Ayoade Anthony – Graduate Profile

Ayoade Anthony



I am Ayoade Anthony, an IIGL graduate from Nigeria. I was born on January 18, 1964 and graduated from the University of Lagos in Nigeria with a degree in Electrical Engineering over twenty five years ago. I am a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. I have passion for studying nature of existence and educating youths on life–skills. I am pursuing another degree in Christian Theology at the moment. Whenever I have the opportunity to speak as a public speaker, I propagate the life-changing principles I learn in my IIGL studies to transform people’s consciousness. My vision is to liaise with student leaders and relevant authorities in various higher institutions of learning in Ogun State, Nigeria to sensitize students on the need for personal transformation and essence of joining the IIGL. My intention is to establish a private school in future that will incorporate IIGL vision and mission in its operations.

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