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Education: BSC Psychology
Occupation: Self-Employed

Please describe your vision of a World that works for Everyone

I see a world where we all are judged by the content of character and not the color of our skin and also been addressed as a global citizen, where the race and the colour holds no water, but the character been the yardstick for all.

What do you see as the Most Pressing Problem Facing the World Today?

The most pressing problems facing the world today from my view is the inability to see ourselves as one equal, we have shifted our focus away from the right set of values and now plagued with materialism with everyone trying to outsmart each other in terms of material possession rather than live an impactful life.

How do feel these Problems could be Solved?

The problem highlighted above can be solve firstly through value reorientation and awareness program, secondly this can be solved by inculcating the teaching of egalitarianism into the school curriculum and thirdly, the media as a strong role to play to further spread the teaching of oneness and global citizenship.


I am a graduate of Psychology at the Obafemi Awolowo University. As a Psychology student, the rigors of my academic background have filled me with an ability and capacity to learn quickly. I think analytically and use often-limited resources to solve complex problems. Yet, the training has taught me and shown me the importance of working effectively with various people by understanding their personality differences and struggle for peace through the knowledge of cross-cultural understanding.

I am also able to utilize information to achieve goals, as I did by designing a survey of campus youths. The results of this survey allowed the advocacy group I worked with to improve its visibility by 200% within a year. In addition, my hard-work as Editor-in-Chief of National Ife Descendant Association (NIDSA), my indigenous association’s Starclass Magazine, has taught me the importance of organization and communication, as these were the key skills I employed in my major functions of editing the magazine and seeking sponsorship to meet the magazine’s publishing budget.

As the Publicity Secretary of a Youth town hall meeting in my state, I have learnt teamwork as I have either led or worked in teams of various sizes from as small as five to as large as one-hundred in the development of a new product – Savings and Investment Trust (SIT) – a financial freedom package for university students. My broad and diverse leadership experience has required me to learn how to lead and when to follow. It has also given me a better understanding of human dynamics and an appreciation for the brilliant results that a hardworking group of people can produce.

I am a co-founder of, a premier Nigeria not-for-profit youth driven organization, which has imparted over 7000 youths, still counting; the benefactors have created a ripple effect by solving social problems through their projects; empowering other youths.

I have a great passion to help young people discover, develop and maximize their leadership potentials right from their tender age, groom them to be difference maker in leadership, entrepreneurship, work place; preparing them for life and making their world a better place.

My value system is built around people, problem solving mindset, developing leaders around me, innovation and excellence. I have a culture of making every of my contact better than I met them. Every day, I derive my sense of fulfillment from helping my country explore and utilize the potency of her next generation young people. I have a global perspective of young people been the best asset to the world.

My experience and achievements gave me the rare opportunity to be a representative of Nigeria at the One Young World Summit 2012 at Pittsburgh, U.S.A between 18th of October to 22nd of October, 2012. My sense of fulfillment from helping my country explore and utilize the potency of her next generation young people made the European Access Network made a Student and Youth Ambassador for the World Congress working on behalf of the European Access Network (EAN) World Congress Planning Committee.

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