Assessment by Eze Victus Chimezie...

As a Man Thinketh

Assessment by Eze Victus Chimezie (Nigeria)

1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?

The author James Allen in his book “As a Man Thinketh” is trying to convey into mankind the knowledge of a man’s limitless nature and ability to do more regardless of man’s condition or circumstances, that he may find himself in at every given period.

The author sees limitations as where the thought of man has not being able to go beyond. Therefore for him man is not limited but can only be limited when his thought has being limited, hence “As a Man Thinketh so he is.” The author is of the view that the only thing that can limit any man is actually no conditions not circumstance that he is seeing around him, what limits a man is what is actually found in him called “thought”. The author sees thought above and stronger than limitation and thus in this work he tries to bring this idea and convey it to the rest of the world.

2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.

i. Thought in the mind hath made us.

Through the study of the book, “As a Man Thinketh”, I have come to learn a different view of the word “thought”, I have come to realize that thought is not just to have an imagination of a given idea, but that thought is actually what makes or mar every man. Through the book is realize that great men, leader of the society and those who impacted in the world in one way or the other have this common qualities or characteristics amongst them, and such similarity is what distinguish them from the rest of the world, and one notable amongst the quality is the power of thought. The thought of such people have not just made them whom they are but have gone a long way in fashioning the world. Therefore the success of every man is determined by the thought that goes on within him. Thus every man is made out of the thought in his mind.

ii. Character

Character is one of the main attribute of a man that distinguish man from every other living creatures. According to the book man ascends to the divine perfection through the right application of man’s thought which is manifested in his characters. From the book I have learned that no character of man which is not first conceived in the mind of such man, good or bad alike, hence the right thinking man will have a noble character to display and vis-versal. Therefore how one act is actually the product of his thought, as no one is born to the world with an ugly character, but just like a computer a child has empty and a very fertile ground for the storage of right thinking and which when required can only display what have been in store over time. To this end a right or good character is a product of a good thought. Therefore thought and character goes in glove as there cannot be a character without thought behind it and thought can never be seen unless it had been developed into character which can also be referred to as action.

iii. The law of man’s being

The law of man’s being does not refer to a constitutional or the judicial decree of a given society as it is captured in chapter two (II) paragraph four (IV) of the book “Every man is where he is by the law of his being. That is that man can only function well or achieve the purpose of his being only when he can discover the law of his being. Through the book man is always master of whatsoever that happens in his life even in his weakest estate and also the master in diligent search for energies, intelligence attitude and commitment into a fruitful issues, which is the law of his being.”

Hence this fact of every man’s life is discovered through application and self-analysis of the thought in man’s heart put into action. Therefore what and how much a man achieve and what limit that he can attain depend on how much he is able to discover the law of his being.

iv. Thought as the agent of freedom

In chapter two, the book talks about man as manacled only by himself, it goes further to state that thought and action are the jailers of fate and they are also the angels of freedom. Hence I ask myself this question “what is fate and what it means by freedom.” While fate refers to the power that is believed to control what happens in the future, freedom in other hand is the being able to free from the circumstances that may arise with the future that is expected to be in negative directions. Therefore the power of thought can lead to freedom in every aspect of man’s life. Even when one is passing through these circumstances, one need just the application of the right thought to scale through those event of his life. This fate has played a very significant part of my being as back as at the year 2004 I developed unknown illness that defers all medical report.

This continued until late 2011, after I have under-took almost all form of medical test or examinations, my uncle lost hope on my survival and he began to say to me that what matter in a man’s life is not how long he lives but the legacy that the person left, at this point I ask myself if that was the end about me, my goals, my vision and purpose in this life, then faith in God arose and I began to see that I still have much to offer to my generation, I began to see live at the end of the illness finally on the 4th day of November 2011 I meet a Catholic Priest who said to me “give up the drugs, have faith and believe that God has not finish with you”. These word transformed me and gave hope to live by more thanking that God has not finished with me and could see my dreams turning into a reality at the end of it. By February, 2012 I become totally free to the glory of God.

Therefore, thought is truly an agent of freedom.

The effect of the thought in every decision The importance of thought cannot be over emphasized in every decision making point. This is so vital in our society that even the government body has technical advisors, not because one will persecute the government but because they understand essential of nature good or bad decision that it stands to make if a well articulated thought are not undertaking before any policy or political decision are made. And this is also in the case of groups of people, societies and individuals.

Therefore the fact that the thought of men sharpens or determine the decision of such person according the book is every pivotal to me in person as have being victim of either wrong decision or indecision with fear for falling characterizing every step I took. But this book has being an eye opener to me, helping me to take a journey back in days of my beginning and seeing where and how, I failed myself. Before now I usually blame my failing nature to be as of the circumstances that was surrounding the falling, refusing to see the goal behind the risk I conceived and surcome to the power of fear and finally the decision not to take risk gave birth that which I feared most called failure.

v. Purpose

Purpose is the centre of every man existence, there nothing that have be made or developed today that was not firstly set as a purpose, that is why in chapter four (iv) the author rightly put it this way “until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment” to this, for a significant inpact he must live a life or purpose, accompanied with strong will of determination purpose undivided and steadily focused upon will undeniably turn one to have into great accomplishment.

vi. The shade-giving tree

In chapter seven laid emphasis on the serene of man’s heart and the author goes ahead to describe it as the “shade-giving tree in thirsty land or a sheltering rock in a storm.” This thus tells me the nature and pressure that every thought or idea tend to face in day to day activities of every individual. Seeing the distraction of every nature, one hence cannot undermine the need for calmness in that mind. Calmness to me is therefore to seeing as the strengths and dew that fall upon that soil called the heart which enable it to sprout out the thought.

