Noeline Kirabo Mulongo

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Birthday:20th December 1982
Education: Under graduate
Occupation: Counselor


Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
My vision of a world that works for everyone is a world where every one's rights are respected, equal opportunities without discrimination, people empowered to live up to their full potential, happy and content.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Lack of integral role models for the young people

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?
Mentoring is a vital part of modeling the next generation into responsible leaders and influential people.


My name is Noeline Kirabo Mulongo. I joined IIGL in 2005. I got to know about this institute as I was surfing the net for worthwhile opportunities and IIGL was just perfect in timing. I need something to inspire me onto my next level. I was pretty tired of all that was happening in my life because it seemed the same usual stuff which no longer gave me any motivation.

I remember the first provisional book that I worked on; I just could not have enough of it. I read it over and over again and was wondering why it had taken me so long to discover such a resourceful site. I must say my life has not remained the same ever since I enrolled.

From as early as I can remember I have always been passionate about leading and influencing others positively. I have noticed over time that wherever I go, I have people follow me and buying into my ideas. It amazes me some times. IIGL is helping me direct my efforts in the right direction.

I am currently leading/ coordinating the IIGL student’s body in Uganda which meets once in two months and is experiencing steady growth and increase. I chair a committee of three that serves over 20 students currently. I love pioneering; it is part of who I am.

I am a counselor by profession and one of the things that gives me so much satisfaction is being able to help another person live a more full and meaningful life. I am also a trainer/ facilitator as well as hold several leadership positions.

I am humbled to be on the board and I look forward to serving my fellow students and stakeholders.

Together we can!!

My name is


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Books Completed:

  • As A Man Thinketh
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • Keys To Success
  • Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Psycho-Cybernetics 2000
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People
  • Real Magic
  • Law of Attraction
  • Goal Setting 101
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Leadership For Dummies
  • Unlimited Power
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Goal Mapping
  • The Power Of Intention
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success 
  • The Five Languages Of Love
  • How Can I Get Through To You 
  • Love Without Conditions 
  • Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude 
  • Parent Effectiveness Training 
  • Difficult Conversations
  • How To Write Articles For Newspapers & Magazines
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship
  • Dancing with the Beloved
  • Sitting in the fire 
  • You Just Don’t Understand - Women and Men in Conversation
  • The Unschooling Handbook
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to a Perfect Marriage
  • Real Boys
  • A Higher Standard of Leadership: Lessons from the Life of Gandhi
  • Principle Centered Leadership
  • Leading Consciously
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  • Create Your Own Future

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