Adeabayo Christianah Kemi – Profile


Name: Adeabayo Christianah Kemi
Country: Nigeria
Date of Birth: October 29, 1994
Education: Science
Occupation: Business (knitting)

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
Actually, my main vision based on knitting. I want to use my vision to minimize poverty and unemployment in my area. Currently, I am knitting materials not commonly found here, like shoes, hats, flower vases and lots, but in bit and at an affordable price, making it easy for low and average citizens to possess the costly things that can only be bought abroad. But in times to come, I want to make it in large quantities and teach interested people. At the end of their learning time, I’ll make grants and loans available for them to start their business immediately.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
To the best of my knowledge, I think the most pressing problem facing the world today is corruption. Corruption because it is usually present in almost all aspect of work and in the world. The reason I consider it as a major problem is because I have never heard of a person or government that conquered it in a place before. Though, it can be reduced, base on law; law enforcement agencies and lots but it can not be totally cleared. My main concern is that the people who made the law are usually the ones to amend it to their taste when the need arises. Even the people who are really concerned about fighting against it are sometimes enticed with money, I mean real crust and they surrender. Places and organizations like religious places that ought to curb it little by little till all believers are righteous seems to fall in it too, either at the local level or at the top.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
The main cause of corruption as I see it to be is a mindset of been greedy. Greediness caused by love of money, quick accumulation of desires, and wish to never leave a position except to the children. To solve this, contentment has to be taught as a subject in schools, from early ages to university. Also, parents have to show their children how to be contended by living it out. And as earlier mentioned, religious leaders have to show the example, because anyone who caught them in an evil act or heard about it will loose lots of interest in their preaching and will live anyhow. In contrast, religious leaders have lots of respect if they live right and can change the major people in the world.

I am Adebayo Christianah Kemi by name, twenty-seven years old, the founder of Kirstie Collections,a knitting organization currently in Akure,Ondo state, (that I consider a knitting company in embryo). I am a from a family of four. I am also a Nigerian, from Akure, Ondo state. Most of my schooling activities were carried out in Ondo state. For example,my primary school learnings tool place in St Thomas Anglican primary school, Owo,Ondo state and graduated in the year 2004. My secondary education in St Louis Grammar School, Akure, Ondo state. And learning teaching studies in College of education, Ero/Akure, Ondo state in the year 2010 through 2013. After my education era, I went back to Akure to settle. I taught in different schools for years. Base on half or non payment of salary, I became a mini importer. Importing goods like jewelries, clothes and clothing accessories from China online and trading it in Nigeria. I did these for a year or two before I learnt the basics of knitting from my mom. To be very much sincere, I don\’t like knitting before then, the learning usually seem difficult to me. But, in a bid to help her make soles for the baby wool shoes she make and sell, I learnt the single and double crochet, and how to increase and turn. Little by little, I became fast and good. Willing to know more, I practice more and most times train myself online. I discovered I had a talent in it, like seeing pictures and knitting it out the same, knitting out descriptions and designing new patterns. To the extent that people prefer my knittings to that of my mother. More admirations and orders, orders that trained me more. Soon I switched to it as a major business and current job. Less than a year that I opened a shop when I moved to Ibadan, Oyo state, I had two apprentices learning from me; one a student, while the other was a woman in her late forties. Sales seems difficult in the shop and I later left and returned to Akure based on family reasons. Now, I have a shop I considered good for sales. Still on the way to achieve my dream, I put in place some certain things that will help me in my journey. For example, I am trying to register my company name, in order to have a permanent tag. Also, I don’t make less quality articles again, I make a packaged ones that look attractive and beautiful. Soon, I will purchase various machines and materials that will help me increase productivity and sales. I have been trying to learn how to manage business and business languages as this would lead to a greater height; learning from the mistake of formal business leaders and getting the main things to be known before venturing into building a company. Never to be forgotten, I place at the back of my mind the vision to eradicate poverty with my little ability by training people and helping them stand on their own and selling internationally in order to increase my nation\’s wealth and also to make abroad things available here at an affordable price.

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