3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?

The above ideas can help me in several ways with the ideas contend in this book I have me to know that failure is not the end of my journey but just a partway to success.    With it I understand that I have to decide my future via my thought and ultimately control my circumstances. I also learn that for me to success I need to remain focused to my

set goal and ignoring all form of distraction that may arise.  It helps me filter my thought from every form thought that is not leading to my destination and provides me with calmness of mind. I can build a better world through this idea by firstly

implementing them in my day to day living and secondly through impacting and introducing this idea to other.

4. Quotes: Are there any other statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.

“Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering its fruit.”

This tells me that whatever happens to me is as the result of what goes on in my mind.

This also cover with the scriptural passage “A good man brings things out of the good stored up in his heart.”

“Only by patience, practice and ceaseless importunity can a man enter the door of the temple of knowledge”

This tells me that with these attribute in me, the result is the mastering knowledge of that of which I desire to achieve.

5. Is there anything in the book you do not understand or unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and if so, why?

There are really no ideas to which is do not understand or dispute.

6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?

There were no exercises.

7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment. 


Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10, Ten is good and one is poor.

A.  How interesting was it to read?                         9
B.  How helpful were the contents?                         8
C.  How easy was it to understand?                         6
D.  Would you recommend it to others?                   9
E.  What is the overall rating you would give it?        8



Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Assessment by Eze Victus Chimezie (Nigeria)


1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?


The author through the book tries to bring the idea of abilities to achieve more even when the circumstances surrounding does not permit. The author viewed this ability as what is found in everyone, but emphasized on the alertness of one to understand the time, language and the direction of this “Hollow voice that speaks within us and importantly not ignoring the voice when necessary. Therefore the main idea in this book that the author is trying to convey to me, is that no man is limited by his nature, no one by his culture nor society. Hence what limit a man is not any of the above but that which is found inside of him is the power behind his limit. He also tries to convey to us the passion for Excellency and perfection as one of the main factor that can drive one over and above limitations and law and that is what goes in the mind of man or the thought man.


2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.


i. More to living


When we say more to living we mean an extra value that is added to life than that which we already know or have one to know. Life is much more beyond just living (breathing in and out of oxygen, eating, sleeping and waking up of every normal human person) more to living refers to that core value of human existence which is dynamic nature in and it varies from person to person. More to living refers also to that which brings joy, excitement and fulfillment to a particular person. Because of the variation in the individuals’ want. To Jonathan living stone seagull, it was all about flying, flying and flying, while his kind the flocks of seagull sees flying as just what is needed to get food for living, they believed that the nature of every seagull was limited to sea shore where they wait for and fight for food. There was nothing of interest to them about flying more than the traditional way of fly to sea and fight for a fish and fly back to sea shore, there was no joy, no excitement and nor fulfillment and definitely there cannot be any achievement found among them as everyone lived for and believed on this fact about them and their nature. But to Jonathan seagull who found joy in flying there was more to flying that just flying to eat and as such there was more to living than just eating.


ii. Practice


The word practice is one of the most essential ingredient required in anyone who wishes to make a significant impact in the world. Practice is needed in other to have a mastering knowledge of that which one desires to achieve. Looking at some key areas of life we discover that man cannot do away with the word practice, no wonder a saying goes as practice “practice makes perfect” considering areas such as music, sports, driving technical and even the area of science and many more, they in one way or the other engage themselves in rigorous experiment and practice in other obtain the desired result.


In chapter one paragraph two the author explain the desire and willingness of Jonathan Livingston seagull in practice, alone by himself, practicing that which he believe in and drives joy and excitement in doing enduring the hard and powerful mind over a hundred feed in the sky and the pains thereof. He maintained the hard practicing condition in other to attain the heights of his desire of the fact that there is more to flying than that which the flocks of seagull have come to believe. Relating this to my life in person, in my family schooling was seen as something that only the rich can afford, and therefore the thought of going to school and having a degree was just nothing but a dream that one just need to wake up from, this continued because to them life was just about get married, give birth train the child to grow to a certain age get him or her a machete and a hole to go to farm with.When I decided that I was going to break the jinx, I practiced for a year and six month to write my high school entrance examination which was not released (reason unknown to me) this happened for more three year, many discouragement started trooping in, in my mind and from families and friends, yet I kept my goal and my faith alive and today I am awaiting my degree result. Therefore practice keep one’s goal alive and within his reach.


iii. Overcoming intimidation and rejection.


