Simachew Mekonnen Alimaw – Profile

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Name: Simachew Mekonnen Alimaw
Birthday: Feb. 23/1982
Education: BA degree in Economics
Occupation: Project Management Specialist in Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

Describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I have a vision to see sustainable development all over the world which is under the poverty line. Since sustainable development incorporates the development and scale up of agricultural, industrial and service sectors of the country. Those issues will come to true and fruitful and only if the country has democratically, economically and socially strong citizens.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

Now a day’s a population growth increasing at alarming rate whereas, the resources are already fixed or limited all over the world. Especially, Less Developing Countries are generally are not poor in resources but the exploitation of those resources is sub optimal, wasteful and at low returns. Environmental change and high pressure on arable land combined with high population growth rates made region the most food poor in country. Resource is becoming scarce due to miss- utilization, inappropriate management and gap of the skill and knowledge.

The large number of population could be both a constraint and a potential but in case of my country Ethiopia it is a constraint. The livelihood of the population does not change to a sustainable way, this large population continuous consuming various natural resources like agricultural inputs, land, water, forest and labor, which in turn results in enormous resource depletion. Since resources are scarce and human needs are unlimited.

Therefore, further study will be done to identify the impacts of population growth in the environmental change and land productivity in the country. Based on the research result, the regional or local administration can learn and design appropriate policy to administer population growth with re-using of resources.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

To be the leader in the economy development every country has to use the principles of wisely use of resources. The resource depletion and exploitation will come due to the gap of capacity building program.

Capacity building program is a key for challenges and problems. So that further study and research will alleviate the shortage of resources gap. Either re-uses resource or alternative resource, cost effective resource technology will come from the capacity building program aspect.

Identification, prioritization, quantification and analysis of the data may need competent and energetic entrepreneur. This entrepreneur can be selected from the market or providing the necessary training for the existing staff is a means of getting. Therefore, capacity building program should be first to solve any problems of the development.


I have BA degree in Economics and Diploma in General Agriculture. And I worked for government and non government organizations at different positions. I have served for more than 9 years being as a Technical Assistant, Specialist and Manager in commercial and development organizations. This unique talent, the right qualification with the right experience made me the right person for the scholarship program.

Now a day’s my country faces high population growth, food insecurity, inflation, low productivity and drought. So that I will do more on this issues to improve the livelihood of peoples and economy of the country. Therefore, I believe that tangible and concert lessons will be given from university and I have great ambition to implement what I have got from the lessons.

My country Ethiopia has already a development program to eradicate poverty. The Millennium Development Goal and the Agricultural Growth and Transformation program are the 2 big development strategies. The government has been doing a short term and long term plan to achieve the Millennium development goal. The Agricultural Growth and Transformation Program is a 5 year plan, which is a big plan and it is believed that high productivity, high technology system and food security will be achieved. In addition to this, my country follows Agricultural Development Led Industrialization /ADLI/, so that the replication and scale-up of agricultural and rural development extension activities are a path for the development of economy. During the implementation of the programs technical and scientific research methodologies and competent international global leadership management skill is required.

Therefore, I hope that this master program will add value to my knowledge and skill, because the university will have qualified and experienced teachers with full library resources. In addition, to theoretical and practical teaching methods, there will be also practical assignments that will be given to enhance our skill and knowledge.

I am particularly interested in research related to development projects, Business adminstrations, rural development and livelihood improvement sector. Because I have enough years of practical experience, I have worked with business and the communities at large. I was one of the participants on conducting research on livelihood improvement through integrated watershed management in Amhara region along with the Japanese staffs. I have good skill how to approach and convince people from my past experience.

Personally, I am a perseverant person, someone who is motivated and ambitious. My teachers and supervisors know me as a courteous and resourceful student, and my classmates know me as a pleasant friend and an enthusiastic coworker. With my good command of English, I will not have difficulty in studying subjects taught in those languages. I have also taken part in many social volunteer activities and worked with foreigners, so I am able to adapt to a constantly changing work environment and maintain good working relationships with my colleagues of different cultural backgrounds. Reading books, watching films and visiting rural areas are some of my hobbies.

To me, as a young prospective researcher, it is my dream to devote a part of my life to the development of economy in my country. Ethiopia is still an under developing, and the government has considered the millennium development goal of the country and designed policies and strategies to achieve the goal as a significant and urgent co requisite for the country’s industrialization and modernization.

I hope that I will be accepted as an applicant and a beneficiary of the Scholarship to study in your university in the coming academic years. I understand that admission to the Scholarship is competitive, but I am also confident that I’m qualified and eager, and prepared to meet all of its challenges. I would be most grateful if you could give my application your most favorable consideration.

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