best way to solve these problems is to educate young people. Schools and universities need to educate young people on the right track. Parents must also play their role of responsibility, talking to their sons and daughters. The government must define or establish a serious education program in the country. This education must be free of charge in order to allow everyone to participate. We must all fight violence, crime, disobedience, war… In short, if we want to solve the problems facing the world, we must all play our share of responsibility.


I am Dodunu Komi, much known by my baptismal name Francis which unfortunately does not appear on my birth certificate. Togolese of origin and coming from a monogamous family with an average standard of living, I am the eldest of a household of seven children including a girl. I left my parents at the age of 14 for educational reasons. I really like studying and traveling.

I really like to learn from others because I understood very early on that we need others, to know how they live and especially how they see things. This understanding of life has been and remains for me a strength that helps me adapt more or less easily to the situations I have had to encounter.

After my secondary studies in 1999, I entered the University of Lomé in Togo, and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in German Civilization in 2003. I’m married and I am the father of four children, including a boy. The 2nd phase of my life was the period after my studies; It was a period that made me aware of the illusions I had about things; Because I faced life alone and I did with men and I got to know them better, at least those around me. I am very happy and proud of the nature God has given me. A great joy always animates me when I give my assistance, help or support to someone in need, better when I feel useful to someone. Most often I am saddened when I find myself unable to help the needy. My daily prayer is that God will grant me to be equal to this task that is very close to my heart. God has put a plan on my heart and I pray for its fulfillment. Indeed, I am thinking of setting up a structure, a framework that will serve as a place of meeting and exchange between the elderly and the young, because our parents die with their knowledge while young people are sorely lacking in those elementary notions of morality, good way and education that make us balanced men.

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