Sometime what breaks and kill one dream is circumstances, intimidation and rejection that one stand to get from outside world, this could be your boss, one’s co-worker, family, and friends. Sometimes one could face a great rejection from such group of people and including one’s family members. I have seen a great number of people who resigned from a well paid job because of such cases. A friend of more who was working in a bank with a good take home pay monthly happen to pull out of the job because he was doing well and brought the idea of the bank financing a given project of construction because it was not the idea of the branch manager, who was getting jealous of his success and recognition in the bank by the bank. His riches has to throw this great idea into bin, and had the said person income decreased by 15% this triggered the resignation of the affected worker who in turn developed the idea of setting up a construction company.


He set up the company and he got the contract which he went to the bank which he worked with and get a loan facility and executed the contract. Today his construction company is doing greatly well.


In the view of Jonathan seagull in chapter one after he practiced and discovered more, he brought the idea to his fellow and not only that his people rejected his idea of freedom but the council of elder activated the clause in the law and had him banished.


What mattered was not the act of the council, it was not even the rejection and becoming an outcast, but the state of the mind of Jonathan Livingstone seagull. He was determined to explore more ideas, determined to overcome the rejection and the intimidation and determined to work into the future.


iv. Breaking the limitations is a breakthrough


Almost every stage of human’s existence is found the world called limitation. This is so true that we have take a look into the mentality of some persons. After I read the two books (As a Man Thinketh and Jonathan Livingston Seagull) I was able to understand the power of this world limitation over me. I was therefore not at peace with what I found out and I decided to carry out a research work. I had six persons interviewed on this topic (what is success and who is a successful man) here is the result. Four out of six said that success is to have one’s goals achieved, and successful man is one who has achieved this and can maintain that level of achievement that level over time. One said success is having what we desire for a successful man is one who have this and keep making effort for more. While one sees success as just having comfort at his disposal.


Towards the end on the first chapter I found out Jonathan seagull was successful, he had achieved his goal, he has created a safe haven for himself, not needing to fight for fish to eat, he can fly far better than every other seagull on earth, he have learned controls and ability to navigate through in hard wind or weather, he have maintained that level


overtime yet he is still limited to that level of achievement just like that first four group he was already waiting to die at that level as to him there was nothing more to learn. He found the breakthrough from that level of achievement the moment he said to two star-bright birds “I am ready”. He was ready to explore more new things no longer waiting for Mr. Death to come but just set his mind to achieve more. Therefore setting a new idea of breaking limitation.


v. Willingness to learn


In all the mentioned above it could not have been possible without the this passion for learning that is inside to Jonathan Livingstone seagull. It was through this process of learning that one could choose his next world just like the gulls in the other world. Man can chose to have an impact that is crested on gold like Jonathan seagull through process of learning or can chose to live in mediocrity and limitation. This is because the ability to make or take a good step towards a great achievement depends solely on that which one have come to learn, how much knowledge we have concerning that desired goal. This was also found in Fletcher seagull who was ready always to learn and also listening to the voices of his thought.


vi. Forgiveness


Forgiveness is one of the key qualities found among them. Having been rejected and having become an outcast among his people did not stop Jonathan seagull from bringing the idea of freedom and more to living his people. He easily forgave them and labored to impact this knowledge into them. We must learn from this, what forgiveness can bring to our world today. This is true because through it we could impact the idea of our discovery into other.


vii. Love


The love for his kind was so strong that not even the company of his new flocks in the new world could stop Jonathan seagull proved what love could do with help of the master himself Chiang “Keep working on love” this very idea and curse was what was seen as most difficult most powerful and the most fun of all that he had learned all along, it is in love that one could sincerely express what he is, what he has learnt over time, and in love that one impact such knowledge to others.


3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?


More to a living: The moment I can see that there can be more value to life than what I can see, it will help me to have a goal and to set my mind and energy in achieving it.


Practice: In practice, having seen that possibility of more value to life, I could move to set goal to attain it, I therefore will then practice step by step that leads to that very goal in other to develop a mastering knowledge over it.


Overcoming intimidation and rejection: I see this area as those factors that could confront me in the quest to realize my set goal and therefore must remain focused to the quest not minding the opposition and confrontations which I may face.


Breaking the limitations is a breakthrough: In this I come to learn that even in the breakthrough, there are limitations found and breakeven on to another greater value.


Wiliness to learn: To have my sight set on a greater goal, I must be willing to learn something difference from that which I had already known.


Forgiveness and love: This two goes hand in glove as there could hardly be love without forgiveness. Many may get one pieced in the quest for success but through love and forgiveness one could welcome and impact in other the idea that he must have learned through the quest, not being selfish but through love create a better world.


4. Quotes: Are there any other statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.


“A strange hollow voice within.”


This voice is the language of man’s in-most heart that produces both good and bad thought. It tells me to develop a sound thought which when conceived will give birth to the hollow voice of greatness.


“Do not believe what your eyes are telling you; all it shows is limitations, look with your understanding and you will find out what you already know.”


Sometimes our sight could limit us only to that what we can see but I have learned from Jonathan Seagull that there are inner eyes of understanding which enable us to achieve more.


“There are no such places as heaven.”


This tells me that there is no such level of achievement that one could attain to say I have achieved it all. It tells me that man can always achieve more in as much, as he can think in the area of perfection. This is because perfection has no limits.


