Anamebom Bright Oluwakayode – Profile


Name: Anamebom Bright Oluwakayode
Country: Nigeria
Birthday: September 26, 1987
Education: B.Sc Biochemistry
Occupation: Verifier

Please describe your vision of a world that works for everyone.

My vision is majorly for building up of teenagers and adolescent who at this critical times have a lot of choices to make in life about their careers, education in general. Although this I have been doing in my own best of knowledge by developing their reading skills, writing skills, public speaking skills. Although I used to browse the internet to get the ideas I have been adopting in putting them through.

What do you see as the most pressing problems facing the world today?

To me moral decadence has been the other of the day. This is due to various negative information people acquired from the internet and from what they have been hearing from people. And most of the youths today have not been reading at all. This has reduced their objective for life. Also, the issue of environment is another problem which is affecting the health of the populace. This is also likened to their inability to have a good information due to inability to read and get the basic information about their environment. Another one is the climatic condition due to industrialization which has contributed to the increase in the level of poverty by lowering the productivity of the populace. The climate can not be really predicted again as everything has changed.

How do you feel these problems could best be solved?

Moral Decadence: This can be solved by creating awareness in the mind of the youth about the consequence of the decadence. Also, the reading ability of the youth can be improved by bringing commitment to the reading by assessing their reading speeds and assimilation. Environment: This could be done by raising the level of awareness through all media. Also, by encouraging an increase in agriculture to balance the ecosystem so as to reduce the environmental hazard. Climate: This is one of the most pressing need which all countries have been deliberating on. This can be solved by reducing the level of industrialization and also encouraging more of house gardening which will help to reduce absorb the carbon monoxide been released by the big factories.


In my journey through my first degree in the university I have realized the pursuing in a career in the health sector. This has made me to go in for Biochemistry in my undergraduate days due to the constraint I have in being admitted into Medicine and surgery. Since I have been in the biochemistry field, I have always been interested in the health related aspects (Clinical Biochemistry, Xenobiotics, and Immunochemistry etc). All this has built my interest in doing a research using the children of 0-5 years of age checking on their lipid profiles as related to the infection of Plasmodium Falciparum.
I have been a biology and chemistry teacher as well. Immediately I finished from the university, between the July 22, 2012 and December 3, 2014. I have been able to health educate my students in some relevant areas especially the teenagers; Reproductive health, Nutrition, Metabolism; where I made them to understand how life came into existence and how to manage the sexually transmitted diseases. I exposed them to some chemical reactions that do take place in the metabolism of foods when taken and the kind of food to be taken to prevent malnutrition. I also engage them during their free sessions especially the girls where we discuss the hygienic behavior to be adopted in order to prevent infection especially in the rural settings which is more significantly in this region of the world.

I have also engaged some set of teenagers within the period of September 2015- December 2016. I have one of them currently will be on his way to turkey by July and August through the self development which he had developed. I work as a verifier for the state under the Nigeria State Investment Project with the Ondo state primary Health Care Development Board and Oxford Policy and Management since 1st of March, 2015. There I have been provided with some roles and responsibilities; to collect data on the quantity of services been provided by the health providers which include all technical officer within the health facilities within the state. The data is been verified using the primary data tools (Register). Also, I participate in the series of meetings done at the Local government level with stakeholders within each community in the Local Government together with the Local government authority.

I also ensure a preparation and implementation of business plan and action plan of each health facilities within the Local government which must be submitted before the end of every quarter of the year. Statistical presentation is made at the end of each month and explained to the Officer in-charge of each facility to enhance qualitative performance by correlating it with the specific target for each services rendered in the facility.
At my leisure times, I rehearse and listen to songs as a means of developing my singing skills too. I read books too of various categories. My favorites are rich dad poor dad, 48-laws of power, eat that frog, leadership by Maxwell. Presently I am student at an agricultural farm (Springboard) where a lot of understanding about agricultural produce and economic value chain of each is being made known to me.

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