Henry Mark Lugobe – Profile


Henry Mark Lugobe
Mbarara, Uganda
Email: marklugobe@gmail.com
Website: www.beface.org
Birthday: 26/04/1989
Education: Student of Human Medicine
Occupation: Social Entreprenuership

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

I believe that leadership is about changing the lives of the people we lead. I also believe that we cannot give what we don’t have and as such before we think of changing other peoples’ lives, we have to change our lives first. The question of transforming Africa is actually a leadership question and I dream that we shall one time raise a new generation of community focused leaders.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

The world today has a leadership problem. The leaders today are looking for jobs and for survival as opposed to service. The politicians are enriching themselves as their populations struggle in poverty. Global warming is another problem that is on the rise and needs attention. Armed conflicts especially on the African continent. A case in point is Mali where there is a coup that occurred. Terrorism is a big world threat in which the respect for humanity has degenerated. Malnutrition levels are on the rise with most numbers being in Africa. This has partly been blamed on urbanization and global warming which has significantly altered the climatic patterns. Poverty is another problem that the world faces. With poverty comes ill health and reduced productivity.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

The leadership question must be given a lot of attention. Voter education must be done so that voters realize that they have entitlements and not favors. We should also push for ethical standards in leadership. Global warming can be counted by pushing for more environmentally friendly energy sources. Armed conflict can be counted by encouraging conflict resolution through dialogue and forming governments of national unity. On the rising poverty, we must encourage people to work hard, cut costs and only raise the families they can look after. We need to provide good education and health systems which will ensure a more productive population. Malnutrition is preventable. Nutrition education should be given to communities, encourage people to have only families they can look after and people should grow food. Terrorism can also be addressed through dialogue.


I am Henry Mark Lugobe, a male student of Medicine and Surgery at Mbarara. I this yeae contested for guild presidency at my university but lost by 83 votes. It was a nice campaign. My campaign was called A New Generation For MUST. Ours was to empower the students and let them believe that they are the change they want to see.

I am a footballer and a musician. I play for my class football team as a striker. I sing in my church choir and am a catholic.

I am a writer. I write a magazine called Behind Every Face where we believe everyone has a story and that when you share your story it will inspire a life. This magazine is an inspiration and motivation magazine. It’s also online: – www.beface.org.

I started and run an organization known as beface. We do events, projects, a mentorship program and a tuition scheme to help students raise tuition. Our events include a career fair, ICT expo, Entrepreneurs’ day, youth fun day, Change maker awards, environment week and financial markets forum. The projects include ICT project, Go green project, Entrepreneurship project and HIV /AIDS projects. Our mentorship programme seeks to impact over 500 secondary and university students a year. Where we give career guide and life skill information to small groups. The tuition scheme is intended to encourage students save their money with us and also borrow some to top up their tuition.

I belong to rotaract club of MUST. This helps me give back to the community. I have served as a treasurer for two years and currently servicing as the vice president in this club. I have attended one district conference which was held in Nairobi in 2012.

I am currently president of AIESEC MUST. Aiesec is an international student run organization that gives students leadership opportunities and also an opportunity to do international exchanges in any country of their choice. I have been to Tanzania and Rwanda thanks to AIESEC.

I also belong to the NET Ministries and ANAWIM Ministries which are catholic movements where we do youth evangelization. I have a passion for young people and inspiring them is one thing we just enjoy doing. Part of the message we take to them is that you were created for a purpose and that God loves you.

I stand for the abundance mentality as opposed to the scarcity mentality. I believe the world has enough for our needs and not our greed. I believe that we receive as much as we give society. I want to front a development approach that focuses on personal transformation. As such I hope to raise a generation of individuals who are willing to learn, share and take inspired action to transform their own communities.

I am also a public speaker and a motivation speaker as well. I encourage personal branding and self discovery. I believe that the journey to self discovery is very important in shaping our choices and determining the action we need to take. I also love to encourage the young people to strive for financial freedom.

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