5. Is there anything in the book you do not understand or unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and if so, why?




6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?


There were no exercises.


7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment. 




Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10, Ten is good and one is poor.


A.  How interesting was it to read?                       8
B.  How helpful were the contents?                       7
C.  How easy was it to understand?                      5
D.  Would you recommend it to others?                7
E.  What is the overall rating you would give it?     8



Keys to Success

Assessment by Eze Victus Chimeze (Nigeria)


1. What are the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?


The author via the book brings to, and try to cultivate in me the fact principles of life by which if properly developed can bring one into the realization of his desired goals and personal fulfillment. The book is not just about financial success but also teaches success in other aspect of life, which will in the long run lead one into a financial freedom.


The author also laid emphases on the abilities of every thought and mentality that goes within out minds, emphasizing that ones mind is the greatest asset that he could ever have, that all he need do is to have the activities that goes through it by building walls high enough, not to allow unproductive thought or person come in and still or contaminate what is precious that is in there. Furthermore this piece is made to lunch us into greatness via spurred efforts, steel straight and great vision of that which we wish to achieve through a positive mental attitudes.


2. What were the seven ideas which were more personally most important to you and why? List these ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal example from your own life.


i. Definite of Purpose


This is to me the most important of every individual who wishes to achieve an ever lasting success. This is because success does not just come out of mere thought of being a successful person but that everyone who wishes to have and achieve this must develop definiteness of purpose which is firstly conceiving the idea of that which is needed to be done in other to attain the desired level of achievement. Definite of purpose has to do with self-reliance personal initiative, that is, when one has faith in himself it will in turn lead to believing in the possibilities of the ideas that flows into ones subconscious mind and leads to the actualization of such ideas. Definite of purpose also help in clarity of how to concentrate and allocate the available resources in achieving that same purpose.

It furthermore encourages specializations in a given area or field. To this end definite of purpose is such an important qualities that I must develop if I am to achieve a lasting success, that is first defining my goal.


ii. An attractive personality


Develop an attractive personality; to me this is one of major determinant in the course of success, that is because without firstly having an attractive personality, it is hard if not impossible to successfully harness and develop the definite purpose that one already has. This is so true that in a sample logical society humans tend to like and associate with that individual that he or she feels attracted to the persons personality. Through this book I have come to learn that sincerity is far more than just saying the truth, but that you may know also that one who has aim at achieving success must have sincerity of purpose. This is then true of what the author said sincerity of purpose or its lack writes itself so indelibly into your words and deeds that anyone can recognize it. Insincerity is evident in your expression, in your trend of conversion, in everything you do. No amount of acting skill can disguise it. This tells me that sincerity must reflect both in my words & deeds, which will all reflect in the definite of purpose.


The attractive personality has to also reflect in the tone of ones voice, this is because if what one says is to attract the positive or negative meaning, most often depend on the tone of the voice by which it was said. Therefore in my bid to assemble an attractive personality, I must control the tone of my voice to mean that which I tend to express, and be tact at every giving time. This will in turn affect my facial expression, tolerance, sense of justice etc. assembling these qualities will not only make one to realize his purpose but will be a great help in helping others to believe and work with you.


iii. Positive Mental Attitude


Cultivating a positive mental attitude, to me this is idea or principle is very pivotal and it is soul reason of not only this piece of work but behind every sustainable success ever recorded by any individual or group of individual. This reminds me of power of a positive mind as displayed by Jonathan Livingston Seagull in one of the introductory books I read. Positive mental attitude is the focus point of the author in this whole work, that is it is the principle that every other principles relies upon and this is just how important a positive sound mind is in every giving step that a man takes in his entire lifetime. This is so because the mind of everyone is prone to the two great opposing force which is the positive and the negative state. In the book the author enumerated the reward for either force (positive or negative mental attitude) which one tends to receive from developing any of this two mental condition. Thus through the book, I have come to learn that I must remain positively focused to my definite major purpose with an attractive personality to achieve my goal in life, not allowing distraction nor doubt of any kind to set in.


iv. Develop Self-Discipline


Another key factor interesting to me is the principle of self-discipline. Self-discipline is very vital in achieving every set goal. In the year 2011, I conceived the idea of having my own apartment by the end of 2013. This idea was sweet and I was very happy each time I think of that great goal, but by December, 31st 2013 I realized that, that idea was just conceived but was never acted upon. I was somehow accrediting my failures in some level to my financial constrain and challenges in business, but when I was studying the two introductory book and this one, I realized that what I lacked was self-discipline to act on my set goal. Self-discipline also helps in building self-reliance or believing in ones self. To be able to achieve greatness in life one must first discipline the mind to the level by which it can resist every negativity of mind and act upon the positive one.

