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Landry Ndriko MAYIGANE

Kigali, Rwanda

Birthday: 08/20/1981
Education: Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Occupation: Co-founder and Regional Coordinator for East Africa

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

The world must be the one with open gates and free mobility of people, trades and ideas. A world where people share the same values, aspirations and opportunities. The one that has moved beyond all differences of ethnic group, race and culture. A world where diversity is not considered as a threat, but as an opportunity. A world with a FAIR share and distribution of resources and riches. I believe in a world of synchronized systems in governance, social security, finance, justice…and where issues pertaining the youth, gender, disadvantaged groups or any other category of the population are addressed fairly and squarely and the same way everywhere. The world where people continue to think globally even as they at locally. I just want one world for everybody, not the developed world and the developing world; not the global north and the global south; not rich countries and poor countries…just one world for everybody!

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?.

The most pressing problems facing the world today in my view are climate change and the mismanagement of earth resources. Climate change has a lot of cross-cutting impacts on the livelihoods of populations, especially in developing countries. Emerging problems attributable to climate change include among many others: food insecurity, water scarcity. Some projections speculate that 2/3 of the world population will be affected by water shortages by the 2025.

The 7th billion citizen has been warmly welcome recently on the planet earth. How are we going to feed 7 billion people, provide them with clean water and sanitation? Those are questions that we have to answer together. The population footprint on the planet earth is now bigger that its capacity. Some natural resources like oil have been over-exploited to the expense of the environment sustainability. Those are the challenges that our generation are facing.


For the past 15 years, i have been working as youth leader, activist and volunteer for several international organizations including UNESCO, Oxfam (Trade Fair and Control Arms campains..), World Vision International. I worked as an international consultant for the UN Food and Agriculture organization in Togo and Mali.

Being an organizer and youth leader, I was one of the few African youths who were selected to be part of the organizing team for the 1st African Forum of Young Researchers and the 5th session of the World Commission of Ethics for Scientific Knowledge and Technology known as COMEST organized by UNESCO in December 2006 in Dakar, Senegal.

I contributed to the inception of the MDGs Youth Caucus in West Africa and he was an active member of this network from 2002-2008.

I have acted as the National Coordinator for Rwanda for the Global Youth Panel and Coordinator for East Africa for the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) that i co-founded in 2006 ( AYICC is the biggest network of youth-led NGOs and initiatives working on environment issues in over 44 countries across Africa.

I have represented African youths and led African youth delegates to several international fora such ADF7 and CCDA1 in Addis Ababa. I was a Global South Delegate to the International Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009 (COP15) and Durban, South Africa in 2011 (COP17). I was selected by the UNFCCC Youth Constituency (YOUNGO) as a logistics coordinator based in Durban during COP17 for the global youth participating at COP17.

In my country Rwanda, i founded the Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Actions (RYACA) ( which is an organization that coordinates all youth climate activities in Rwanda. The networks works in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth in Rwanda. I also act as a public health and climate change advisor the Association pour la Conservation de la Nature au Rwanda (

Being a passionate youth leader, i was selected to participate in the New Village Movement Campaign in South Korea to learn more how transformational leadership developed the communities in that country. I have participated to a number of leadership programs including the Oak Seed Executive Leadership Program organized the Institute of National Transformation (INT) Rwanda Chapter.

I have traveled extensively and i have been in more than 30 countries worldwide. So traveling is one of my hobbies apart from reading, learning new things and skills, and listen to Gregorian music.

I have a doctorate in veterinary medicine degree (DVM) and my interests include: Climate Change, emerging diseases, public health, rural development, animal production and youth development and empowerment.

I work full-time for the Rwanda Agriculture Board as Animal Quarantine Specialist. My comparative skills include among others: project management, youth mobilization, Community organization, event organization and facilitation, social media and networking, and public advocacy

I have presented to several international scientific conferences on topics such as animal production, avian influenza…and i even published a book with the Editions Universitaires Europeennes in Sarrebrück (Germany). The book can be found online at

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