Olgbenga Adebiyi John – Profile

Olgbenga Adebiyi John
Email: adebeeyi@yahoo.co.uk, globalyouthsociety@yahoo.co.uk
Birthday: 27th march, 1974
Education: Bed educational management (university of Ibadan), PGD, Journalism (TJI)
Occupation: educationist

Why would you like to participate in this study program?
To develop my leadership skills and potentials, share ideas, have global education and keep abreast of new global trends in leadership and development, network with other members on-line and gain experience in order to see how I can use my knowledge to innovate change in my environment in order to make my own contribution to others.

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.
In the new future I hope to see my self in a position helping young people to know their purpose in the world, fulfilling that purpose by developing and imapacting in the lives of others. It is my dream to see that unemployment, poverty, incomparative advantage and youths marginalization be a thing of the past. I also hope to see the youths prepared for the leadership challenge ahead of them by developing their leadership, enterpreneurial, communication and interpersonal skill. I believe that an educated youth is a mighty potential to changing the world. If youths are groomed and well prepared for the task ahead of them they there would be unimaginable change socially, economically, technologically and politically. I want to see the youths taking the lead and being fulfilled in every sense of the word.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?
The most pressing problem in the world today is poverty. Poverty of the mind, material poverty. In the Millenium Development Goal, the first goal is to half poverty by 2015. The international community knows the impact of the poverty in the life of the individual. Poverty gives birth to other diseases like: HIV, prostitution, untimely death and many others. Poverty is a terrible plague. In Africa, it is said that “poverty is the only disease which no doctor can heal, but only education.”

We all know and agree that the greatest poverty is that of the mind. A person that is materially poor, but mentally educationally endowed is not poor. He can make himself rich through his mind power. On the other hand, someone who is both poor materially and educationally has double tragedy.

You see that another key target in the UN MDGs is education: gender education and universal basic education.

To me I think if people have basic education, half of their problem is solved. But without this, people will still living in misery because they would not be able to fight this hydra-headed monster called poverty without the most important weapon, “education’. Nelson Mandela once said:” education is the greatest tool with which to change the world.” So my submission is that poverty is the most pressing problem facing the world toady

I was born on the 27th day of march 1974 in Ikeja, Lagos State Nigeria as is the first in the family of five to the family of Mr and Mrs Adebiyi. I had my primary education at St. Peter’s Anglican primary school, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. I then proceeded to Oregun High schhol, oregun Ikeja, lagos for myseconary education betwwen 1988 nd 2003 Having completed my secondary education, I went to the University of Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria to study educational management. I then followed up with an Advanced certificate in School Managemnt in 2001. I did his PG in Journalism in 2006. I taught English language and Literature in English between 200 and 2009 at standard education center, Ojodu; The Torch college, Ketu, Lagos; specialist College, Ogba; dansol High School, omole; Tips Tutors, Ojodu; Brain buiders Acadeamy omole and host of other schools as both a director and a coordinator of programmes.

I worked as business reporter with Business Times of the daily Times of Nigeria; national Oulook, the Pulse magazine and as a freelancer with other newspaper.

I am passionate about youth development and yputh issues. I attended a training workshop on “Community Health and HIV/AIDs Education in Abuja, 2003. After the one week workshop,I wrote a proposal on youth education enlightenemnt programme on HIV and this gave birth to the present, Global Youths Action Society Network- a youts organization which I founded in 2003.

Since then, I have attended a number of training workshops in South Africa, Ghana, Porto Nvo and other parts of Nigeria on HIv, enterpreneurship, leadership, global issues and other youths issues. My organization has worked with the British Council, The World bank Institute, Ministry of Youths development and other local and international organizations. Presently, I am the Executive Director of Gemsland Educational Training and Testing Services, Lagos.

I have many unpublished and published works. I enjoy reading, writing travelling and making friends..

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Keys to Success
Psycho-Cybernetics 2000
Goal Mapping
The Law of Attraction
Nonviolent Communication
Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
Real Magic
How to Win Friends & Influence People
Giant Steps
The New Dynamics of Winning
The Power of Intention
Leadership for Dummies