Self-discipline also helps us to manage well our limited resources. Resources such as money, and time requires a great managerial skill in other to judiciously put it in use. Self-discipline therefore is a process of harnessing our attitudes or characteristics to suit the attitude of the set goal.


v. Use Applied Faith


Applied faith here refers to the act of believing, this believing make it possible to believe and work on that which have been conceive in your subconscious mind and which has also been backed with definite of purpose  and through an applied faith, success is inevitable. Applied faith has to do with overcoming the list of negativities that is mostly attached with any worthwhile goal. Some factors has been thorn in my flesh as regards to success and brake through in most of my set goals, one of such is fear. Fear of failure is so powerful in my mind, sometimes instead of focusing my energy both physically and mentally in what could lead me to success, I devote my mind in “what if I fail; what if I lose my resources or the financial investment in it.” Often this thought of fear has brought the enthusiasm in that idea so low or may be to the level that it cannot raise again. Similar to it is the fear of how do I get the required capital to begin. This question or fear has left my great idea dead, the ideas where never attempted because of the fear of the required capital. Now being privilege to study the first three book in this study for greatness, I have been able to understand my limitations are not external factors as it seems but factors within. Sometime I pray and hope that God will do it without my effort, but through this book I have come to understand that the infinite intelligence only work with my faith being put in action that is, applied faith to bring about the manifestation of the divine will. Therefore I must replace fear with hope, dis-belief with belief to achieve my goal.


vi. Think Accurately


To think accurately is one of the major principle that is to me most essential. This is because of the fact that through thought and right imaginary powers great ideas are conceived. If for instance I have fear and defeat always in my thought, there is no way I could conceive any worthwhile idea, because what is in my mind is what I manifest in reality. Accurate thinking in the other hand helps you to create opportunity, it bring new ideas to you and also provides you with solution to existing problems. Accurate thinking also helps one to make a right and prompt decision. Without accurate thinking in every decision making point one may take a destructive, or un-profitable decision that may kill the idea or take one a hundred (100) times backward. Accurate thinking can also help you to avert dangers that may arise in the course of operation.


vii. Inspired Teamwork


No one could embark in the journey of life all alone. One need encouragement, motivation, finance etc in other to be successful in his quest for greatness. To inspire a teamwork is the ability to create a group of people that has the same goal and has the burning desire to achieve such goals. This idea can be from a person but the said person is therefore faced with the task of creating and inspiring that idea in those he wishes to co-operate with in the team. Now the challenge for me is how do I inspire this teamwork that can work towards my idea? Thanks to author who through this book has taught me that my goal must be genuinely sincere, and that I must not be selfish in assembling my master mind alliance. This is because for one believe in you and partner with you, he must see the sincerely and the selfless nature in such partnership. And I must have enough gas in my reserve to go extra mile.


3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way both in your daily personal life, and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?


The idea of the 17 principles is a lifetime ideas that can help me in all areas of my life.


In developing the hidden potentials in me. There is no one person without potential inside him but what confront everyone is the ability to develop them, and this book is just a partway to developing it.

Building a better relationship with the infinite intelligence: this is a process of understanding my faith as a Christian and faith in that which I wish to achieve. Understand that God works with that which I believe and works on.

Never seeing failure as defeat: with the examples in this book, great men could not succumb to defeat but keep trying till they achieve their dreams. Through this insights I could say that failure and defeat must be removed in my thinking ability.

Learning from defeat: defeat or failure may come not sitting and recounting the loss is another great insight gained in this book, one should learn the lesson that comes with defeat and then move on to the goal.

These principles also helps me in my quest to build outstanding relationships with others via assembling attractive personality and working with natural habit force.

It create in me soundness of thought as it express the gain and personality of the positive mental attitude (PMA) in which If properly applied in my daily life, is not but greatness of that which has been conceived.


4. Quotes: Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.


Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement and its lack is the stumbling block.


Without definition in ones set goal then there is no goal to achieve. First we must develop definiteness in our purpose for there to be any record of achievement.


At sunrise every soul is born again.


Today we may face obstacle in our quest for greatness, we may even face defeat but letting the defeat of the past to pass and embracing now with great enthusiasm is what makes the greatness in us.


Examine any loss for the lesson it can teach you.


Every loss or failure comes with lessons to learn and not a bed for regrets, learn these lesson and move on.


Seize every moment of time as if it were the only one you were sure you had.


This awakens the alertness of every giving opportunity and also help me to maintain and manage my time.


5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or unclear about, or are ideas which you disagree with and if so, why?


The book was very clear and the understanding was pretty clear.


6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete?  If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?




7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so please comment.


No comment.


Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10.  Ten is good and one is poor.

A.  How interesting was it to read?                            8
B.  How helpful were the contents?                           9

C.  How easy was it to understand?                           7
D.  Would you recommend it to others?                    8

E.  What is the overall rating you would give it?         9



Assessment by Eze Victus Chimeze (Nigeria)


1.  What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?


The book talks about the important of self-image. It goes further to explain how to build a strong self-image and improved self-fulfillment, the author thus tries to build and convey this idea of improved self-image to everyone who quest have self-fulfillment in life. He lay emphasis that a sound productive self-image is the bed rock for personal development. He further argued that locks a strong self-image, one could achieve more and become successful with no regards to age limits. Therefore I will say that the main say of the author in this book is to convey to people the advantage of sound self-image which affects the disadvantage on the other hand as a guide.


