Bekala Ibrahim – Profile


Name: Bekala Ibrahim
Country: Ethiopia
Birthday: 11/08/67
Education: B.Sc. in Physics/Maths and M.Sc. in Renewable Energies
Occupation: Civil Servant

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

As a public servant my vision is to be much more capable, confident, high performing, ethical and effective leader that embraces new ways of working and mobilizing it to others to serve my country’s evolving needs and of course only through my work to bring a positive impact to the public of my country.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problems the world facing today for me is unfairness where the root cause is selfishness and materialistic. Of course everybody is selfish to some extent which is natural. When I watch media something is always clicking my mind. I thought of the people grieving and living with the loss of their loved ones and thus thinking about the agony and sadness of many around the world. The cause of all this is unfairness which is demonstrated in different levels. A good example is that the United States was created with the idea of fairness, built upon the idea that every man is created equal and it is a country where justice is respected. In addition it is a country where democracy is practiced. But when you see the history, this idea has a gloomy record of unfairness and injustice, where the Native Americans were forced them off by their own land.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

In this unfair materialistic world, every day we have abundant opportunity to recognize unfairness from large scale at country level globally to small scale in our daily lives. To deal with this problem, we need to teach values of being, we have to fight for it by teaching and to think rationally. But first we need to recognize the difference between what we can control and what we cannot before we act on the unfairness or injustice. Above all catching our emotional response is a must otherwise it leads us to obsessive thinking. However this has been the biggest challenge for most of the people.


I am Bekala Ibrahim, 47 years old born on August 11/1967. I had been living in Harar, small city, in east part of Ethiopia till I join the University which was in the capital city, Addis Ababa. Since then I have been living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Of course I have travelled to many countries in the course of training and conference participation; I enjoy travelling and meeting different expertise in my field. This exposure gave me a good experience in sharing knowledge and above all inspires me to replicate the experience and work aggressively in my country. I am married and have a daughter of 14 years and a son of 12 years old. As of my family, being a mother, I am interested and enjoy spending my spare time with my family, helping my children. As a mother I have gained experience in dedication that is dedication to my family and my job in whatever condition and also to become patience.

I am working as a civil servant since 1990 in different position. Now I work as International Relation and Cooperation Directorate Director. I am happy being a Civil Servant and I am personally interested to continue my work and contribute much more to my country in whatever ways. My dream is to be much more capable, confident, ethical and high performing leader that bring a positive great impact to my country. Besides I am interested in reading books and watching movie. My favorite book is reading a novel book.

Regarding leadership experience of my work, for the then Ministry of Infrastructure in 2007, during the introduction of Information and communication technology with the intention to improve the Ministry’s internal working process and information exchange within the Ministry and supervised organization and to the public, I was participated from the inception in requirement identification up to leading of the projects as a project manager for the deployment of the technology. After the successful implementation of the project, I was leading the ICT department. As a project manager, I experienced how to plan each and every thing in detail and in daily basis, how to communicate with different level of people, how to handle people and of course working together with different disciplinarians as a team. You have time constraints and need to work under pressure to deliver on time. I also got a good experience in working under pressure. I, surely say, have approved myself the proverb “When there is a will there is a way”. Such experience helped me when I was coordinating and administering the IT department for the database administration of the national electoral board of the 4th national election result. Here again we were expected to deliver the result within the time settled in advance. During this assignment as a leader the most important thing I have experienced is the motivation you have to give to the employees in different ways. Last but not least in my current job, as a leader I got experiences as to keep my integrity and to scan the environment around me.

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