Collins Odhiambo – Graduate Profile

Collins Odhiambo

I am self motivated person that is a go getter. Looking back from my childhood up to where I am now I can say that were it not for my persistence I wouldn’t have reached this far having come from the humblest background. My family happens to be poor peasants living in the countryside of Kenya along the shores of lake Victoria. Family is the simplest unit of an organization, this makes me a firm believer on the foundations that one is able to get in his/her childhood while growing in the family unit. I am a true believer in justice and wherever I am, I’ve always made it my passion to make those around me feel comfortable with my presence. This has made a team player in all the projects that I always set to undertake. Above all I am patriot to my motherland Kenya.

Looking at the present world we have a lot of problems afflicting us but with team work and a little sacrifice(s) on each one of us we can all make a difference. This is my greatest motivating factor in life. I always try to live one day at a time it enables me to keep some of life’s pressures at bay. As a leader I always believe in leading from the front and taking the required risks that go with it. This will make those behind have confidence in me.

Some of the books that I always cherish in life are the works of Daniel Quinne that wrote the book Ishameal which after reading made me to start looking at life differently. Alongside this I’ve also enjoyed reading the works of Mario Puzzo especially The Godfather and The Sicillian. Authur John Grisham has also made me have an insight in the works of law and most of justice systems of the world. Finally I cannot forget to mention the James Hardley Chase, this person’s works seriously shaped my reading habits for the future as an adult. On the side of movies I’ve enjoyed watching Escape from Sorbobour, this film made me see the inside of the German concentration camps that I only hard priorly learnt about in classrooms. Philadelphia – movie acted by Denzel Washington also enabled me understand some of the discriminations that persons living with HIV/AIDS go through especially at the work place. I cannot forget to mention Bad Boys I and II acted by the two clowns Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Actually the combination of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence help me unwind since the jokes the crack just loosen me up.

A major special project that I’ve participated in was in the year 2005 when with the help of Kenya Human Rights Commission I went round the country collecting views from sugar cane farmers in Kenya on some of the problems they encounter in this economic venture and some of the possible home grown solutions the they felt if implemented would make life easier for them as farmers.

Above all these I can say I am a party animal. I always love to get down for a few drinks while cracking jokes and catching up on the latest developments in the lives of my bossom buddies. In conclusion I am what psychologist call ‘the socializer.’


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