2. What were the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one is to why it was important to you. Use personal examples from your own life.


i. Self-Image


Self-image is the zenith of this whole work, and is the one of the most important ideas this that to me can be found in this book. This is so because self-image is not like the image that reflects or appear to you in the mirror, it is not that image that is printed when one takes short in a photo studio, it is not also the image that is developed by art man but it is that image that is found in one’s mind. The picture in my hand does not tell and cannot tell who I am in real sense, This picture or image can only tell about my outlook, sometimes one can even manipulate his or her outlook in other to portray a given image or outlook but in the case of psychological image is not so, psychological image is where I can figure out who I really am. This is a place that real personality is made. It is the picture that we see in this and what the image tells us is what really are.


To me this is of our most important sometimes I found this dilapidated and weak self-image being active and very much alive to me but with this book I have been able to understand the fact that such image does not emanate from external world but within me, furthermore it is in the capacity of every individual to build a strong self-image.


ii. Imagination


Imagination is another principle spelled out by the author as one of the key factor in attaining self-fulfillment. The imaginary power of every individual goes beyond just a mere imagination but like self-image has a vital role to play in achieving self-fulfillment. When we have established a strong self-image, these imaginary abilities cannot properly function when there is a weak personal image. Is in this imagination power that who has a perfect self-image can foretell or imagine what could possibly be obtained, through it you can  set goals and setting of goal will propel you into actions and this actions is what brings out the best out of your creative ability. In relations to myself life the imaginary power is one of my ability this underutilized this is because sometimes see that some of my set goals did not materialized, some of my imagined outcome were not mate in studying the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” I have come to learn that the process of imagination cannot turn that act of imagination into outright success but must be backed with a balanced image and the right action. I then understood that most times, I stop at the level of imagination not able to back it with actions.


iii. Clear thinking


When I come across the world “clear thinking” it reminded me of the book “As a Man Thinketh” though the book itself also talked about the thought of man its ability. Clear thinking as it connote is the act of true and clarity of ones’ mind. That how to channel and regulate the kind of activities that goes in our mind. It is impossible to live a fulfilled and successful life when one lacks clear thinking. It is also impossible to have a strong self-image where there is no clear thinking. Our imagination can also be rendered unimportant or no realizable when there is lack of clear thinking.


Clear thinking is the sense of direction; clear thinking tells us where we are going from where we are. It tells us the process and possible outcome. Clear thinking also helps us in building our self-image by directing and controlling the activities in our mind. Clear thinking helps all of us to channel our energy and resources, this is done when we firstly examine, have sound thought in what we want to do and helps to approach with the right action. Sometimes in my quest for a better living, I find myself stocked in mist of the ocean of confusion not knowing which way to turn, sometimes, it comes with anxiety of focus, sometime it visit one with decision making problem. But this book has just given me the right word and escape route from this challenging effect in my life- clear thinking.


iv. Discipline


One of the greatest challenges is not the ability to set goals or the ability to conceive ideas but the challenge of self-discipline that is the challenge of remaining focus on the process that leads to the attainment of this set goal. This makes self-disciplines of the key resolves to attainment of the desired self-fulfillment and personal development. Self-discipline is like a frame work or the set partway for the goals, without a proper self-discipline we may find ourselves being driven away from this part that leads to expected end of our set goals. May dreams, may proposed projects, both as in individual or even the government (especially in the developing economy) have had many policies or part that have already been spelled out not  been realized due to the challenges of lack of self-discipline, this fact have led to under development both as a state, group or individuals.

Hence self-discipline is of paramount important to quest of self-fulfillment and to achieving goals in every sector of human life.


v. Creative Mind Watch


Creative mind watch s related to clear thinking, but there are still differences between them, while clear thinking is the process of having a clear idea of what you want to achieve, creative mind watch is the process of developing a creative thought or a creative way of achieving what had been clearly thought about. It also has to do with the alertness of the mind to opportunities that come by and creatively act upon them to achieve the purpose. Creative mind watch also refers to ability to have an absolute control over what goes through the thought of our mind. Therefore, creative mind watch is the watch tower of an individual of which he climb to watch and define his mind from unwanted thought and focus on welcoming of the creative ideas or opportunities that may flash through the mind for the required actions.


vi. Winning the Battle of My Conscience


With all the ideas in this book, and even properly applied to my day to day activities, without winning the battle with our conscience that whole process will not be actualizeable, this is because we must fail at one point or the other our hypothesis may not always be null hypothesis and without winning this battle, we may not really come out of the failure state that happened to us in the past trial. This is also the quality that makes one able to see beyond shortcoming of others around you, and be able to forgiven them and forgiven yourself. This act of wining battle also tend to bring out the best out of you as it regards efficiency and productivity in al sense.


vii. Faith


Faith is another article that is very necessary in the process of self-fulfillment to this end one must develop faith in yourself to be able to achieve the set goals. Faith also helps one to believe in your ability, create and delve into action and bring that which have been conceived in the mind and clearly thought about into reality.


3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?


The ideas contained in Psycho-Cybernetics of opt most value to me and the society at large, this is because with a proper understanding and implementation of ideas found in this book one con overcome the challenges that confront this generation with dilapidated economy policies with proper application of this principles to my day to day life  and transform the area of weaknesses to me into a better and stronger self-image This will also serve as a confidence boosting mechanism in business and  every other sector of my life. Furthermore with these ideas in me I can use it to influence and affect those around me by trying to create same principle into them for a better society.



