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Name: Olalekan Olatunbosun O
Country: Nigeria
Email: olatunbosunolalekan82@yahoo.com
Website: www.tunbosunonline.mywapblog.com
Birthday: January 18, 1997
Education: Undergraduate (Public/International Relations)
Occupation: Student, Motivational Speaker and Writer, Idea Innovator,

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

.A famous quote said “No man is an island of knowledge”. So, I am determined to acquire knowledge at the expense of my time. Moreover, I strongly believe the institute could help replenish my instinct and help growing the leadership traits in me. I would like to jointhe institute to acquire more knowledge as a (Potential) leader .I envision a world of change. I world where everybody smiles as they wishes come to pass. A world of little or no defects. A world where everyone lives in liberty and self-accomplishment. A world of extraordinary people with much zeal to make a change.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The most pressing problem I observe in the world is that “The Worst Of Us Lead The Best Of Us.” We see inefficient and incompetent leaders lead. Thus, this attracts chaos, rebel, racism to nations to mention a few.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The only way I suppose is that, we need a change. A change at the top! A change among our so-called leaders. Leaders that can “deliver.” More orientation should be direct to those willingly to be in leadership positions.


Everything as seems mysterious to me from childhood. My imaginations are often beyond my comprehension, I found my self asking mental provoking questions that I end up going to bed just to get rid of it. Some of these questions are; no pillar holds the sky, yet it never fall. Why is everyone not happy and rich equally? Is there any thing special in living? Why will the wicked live as princes and the meek as slaves?

These questions forced me to tears often. Each time I try answering them, I observe I end up in an emotional unconsciousness, tears or lamentations. Life drama now remains a puzzle I can’t solve. I seek wisdom to unravel the fact about life, but all I could learn was just three simple words in a rhyme; It Goes On.

In my adventure, I stumbled upon on a mystical thing which can be called a fact, happening or situation. The mind-blowing thing I learned about was Fate. At age twelve, I learnt about fate from an elder and never know what it meant until age fifteen. I ended up understanding fate as ” the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events; time”.

Is this definition not touching enough? In my own words, I understand it as a “God written or natural agenda of things which is to happen in a man’s life”. I kept asking my instincts who wrote this agenda of happenings, but it remain a mystery that no one, not even someone with the highest Intelligent Quotient (I.Q) in the world could unravel.

Before I knew it, time began to tell. This fate began it work in my endeavors in life. But I was rest assured because God told me Genesis 1:31 that “God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.” So I believe he as written this agenda of happening to please me. In this agenda, I strongly believe He has written peace, joy, long life, health, influence, breakthrough, fame in it to mention a few.

Born to a middle class family, I grew up to be God fearing as my parent was a disciplinarian. Completed my primary and secondary school education three years ago.

I’m an eighteen year old Nigerian, a multi-talented lad that thirsts for knowledge. It been my desire to inspire and lead others. I discovered my potentials of inspiring people via speech and writing at the tender age of twelve. I was opportune to start utilizing my potentials at age fourteen when I was made the Editor-In-Chief of the Literary and Debating Society (LADS) in my school.

A budding motivational speaker and writing, idea innovator, freelancer, orator and blogger. One who is poised to touch lives and bent on remaining a generation to this generator. I aimed at inspiring, educating, informing, transforming and motivating others. I deemed it fit to start what God as ordain me to by starting seminars, printing tracts and recording audio messages to educate others. I make my writings go viral on social networks as part of fulfilling my heavenly ordained work.

I founded “De Intellectual Souls,” a non-profit, non-religion, non-tribal and non-ethical society set to help youth discover and utilize their potentials, help them grow to become what they intended to. Also, the C.E.O at The Exceptional Minds, a team of teenager author and orator. Also found an online school, Tunbosun School of Self Discovery (TUNSOSED).

The general secretary at Youths and Singles Fellowship (YOSICAF). An active member of Global Teen Leaders (GTL) and a pioneer at Ojokoro Mentors Group (OMG).

My goals is to be a change to the universe, school the unschooled, help the poor and lead my people right. My weirdest dream is to be the youngest Nigerian/Afrcan to win the Nobel Prize in Literature and/or Peace.

I strongly believe in myself and all that is in me, I believe that there is something in me greater that all obstacles. I try stop to see opportunities before they became obvious. I stood steadfast to achieve my goals despite criticisms and peer pressure. I endeavor to make a change and not excuses, to be useful and not used, to be motivated and not manipulated and to listen to my inner voice and not the random opinion of others.

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Books Completed:

As A Man Thinketh
Jonathan Livingston Seagull