Yayo Mohammed Hummed – Profile


Yayo Mohammed Hummed
Semera,  Ethiopia
Email: yayoilg@gmail.com
Birthday: September , 07, 1989
Education: Masters in leadership and good governance /Student/
Occupation: tourism marketing and promotion officer

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

As of my perception world is like a ship full of passengers that  floating on the sea, we start the journey on the world like passengers on the ship,  there is death for people living in the world  like the final destination for ship, what matters is the precondition that we prepare before reaching the destination. The main precondition is, doing the right thing on the right path with out interfering in the life phenomenon of others. Without a doubt world is the place where we come to live in a manner to keep the humanity of one an other and accept the nature of life, and natural behavior of people or society that live in the globe. On the other hand world is full of joys, hardship, ups and downs, in this manner we need to shape our selves to the inevitable nature of the world.   My vision of world is that I need the world to be come like small village which people of different back ground, culture, color, religion and ethnic diversity live together with harmony, share experiences and respect and tolerate each others diversity as a beauty. I realize the world to become fair ground for all with out any discrimination between people of different color, race, gender and disability. Finally, I want to see the world that have peace and stability in its different corners and comfortable to all people to live together on it peacefully.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Today the world is facing many problems, which ranges from family politics to intra continental  political gambling. In my view the most pressing problem is instability which comes from lack of peace, tyranny which resulted in huge corruption activities, conflict of interest, polarization and competition to become unipolar and powerful in the world. In addition to these world facing the problem of climate change, nuclear issue, economic crisis (inflation, deflation and bankruptcy). In this century the most pressing problem is inequality between the nations, that means in Africa most of the countries are suffering from state of poverty and in the other world countries are competing to gain  more economic development and civilization one from  the other.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

In my view these entire problem can be solved, when there should be peace, fairness among the society around the world and also every thing will become fine if the people or states around the world will accept the difference and demonstrate respect among each other. Again all these problems can be solved when the rich people look poor people as people with special needs rather than putting force on them.

On the other hand, this problem will be solved when the conflict of interest among the countries replaced with fair distribution of resource to ensure healthy economic and sustainable development among each nation.


My name is Yayo Mohammed Hummed I was born in 1988 in Afar regional state particularly dubti town,  in bayahile kebele. Afar regional state is located in the north estern part of Ethiopia bordered with 4  Ethiopian regions such as  from  the north bordered with Amhara and Tigray, from east Somali , and south oromia . in addition to this Afar regional state is well known for its tourist attraction areas in the world like ,hadar area which  lucy (australopitcus Afaransis)  were found , Salam, Ardipiticus, and many other human and animal specious were found. More than this, Ertale volcanic eruption, Dalol depration the lowest area in Ethiopia, which millions of the world tourists .every year are coming across the world I invite you to come and visit Afar. I started elementary school in 1997 in bayahile elementary school and I completed my secondary school in doubti  preparatory school in 2006. In the year 2007 , I joined Addis Ababa University, faculty of Business and economics, Department of public administration and development management. I graduated in the year 2009 from Addis Ababa University and joined Afar culture and tourism bureau, as tourism marketing and promotion officer.

I joined Ethiopian Civil Service University for masters program in the year 2011 , as student of leadership and good governance in institute of leadership and good governance. My personal interest is becoming good leader in Africa that  I want to contribute a lot  with my profession to the leadership problem of Africa. I wish to upgrade my level of knowledge in what ever experience and opportunity that I gate.

As leadership and good governance student more is expected from me to take initiative to combat corruption and related problem in Ethiopia and around the world. Finally, I like to look movies.

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