4.  Quotes:  Are there any statements which the author made that particularly got your attention?  If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.


The following are the quotes that really got my attention.


“You atone for your blunders not by succumbing to the horror of guilt, but by forgiving yourself and rising above them.”


This tells me that blunders cannot mean to be my end to be my end to the goal but to arise above the blunders.


“Effort is the launching part of accomplishment.”


This means that my setting of goals having a clear thought and every other principle are not enough without my effort being put in practice.


“Life is a series of calculated risks; to survive with satisfaction, you must have courage.”


This tells the effect of courage in quest for satisfaction to have courage we also have courage we also have the ability to take some calculated risk in the process of satisfaction.


5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?


The book was clear enough to my understanding.


6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?


There was no exercise in the book.


7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.




Please rate the following questions on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.


A. How interesting was it to read?                            8
B. How helpful were the contents?                            9
C. How easy was it to understand?                            6
D. Would you recommend it to others?                     9
E.  What is the overall rating you would give it?         8


Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

Assessment by Eze Victus Chimeze (Nigeria)


1. What is the main idea that the author is trying to convey in the book?


The main idea as contained in the book Success through Positive Mental Attitude is an idea of self-realization. That is, getting to understand that there is this ability given to everyone to be that which he or she is willing to become and think he or she can become. It also has to do with the mental development of every individual in quest to create a better world.


2. What are the seven ideas which were personally most important to you and why? List these seven ideas followed by an explanation after each one as to why it was important to you. Use personal example.


i. We are poor not because of God


The idea or the story of S.B Fuller is one that can transform the life of many in the present day society. To me before now I have always had this notion that the reason why I was at the level I found myself was that my parents were poor and as such there were no way I could be any better. Sometimes I compare my family with other families within the neighborhood and will consider them not a total failure as they were able to build small structure that they live in and were also able to feed their family. Then I said to myself maybe the curse of my not being able to get to the height that I want, is because of the level of my parents. I began thinking that some people are just made to be rich, that I am of those the created to be poor and as such blamed God for that. But as time went by and with the knowledge gained in the book Success through Positive Mental Attitude I have come to realize that there are equal opportunity given to everyone at creation, i.e. there was no preferential treatment in God. That one is poor is not as result of God’s doing but that everyone is made with the ability and capacity to create his own world. This prove biblical injunction of Gen 1:27-30 to be true and trustworthy. Therefore for us to subdue the creations and have dominion we must apply the ideas of positive mental attitude.


ii. The most important living person


Because we have the ability and the capacity to create our own world, there is the need to know the most important person living in this world. We must also note that until the creator began the creation process the world was without form and void. That is, until a man create his world that world remains void.


One of the reason many fail is not actually lack of ideas or opportunities but just like I once dwelt in the world created by someone else or my parent. Not being able to understand what it truly means to live in the world that has nothing that come into being through you is another way being a slave to the person created the world by which you now dwells. Some of us think that the reason others are better than we are is because there they were lucky while we are the in the other hand the unlucky ones. To some it is a matter of getting a well-paid job that take home is able to cater for immediate need then we are to be counted successful, while to many is all about satisfying the desire of their loved ones etc. But at this level, one has not been able to create a world of your own where the most living person is no one else but you, no one can create the above condition without first realizing who you really are and understanding the power within you. To do this one must develop a strong desire to create this better world for most important living person through a positive mental attitude (PMA). 


iii. When a man is right, his world will be right.


Many things go wrong because we live in a wrong world of ours, or rather our world is wrong because we ourselves are wrong. Sometimes we do the wrong thing or the right thing at the wrong time, which is bound to produce wrong results. Most often we are so occupied with activities that will at the end bring little or no results and as such we continue to struggle in other to make ends meet and we be will expecting to have a better standard of living with such wrong activity. Fear is another factor that make the right mind to look wrong when it stands tall before us like Kilimanjaro to deal with, with other factors such as lack of will power, timidity etc, not allowing us to discoverer to awaken the giant within us. It also tend to fill our subconscious mind with negative mental attitude (NMA), with no willingness to develop the other side that is embedded with positive mental attitude (PMA) in order to be right to yourself. Just as it was noted above, sometimes we blame it on the nature and divine will whereas every provision has be made to be a better you, all it requires is to turn to the order page written positive mental attitude, substitute NMA to PMA and the world around you will be right.


iv. He struggled to find himself


The society is in motion;  men are in a deliberate move to meet or to reach his desired destination. Many among them struggle as the journey progresses, some cannot just hit the road though they want to, and to some they find no reason by which they should move, while to some they fined enthusiasm in moving. This is the fate of everyone that must be in this lives journey, each of us must determine the categories that we think is best to you.  To some in the above they have the ideas to succeed but to them there no opportunity to go after their potentials, some that are in this group have no idea at all to move them into realizing their dreams. While most others that have ideas go after it but with wrong principles or process and such they struggle all through to find themselves. Then to little few that goes with great desire and enthusiasm are the ones who were able to understand the principle and apply it through a positive mental attitude. Therefore purpose, direction and determination are the key ingredient of self-actualization via PMA. Without the PMA as our compass to this journey of life we are simply hundreds of mile away from success while failure is guaranteed; until an individual locates his life guiding compass we can only struggle in the bid to find ourselves. It is this compass called positive mental attitude that lunches us into self-fulfillment and goal actualization.


v. Something more


Something more is the willingness to add a little effort to that which already exists. It could come in any form but it is important that we understand often time that it is at that point of giving up that victory emerge, just a step further is required of you to sing the victory song. Many persons tend to give up on a certain project or undertaking just because they tried it the other time and it didn’t work, some give up their goal because there was no one to finance or sponsor those ideas as such the beautiful ideas die unachieved. To most others the world is just like dreams where they have a thousand and one ideas but without bite to back the dream with actions. Some try but just lacked the will to go the extra mile in achieving the set objective. The desire for success and creating a better world entails willingness to do something more with a positive mental attitude. To find something more is the ability to explore into the unknown with the right application of what you found the desired result might be right with you.


vi. You do not need to ashamed or afraid of failure


The fear of what others will think of  them have in actual sense led to the inability of most persons not  being able to fulfill their set goals. The shame of failure from others and even our immediate family contribute to large extend to while many are not able to dare into that new idea that comes there way. Often time we see some individuals with egotism cannot just do some certain job because to them their personality cannot do such, they cannot start the great idea in a little way, they the people that want to start life from the top just to avoid the shame of starting small, but will eventually do nothing or have the one they were able to start crumble for the neglect of the little. Thus such person is doing away with another biblical injunction which says “do not neglect the days of little beginning” Zech 4:10. This thought flows into the heart of men and tries all within it power to remain the lord over such mind. This is what PMA is made to treat in every mind that is open to its principle and put it into use. To this end, until a man identify the positive power his mental ability and adopt it, the negative will naturally set it and occupy.


vii. Change failure to success through action


There is no room to overcome failure without action in the right direction that can transform the mind of man from the negative mental attitude to a positive mental attitude. The mind of man is like field that grows crops of all kind, good or bad that is sowed in it, so to change failure to success one must uproot every seed of negativity, which is NMA and start planting the seed of positivity PMA backed with action.


3. How will these ideas or lessons help you in a practical way, both in your daily personal life and in helping you to create a better world? If so, how?


The ideas in this book can help me in many field of life that I may find myself. This is because with the little insight or knowledge I gained through the study of this work it can serve as a guide to me in any decision making point and also help me to develop myself mentally, it so vital to me because this kind of learning is not obtainable in the school of learning, but can only be gained with those that has the capacity to inspired others. If I have a positive mental attitude it thus means that I am on my way to creating a better world not only for me but also those around me.


4. Quotes; are there any statement which the author made that particularly got your attention? If so, please quote them and comment as to why they were important to you.


“Do not blame God for your lack of success.”


This is important to me because at some point in my life I use to think that whatever happen to me happened because God was unfair to me or better still not willing to help out of my challenges. But as it was stated in the book “we are poor not because of God.”


“Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”


At a certain point in my life I came to the understanding that every failure or challenge that I experience has a greater lesson that come with it, only if I will be patient enough to pass through those lessons. There I believe that every positive adversity that comes my way also comes with a seed of greater benefit.


“What the mind of man can conceive and believe the mind of man can achieve.” 


Of course before any achievement or success can be recorded it must first have been conceived in a mind with capacity to believe in that which is conceived and also with the willingness to undertake action that will result to it attainment.


“Day by day in every way through the grace of God I am getting better.”


With a positive mental attitude one can only get better in every aspect with applied faith in infinite intelligence. The question is, is there a positive mental attitude in me?


“The only job where you can start at the top is the job of digging a hole.”


Most often I am faced with the challenges of getting started over a given undertaken, I was always confronted with how do I start it big? But I have to understand that if one must grow, is not about how big you can start but good were u able to grow from little too great.


5. Is there anything in the book that you do not understand or are unclear about, or are there ideas which you disagree with and, if so, why?


There was nothing in the book that were unclear, and there were no area of disagreement to me.


6. Did the book contain exercises for the reader to complete? If so, did you complete all of the exercises and did you find them helpful?


Yes, the book contains exercises which I completed about 70 per cent of it and still hope to complete the rest. The exercises were very useful and interesting to me.


7. Was there anything you read in the book that you would like to comment on that was not covered in the previous questions? If so, please comment.


To me success through a positive mental attitude is the simply what mankind have lacked in the quest to achieve their desired success and creating a better world. Just as the tittle connote, for there to be  any record of success man must have and develop a strong PMA, for those that attained a certain level of success to continue succeeding, there has to a strong PMA at their back. For a healthy living there be PMA attached to that health. In homes, for there to be admirable homes and marriages PMA must part of that home. Thus PMA is  the nucleus of man’s existence, to this end mankind is with no options than to develop a strong PMA for those who wish have a record of success.


Please rate following questions on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten is good and one is poor.


A. How interesting was it to read?                            8.5
B. How helpful were the contents?                           9.5
C. How easy was it to understand?                          7.5
D. Would you recommend it to others?                     8
E.  What is the overall rating you would give it?       9


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